Neetu Kapoor reveals how her bond with Ranbir Kapoor has changed & fondest memories of being a mother

In an interview with Filmfare, Neetu Kapoor revealed how she and Ranbir Kapoor discuss film scripts and even watch good as well as silliest of the movies together.
Ranbir Kapoor,neetu kapoor,Mothers Day Neetu Kapoor reveals how her bond with Ranbir Kapoor has changed & fondest memories of being a mother
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On the occasion of Mother's Day, Neetu Kapoor has opened up about how her relationship with her son Ranbir Kapoor has evolved ever since the passing away of Rishi Kapoor. In an interview with Filmfare, Neetu revealed how she and Ranbir discuss film scripts and even watch good as well as silliest of the movies together. 

Elaborating on her relationship with Ranbir, Neetu revealed that since she said yes to do Jug Jug Jeeyo, she and Ranbir have bonded even more. For the unversed, Neetu is making a comeback to the silver screen with the film co-starring, Anil Kapoor, Varun Dhawan and Kiara Advani. 

Neetu said, "We always discussed movies, Ranbir and myself, we discussed actors, we discussed performances, since the beginning. We’ve always had that relationship. That’s our passion. I am a total movie buff." 

She added, "Now, I am discussing my roles. Any movie offered to me, I will discuss with him. It’s a better bond now, because now I am discussing myself. Earlier we were discussing other people. But now it is better. He also discusses his films with me when he wants, though he makes his own decisions. But once in a while he also wants my take on the script. So, we have that relationship of movies, scripts, performances and now it’s become even better (sic)." 

When asked about what was her fondest memory of being a mother when Ranbir and daughter Riddhima were growing up, Neetu recalled two incidents. 

She said, "I remember a nice incident of Ranbir from a Mother’s Day gone by. He had just started earning, I think he was an assistant director in Black then and he had made some money and it was Mother’s Day and he took me to a restaurant called Just Eat Around the Corner. It served lunches for Rs 100 or so and we had to fill the whole plate at one go. So that was my best Mother’s Day as we stood in a line with a plate and I saw everyone was piling up their plate with food as you could go only once to fill the plate. And I was the proudest mother that day, as that was the first ever lunch my son had taken me out for." 


Mentioning Riddhima, Neetu added, "With Riddhima it was in London and she was studying there and she started doing some part time jobs and it was her own money that she was earning while studying. So, once I was going to meet her to see her during one of her vacations. When I landed, she had arranged for a Limo with her money as she wanted to make me feel special and there was champagne she had arranged for. I said Riddhima are you crazy, such a big champagne bottle at 11 am, she said no mom, I just wanted to do the best for you (sic)." 

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Anonymous 1 month ago

shut up bot. alia is RK girlfrnd and his future wife. she was the rock for rishiji family since rishiji treatmnt. they share a great bond.

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Adorable!!! Proud mother of two amazing people!

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So lucky and such a lovely memories! Best to you!

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Lovely memories!! What a lucky mom!! Be blessed!!!