Naseeruddin Shah on Nepotism: Which parent wouldn’t want to help their own kid get a better way than they had in the industry?

Naseeruddin Shah also opened up on his views on Nepotism.
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Nepotism - now, it's something that everyone knows. Going by the dictionary, Nepotism is 'the practice among those with power or influence of favouring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.' 
Well, this word has created a stir in the whole of the media industry. How? Kangana Ranaut initiated the debate with her statement in Koffee With Karan - “In my biopic, if it is ever made, you will play the stereotypical villain. One who is intolerant of outsiders.. the flag-bearer of nepotism in Bollywood and movie mafia.”
It's not a discussion anymore, but a debate. From celebs like Anushka Sharma who rose to fame despite being an outsider to Varun Dhawan who is a star kid has spoken on the issue.
Now, Naseeruddin Shah has also opened up on his views. He said, “I don’t understand why only the film industry has been accused of this. People in other industries do it as well. You don’t see people creating a major debate when businessmen put their kids in charge of their business. Or you don’t say anything to politicians who help their kids get into politics?"
“I don’t think it’s fair to talk about nepotism only in the film industry when it's prevalent in other places as well,” he added. 
“Isn’t that a very natural thing to do? Which parent wouldn’t want to help their own kid get a better way than they had in the industry? If one knows how things are in the industry, and your children want to be part of the same industry, it’s only natural that you would want them to not repeat the same mistakes,” Shah said and signed off. 

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Honestly expected some sensibility from someone like Mr. Shah. Comparing film industry with business or any other profession is like comparing apples to oranges. Yes business families put their progeny in charge but they also prepare them for it and those who don't go bankrupt! Here we have star kids with little to no training becoming actors just by going to the gym and appearing on magazine covers and film parties. How many are even auditioned for a role? In most cases, the cast is decided first and then a script is developed to "launch" them. The result is in front of you: banal, mediocre films that the audience have started to (rightfully) spit out.

I agree with him. Youre dealt the cards youre given and fight your own battles. Dont worry about others. Atleast in the film industry the audience decides your career regardless of who's your parents. The only exception of that has been the king of flops and disasters, Abhishek. So everyone is welcome to throw their frustrations and chappals at him. But everyone else? Where is Fardeen, Esha, Zayed, Tusshar etc? You cant just suck it wont work regardless of what family youre coming from. The business side of the world, you cant do anything because the board decides who's coming and out unlike the public. People like Hrithik, Varun, Alia, Aamir, Ranbir, Kareena, Karishma etc would get dismissed if they didnt do their job right by the audience.

Fardeen, Esha, Zayed, Tusshar - We HAD to suffer the pain of these actors for a good 5 long years at least in lead roles. Minus the nepotism, these roles could have gone to much much better actors who could have helped those movies from being an eyesore.

So says the fan of Bhai, who got into the industry because of his screenwriter father.

U know nothing.....His father was forgotten after the split of Salim-Javed, Salim Khan didnt have any pull and was unemployed while Javed Akthar went on to advance his career. Salman Khan was a model and his first film was a side role staring Rekha. Rajshri signing him was sheer luck for both Salman-Sooraj both.

They are all scared to speak of it since they are all doing it way one or the other. I didn't expect this from Naseeruddin Shah

Well let's just make sure that after 15 years
Or maybe more some kid who's mother is Kangana raunut who's not talented enough but wants to act won't be shoved at us!! Nepotism debate is baseless, it won't lead to any conclusion.

Rubbish. Indian celebs do it because there is a system in place for them to promote their own kids. The big hollywood stars don't dream of producing and pushing their own kids on their friends because they know they will be laughed at and mocked. Only bollywood people do it, an example of shameless exploitation and corruption in every corner of India .

Take into account that asians are hands on with their kids in navigating their careers. A doctor will help his kids become a doctor n etc. The western world lets their kids make that decision on their own n figure it out n will support that no matter what it is. The culture is different, parents interfering and shaping their path is still the norm for asians.

Yes Saseerji..... every parents want it and that's where they go wrong.... Children are born so that they can grow up to be responsible individuals and that can only happen when they chart their own life without their parents or family support....You are the person you are because of your past.. so why deny your children their unique experiences and offer them everything on a platter....I believe you have also not done any favors to get your children into acting because they are doing their own thing and I respect that....and just because Nepotism exists in all the industries, doesn't make it right.. It's like saying corruption exists why bother??.. kangana spoke about it because she works in our film industry.... people in other fields don't raise their voices.... they quietly pay donations and what not to secure a seat for their children. They should also speak out on it, but they won't because we have this tendency to point our fingers at others.. but will never introspect....

So disappointed in Naseer. His response is no better than many of the mainstream Bollywood celebrities who completely missed the point. It's important to acknowledge that it exists and people are guilty of continue to casting talentless starkids even after multiple failures. Why is the truth so hard to accept?

we have nothing against talented star kids but please dont shove untalented fellas down our throat!!

Exactly it is true for every industry.

There is no point in complaining. Yes every star parent would feel the same and nothing wrong in giving better facilities to your children. But the media and audience should stop showing interest in them unless they do some applause worthy work. As an audience, I have decided not to waste my time and money watching any starkid's stupid movie with average performance. I would rather watch old classics than these kids new movies.

I agree. We cant change their thinking but we can be the change.

He is saying this because his son is also working in movies now.
The thing is, in other industries if you do follow your parents or relatives , you need to get educated in that specific area.
A doctors son can't just pop up in the hospital with him one day nor can a professors daughter.
They need to study and attain certification and qualifications to work in such fields.
Media and movies is a field jahan koi bhi nepo kid face utha ky ajaata hai, no talent most have whatsoever!
Athiya, Sonam, Arjun, Shraddha, etc.

Spot on . Couldn't agree more .

Agreed, but when it pushes genuinely talented kids into the oblivion, it is just plain wrong. And that is true for any industry !'s not fare after all

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