Newlywed Priyanka Chopra on having kids with Nick Jonas: We definitely want kids

Priyanka Chopra reacts to the question of her seeing herself having a kid with Nick Jonas anytime soon. Read on. The two got hitched on December 1 this year.
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riyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are now happily married. The couple, who dated for 3-4 months before taking the relationship a step forward with their marriage which took place on December 1, spoke candidly about their love life, their wedding and what makes them so confident about each other. The couple had their Christian wedding on December 1 followed by a Hindu ceremony on December 2, both of which were a visual spectacle. 
In an exclusive interview with Hello magazine, the couple, popularly known as NickYanka or PriCk, opened said up about having plans to have kid anytime soon. Given that Priyanka has always said that her ultimate dream is to have as many kids as she can have, Hello asked her if there is any such plan in the coming years. To this, PeeCee said, "I always say, "Man proposes, God disposes. So I am not taking any chances. We definitely want kids and when the right is time, it will happen." 


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Well, we cannot wait to see the two turn parents as well, given the love they share for each other. Priyanka and Nick started dating earlier this year after having exchanged quite a few texts. The couple knew they are the one soon and made it official post their roka ceremony which took place in Mumbai in August. NickYanka also spoke how the wedding was a dream for both of them as they made sure it was a beautiful amalgamation of two cultures. They hosted a lavish reception in Delhi with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in attendance. The couple will be hosting another reception soon in Mumbai. 


She wanted white babies ! Hence rushed into marriage with a guy decade younger than her. She will make a big announcement in 2019 that she and her little guy are expecting... lol

so sweet

I dont like PC much but gotta appreciate she got married in the old fashioned way to have kids . Unlike today's trend to have IVF with some unknown donor or become a single parent which is unfair to the children.

That is one CUTE baby in her arms!!

Her laugh looks so fake!

She'll be knocked up in no time, otherwise what was the rush for her to get married, she is running 40 so limited time!!

Happy 4 pc. God bless them.

The best thing about this picture is Sansa

Its is not when the "RIGHT IS TIME" it is when the time is right.

She's too old.

You’re too bitter.

She got married just for kids

they'll have cute kids

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