Naseeruddin Shah wonders why late Dilip Kumar 'left behind no significant lessons for future actors'

Updated on Jul 14, 2021 09:21 AM IST  |  231.9K
Naseeruddin Shah wonders why late Dilip Kumar 'left behind no significant lessons for future actors'.

In a latest opinion piece for Indian Express, Naseeruddin Shah has penned down his thoughts on late Dilip Kumar - the legendary actor and his career. Recalling days of when he saw the veteran actor on the big screen as a child, Naseeruddin wrote about how the veteran actor could have achieved and contributed more in his lifetime. 

Praising Dilip Kumar's acting style, Naseeruddin penned down saying, "In the time of actors insistently sawing the air as if conducting a tune composed of words, his mesmeric stillness and impeccable poise established a paradigm for good acting in Indian films, when fake theatricality, arch voice-intonations, clenched jaw muscles, quivering lips, caterpillar eyebrows and, of course, constantly wagging hands were the accepted modes of expression. His economy of movement and gesture seemed to be little understood by his peers and even by those who came after, though many superficially mimicked his style." 

However, the 'A Wednesday' actor wondered why Dilip Kumar did not do more given his fame and power in the industry back then. Shah said that despite his strong presence in cinema, the legendary actor did little for new generation. “Given the position he was in, it is more than evident he didn’t do enough apart from acting and being involved in social causes close to his heart." 

He pointed out that even though Dilip Kumar was a superstar, in his career, he produced only one film and did not direct any officially. “He never passed on the benefit of his experience, didn’t bother to groom anyone, and apart from his pre-1970s performances, left behind no significant lessons for future actors.” 

Calling his autobiography a "rehash of interviews", Shah wrote, "It’s baffling why a man as conscious of his place in history as he was should be reluctant to record his interaction with some of the admittedly great filmmakers of his time or say anything really informative about the nature of his work and technique. I wish, at some point, he had at least been forthright about the travails involved in retaining legions of devoted fans.”

Naseeruddin Shah also pointed that Dilip Kumar's "total output of 50 film" was actually "absurdly small" considering several stars at the time did at least two or more than two films per year. However, Dilip Kumar did only one film every two years. 

He concluded his piece by writing, "Be all that as it may, I am merely one of the millions who will remain eternally grateful to him for the magic." 

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Anonymous : Atleast his daughter didn’t go around abusing vet staff.
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Anonymous : Is he happy with anyone in life?
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Anonymous : This has been taken completely out of context of what and how it was said.
REPLY 1 2 months ago
Anonymous : What an insensitive thing to say? Why does the responsibility lie on his shoulders? Maybe he didn't want to be a part of Bollywood or do that kind of work after retiring. He may have just wanted to enjoy his time with his wife.
REPLY 4 2 months ago
Anonymous : I’ve noticed Nasseruddins always negative and critical of others
REPLY 9 2 months ago
Anonymous : this guy is always jealous of commercial actors. bhak
REPLY 11 2 months ago
Anonymous : Naseer is such a hater. Just respect the man and appreciate what he has done, stop blabbing about your stupid bitter expectation of what a legend should've done.
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