Nick Jonas appeals with Priyanka Chopra to support COVID 19 fundraiser for India: Every contribution matters

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Nick Jonas appeals with Priyanka Chopra to support COVID 19 fundraiser for India: Every contribution matters (Pic Credit: Getty Images)

Global stars Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas have come forward together to appeal to fans in a new video message to help out amid the ongoing COVID 19 crisis in India. The two set up a fundraiser to help out with the physical medical infrastructure in India amid the COVID 19 crisis. In the new video shared by Priyanka and Nick on their social media handles, we can see the two requesting everyone to donate to the fundraiser that will help in purchasing medical supplies and vaccines and more amid COVID crisis.

In the video, Nick is seen highlighting how in the past few days, he has seen the power of social media as people came out to help each other in India amid the COVID 19 second wave. In his appeal, he joined Priyanka and urged everyone to support the fundraiser in whatever capacity they can. Nick is seen saying, "Every contribution matters, no matter how big or how small." Priyanka also is seen requesting everyone to help relieve the burden on the medical infrastructure in India by helping with the fundraiser. 

Take a look:

Priyanka and Nick's appeal comes at a time when the second wave of COVID 19 has gripped the nation. Sharing the video, Priyanka wrote, "#TogetherForIndia…. Thank you all for your support and donations. Your contributions are going to make a tangible difference in this fight against the vicious spread of Covid 19 in India. There is so much left to do and we hope that this momentum we have built will continue." 

Priyanka's earlier video where she expressed how India, her home country, was 'bleeding' amid the COVID 19 crisis went viral as it got international support from stars like Jonas Brothers, Irina Shayk and others. The actress is currently in London for the shooting of Citadel with Richard Madden. However, amid this, she is also using her social media handle to amplify resources and needs of people affected by the COVID 19 crisis. 

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Anonymous : Literally she is helping. And so many people bash her for no reason. She is one of the only talented actresses from Bollywood. She never bashes Indian people. And yet you all hate her but love your light skinned Kareenas and Katz that look down upon you and will never help you. Please Indian people get a grip
REPLY 3 3 months ago
Anonymous : momy and boy like a neetu and rk !
REPLY 8 3 months ago
Anonymous : Where exactly is this money from a relief fund she set up going to go? We donate to funds celebs like her set up and they donate a sliver of it under thier tax returns. I don't think so! People are right, dont trust this facade.
REPLY 8 3 months ago
Anonymous : He looks like a 16 year old high school kid
REPLY 7 3 months ago
Anonymous : how much she contributed from past 1 year
REPLY 7 3 months ago
Anonymous : Probably more than u.
REPLY 3 3 months ago
Anonymous : How much have you contributed? Tell us. We want to know.
REPLY 0 3 months ago
Anonymous : In her own words, she once said she is a miser and the Jonas have been known to pinching pennies despite making millions.
REPLY 7 3 months ago
Anonymous : Piryaka is so annoying
REPLY 4 3 months ago
Anonymous : Don't believe a single word from this fake couple. Shameless attention seeker.
REPLY 7 3 months ago
Anonymous : All for show! She wont lift a finger unless it benefited her. Don't be fooled by this charade, Priyanka and Nick won't spend a dime unless it gave them a substantial tax break.
REPLY 16 3 months ago