Naseeruddin Shah: I fear for my children as they will not have any answer to a mob questioning their religion

In relation to the recent incidents related to mob violence in India, actor Naseeruddin Shah expressed his concerns about religious education in India at present. Read on to know more.
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Recently, there was an incident in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, where a police officer was murdered by an angry mob on discovering the remains of a cow that had been slaughtered. However, this wasn’t the reason for the controversy. The controversy started when Uttar Pradesh police arrested 3 people related to the cow slaughter and not the police officer’s killer who is still out there. Reacting to this and other incidents of mob lynching, Actor Naseeruddin Shah spoke about the same in a recent interview to a travelling activist. 

In the video, we can see Naseeruddin Shah talking about the anger he feels when such incidents take place. He also suggests that any common man should feel angry and not fearful of such things. Naseer can be seen saying, “These matters don’t scare me. They make me angry. I am angry and I believe every right-thinking man must be angry and must not fear." He even expressed his concerns about his children facing this situation. He mentioned that his kids have not been given any religious education unlike his wife Ratna and him. He seemed fearful for his children along with today's kids if they were ever questioned by an angry mob about their religion.  

Naseer said, “I fear for my children...Because if a mob gathers around them and asks them are you a Hindu or Muslim, they will not have any answer...Because they have no religion. Because we chose not to give religious education to our children.” He called such incidents as ‘poison’ that has spread in the society and that it won’t be easy to place this genie back in the bottle. Referring to the incident that took place, he said, “There is complete impunity for those who take the law into their own hands. We have already witnessed that the death of a cow has more significance than that of a police officer.” The over 2-minute clips ended with the actor being angry about the whole ordeal and saying, "This is our home. Who dares to evict us from here?”

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yall are fascists and need jesus oh my lord omg

Just get out of India ! Mr. Naseeruddin Shah along with your Hindu Wife.
Oh ! Wait ... Is she still a Hindu or did she convert to your peaceful religion on the planet ?

These kind of Muslim mentality is there own pre conceived notions.

all these mob violences have been happening which was, is & will be wrong but all these genius people are only speaking about these issues once BJP came to power else never heard amir, shahrukh, naseeruddin shah utter a word about india being unsafe before ever. were they sleeping? these people have all the money in this world and will be safe with 24hrs security around them, it is common people who get excited with one nonsense talk from these people go on the street and kill eachother. we all should just ignore these people and carry on with our lives, everyday we work hard to feed our families, please educate your children, teach them to be kind and live happily. there is no place on this planet as diverse, as accepting or as democratic and safest than INDIA so please just SHUT UP

This guy is playing his Sarfarosh role in real. The hypocrite was signing petitions in favor of terrorists. HE said nothing when Kashmiri Pandits we’re killed, thrown out of their land and converted. He said nothing when thousands of Sikhs were massacred in 1984. Each time he and his ilk are unable to carry on their terrorist activities they come up with these lame statements. No one stopped him or his family from moving out of India. These hypocrites are the reason for our enemies doing what they do in India. These shameless people should be made to serve the nation through the army and they will then understand what it takes for our beloved army to keep the nation safe. The old man has been living off of India peacefully for decades but he gives out these untrue statements because he gets paid by enemy nations

and it seems like you are paid by the current government to spew venom as usual what they are best at!! no you can not raise question against murderers as they are the leaders of the country and if you do that your own character will be questioned by someone who has done nothing for the country!!! make yourself visible first and then talk about him !!
despite getting the hard slap from the people from three states that hatred and divisive politics will not work !! you think they will learn a lesson!

I disagree with Shah because India is the only country with diverse religions living by & large in peace.Countries like Ireland are torn by different sects of the same religion ! India is also the only country to have never ever troubled the Jews . Is India perfect ? Obviously not , we have much to work upon & there is still much ignorance which unscrupulous political parties of all religions don't hesitate to exploit .

Why is your name joe perry...

Okay the first half of your response is kind of unrelated and a reach. Indias mob mentality needs to be addressed and put to an end.

People who say their kids are unsafe, should go live in saudi Arabia and then talk about India.These people shame India and have such double standards!!!!

Lived all my life there and its the safest place on earth!

India got political n economical independence in 1947 but Still to have our Cultural back. It had been damaged n defamed by invaders and now doing their stooges in present India. Indian Influence on foreign religions n their culture is exhuming which insinuates strong foreign nexus. There is no over exaggeration.
Narrative of Indian culture should not be consumed by global nexus.

So the killers were influenced by foreign religions is that what you trying to say? Wow.

Is it every cow on earth is Holy, or just the indian cow?
In foreign countries i saw many eat cow, beef burgers and pizza, i have seen so many hindus do this.
Few people don't eat on Thursday and Tuesday, rest of the days they don't mind eating cow meat.
Mac donalds veef burger is one of my Hindu friends fav

the beauty of hinduism is it allows to question even GOD if you do not believe in something and that something can be ''why can't i eat beef'' and fellow hindus accept the thought of hindus who eat beef, cow and what not on this planet and do not throw them out of religion. yes all the cows on this planet are sacred for hindus, in fact hindu shouldn't even harm, leave killing aside they shouldn't even harm any living thing including plants

India is becoming a lala-land. So sad to see our fabric being changed right in front of our helpless eyes...

what fabric..muslims have destroyed india

muslims have not destroyed india people with your kind of mentality have and will destroy this country!!

Such an ignorant comment, i don’t know where to start. No wonder India is down the drain with such easily brainwashed and clueless people. PV please be fair and post this.

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