Narendra Modi biopic: Vivek Oberoi lashes at Bollywood, says its easy to take selfies but they fail to support

Vivek Oberoi who will be playing the role of our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his upcoming biopic film, lashes out at the whole Bollywood industry and says that it's easy to take selfies and all, but they fail to extend their support for the film; Read deets below
Narendra Modi biopic: Vivek Oberoi lashes out at Bollywood, says it's easy to take selfies but they fail to give supportNarendra Modi biopic: Vivek Oberoi lashes out at Bollywood, says it's easy to take selfies but they fail to give support
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One must be living under a rock if they are not known to the controversies that the Vivek Oberoi’s Narendra Modi biopic is facing these days. The film, that was supposed to be released on April 5th, has now been postponed further in order to clear the film from all sorts of troubles. Furious Vivek Oberoi is fighting back the allegations against the film, right from the time it has been announced. From being called Bharatiya Janata Party’s stooge, to being called out for promoting one sided view of the Indian politics, Vivek has been giving it back fearlessly.

And now the actor has lashed out at his fellow Bollywood mates for not raising their voices for the films that face troubles before their release. In an interview with Zoom TV, the actor was quoted as saying, “I feel we are not a united industry. I feel when a Padmavat gets stuck and a legend like Sanjay Bhansali is mistreated and misbehaved with, we should all unite together. I feel if My Name Is Khan gets stuck, we should come together to make sure it doesn't get stuck. It's easy to post selfies with Prime Minister and stuff like that. As an industry, we need to stand together. Around 600 artistes right now are saying that BJP shouldn't come back, let's all get together. I respect that, they have all rights to do that. But I also expect from these people, people like Anurag Kashyap, who, during the Udta Punjab's release, which was during the Punjab elections, was fighting for his right to release it and got it released. And I am happy, that is the sign of democracy. But, all these people who are otherwise so vocal on everything, nobody came out in support of our film. This is happening to our film and they trying to ban our film. Not one word, not one tweet. That, to me, is not fair. That is not being honest to their own principle. That is a double standard.”

Vivek Oberoi was last seen in the 2017 film Bank Chor that failed to impress the audiences at large. The actor has his hopes high from his first biopic film and too when he's portraying none other than the Prime Minister of the country. The film that was stopped from releasing on April 5th, will now be hitting the screen on 11th April after it was cleared by the apex court of the country.


After watching trailer or poster my first reaction is that, "is chutiye Ki acting kam over acting jayada lagta h"

The reason he is upset is because if it is released after the elections, it stands a less chance of being successful.

Typical Bollywood - adding a few zeros to an individual's bank account is more important than a fair election!

Watch out Vivek as Salman is looking for you lol

And why people has to support the most powerful man in India?

Vivek ....You are another a sick person , another Blind Bhakt...and Umang Kumar and other some of directors have no it's own dignity they just try to find the biopic stories, issues so that they can make a film . BE CREATIVE..THINK SOMETHING BETTER OTHERWISE U AND UMANG AND Censor board is just a bullshit.

The biggest mistake he made was press conference against Salman Khan & the blind faith he had that Aishwarya Rai will support & marry him. After that rest is history.

Good luck with the movie. our honorable PM deserves all the adulation and hope your movie shows the path. Good job of speaking out Vivek. Keep going...

People in the comment session have lost the plot.

All the best for the movie Vivek! We r all behind you


All the losers targeting Karan desperately for their movie promitions.

Oh God, you are just looking for a hit desperately. I am glad no one is supporting him...did he come out for support for any star ever?

In bollywood all the actor's conscience gets awakened selectively and according to what narrative suits them. For someone neutral like me, I can see how they are abusing their power and reach by speaking out selectively. They are just rant on twitter and thereafter enjoy their plush life..its fun to see the masks peeling and individuals personal agenda coming to the forefront. Well done Vivek on exposing them. Their biases and prejudices are clearly exposed and ironical to their appeal to the public

Lol bitter boy. Seriously you think you would make it to bollywood kissing the PM. No just stick with good acting. Kissing bud and good acting don’t go together

Cause u not worth bothering over

The reason no one is supporting the film is because no one cares. No one cared to support Kangana when she released a movie on a freedom fighter and on the contrary when website was interviewing people everyday to talk crap about her. Kangana is a much bigger star when she isn't getting the support Vivek is nothing in comparison.

Kngana is a big time whiner ..

Vivek sure didn’t learn anything from his past. You think those selfie takers will support Salmans enemy. Nah, never!

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