Neetu Kapoor will treat her future daughter in law like a queen, says daughter Riddhima Kapoor Sahni

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Neetu Kapoor will treat her future daughter in law like a queen, says daughter Riddhima Kapoor Sahni.

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt's relationship is more than official now as their families often come together to celebrate occasions. Recently, Alia along with sister Shaheen Bhatt and mum Soni Razdan were in attendance for Neetu Kapoor's birthday celebrations. While marriage is looming for Ranbir and Alia, actor's sister Riddhima Kapoor in a recent interview said that Neetu Kapoor would make for the best mother-in-law. 

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Riddhima revealed that Neetu will treat her daughter-in-law ‘like a queen’. She said, "Mom will make a fab mom-in-law. Totally chilled out. She’ll give her daughter-in-law everything and expect nothing. She won’t be a ghusu – the interfering kind. She values her space, so she will give them their space too." 

Riddhima added, "She will spoil her daughter-in-law rotten, shower her with love, give her all the respect and look after her… without meddling in their lives. In short, she will treat her like a queen." 

Just a few days ago, we got to see the warm relationship and strong bond that Alia and Neetu share. The actress shared a heartwarming photo with her and wrote, "Happy birthday to the strongest (healthiest) & warmest of them all. Love you @neetu54." 

Meanwhile, in an interview with Rajeev Masand a few months ago, Ranbir had revealed that he is ready to "tick off" marriage from his list. He had also revealed that if it wasn't for the Covid-19 pandemic, he would have been married by now. 

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Anonymous : Riddhima is so lazy that she blindly copied Karisma’s daughter’s name ‘Samaira’. She made a little effort to remove the i from it. Let’s give her credit for that. Don’t expect too much from her.
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Anonymous : Ranbir’s days are over now.
REPLY 1 1 week ago
Anonymous : What about her gay Bharat
REPLY 1 1 week ago
Anonymous : KRUELLA
REPLY 2 1 week ago
Anonymous : Do they have private jet or rent it that Riddhima and her daughter travel back and forth ? Doesn’t her daughter go to school in Delhi ?
REPLY 6 1 week ago
Anonymous : Of course mouse will supply unlimited d from her family .
REPLY 6 1 week ago
REPLY 4 1 week ago
Anonymous : Katrina & Deepika dodged a bullet for real ! Deepika is waiting the ultimate Tamasha!
REPLY 7 1 week ago
Anonymous : So is Katrina
REPLY 0 1 week ago
Anonymous : alia is neetus daughter not daughter in law. tats how close they are . god bless the family
REPLY 18 1 week ago
Anonymous : Then she has to be Ranbir’s sister. Incestuous family!!
REPLY 1 1 week ago
Anonymous : they are already married last year
REPLY 8 1 week ago
Anonymous : how do you know
REPLY 5 1 week ago
Anonymous : what abt ur mil ? riddhima seems to have left sasural
REPLY 26 1 week ago
Anonymous : lol good one
REPLY 9 1 week ago
Anonymous : alia is very lucky . Aloobir will be power couple ruling hollywood and bollywwood .
REPLY 12 1 week ago
Anonymous : Hollywood? Why are you insulting yourself. First get Indians to like you. Brahmastra is the next big FLOP
REPLY 1 1 week ago
Anonymous : daughter in law AKA doormat Alia
REPLY 17 1 week ago
Anonymous : RK moved out to live with alia. even during rishiji death RK lived with alia and alia also got house in RK bulding which was RK house and neetu is very happy about RK and alia. stop the hate
REPLY 11 1 week ago
Anonymous : Whay is she not in Delhi with her husband since last two years.
REPLY 18 1 week ago
Anonymous : she just came to vist a few days back. what is wrong with ppl like you?
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