Naseeruddin Shah takes a dig at FTII chairman Anupam Kher, says, 'he has hardly been here'

Anupam Kher’s absence from FTII upsets Naseeruddin Shah. Read on.
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Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah's association with the Film and Television Institute of India has been that of a long one. Shah, who is known to be very forthcoming recently took a subtle dig at FTII's new chairman Anupam Kher for failing to turn up at the institution. As per a report in The Quint, when Naseeruddin was asked about Kher's work at the FTII, he asked, “Where is he?” 

Shah further said, “How can I comment on his work when he’s hardly ever at the FTII? I don’t think he’s been there more than twice. I go to the FTII to deliver some lectures every now and then. I am told that he’s not seen there very often. If he chooses to spend some more time at the institute, we’ll get to see the work and be able to comment on it. Till then, what can I say?” We wonder what Kher has to say about this? 
Shah and Kher have worked together in as many as 10 films and are both considered one of the best talents we have. 

Anupam Kher was appointed as the Chairman of FTII in October 2017 by the Government of India. He took over charges after Gajendra Chauhan’s controversial tenure at the FTII.

Anupam Kher is currently busy with his films including the one made on former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. 

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I feel like naseer and his wife all they do is complain. I think they’re bitter with EVERYTHING.

Nasaruddin Shah is a very straightforward guy, brutal at times and that's what I like about him.Truth hurts, He is like Rishi Kapoor, I am sure lot of people will not like it but thats the way some people are. Anupam on the other hand is a very selfish guy, he may be a good actor but really full of himself..

Totally agree

Because Anupam Kher is busy spreading propaganda.

I like Anu as an actor, but as a person, just judging by interviews, I've found him quite obnoxious, full of self praise and wanting to hog the limelight.

Gajendra Chahan seen more time in institute than Mr.kher

Nasaruddin Shah is very straight forward... But it's fun to watch his interviews!!

Hahaha... Nasaruddin Shah is hilarious.... I like him

I like naseeruddin shah in some respects he's quite similar to Rishi he just says things as they are.

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