Nick Jonas gushes about Priyanka Chopra: Beauty of real relationship is being able to be your authentic self

Nick Jonas talked about his relationship with Priyanka Chopra in an interview. The couple will reportedly tie the knot in December in India.
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Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra got engaged after dating for three months in July. The couple has been jet-setting across the globe to spend time with each other, over the last couple of months. Nick has flown to India multiple times to meet Priyanka. The couple announced their engagement a month after he proposed in London. They celebrated their engagement with Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. Priyanka has bonded well with Nick’s family. Nick also shares a warm bond with Priyanka’s family members and friends. The couple will reportedly tie the knot next month.

In an interview with the USA today, Nick talked about his relationship with fiancée Priyanka and said, “You have to be honest with your other half. That’s where the beauty of a real relationship is, being able to be your authentic self. I have that in my life now." Nick and Priyanka have a huge fan following and are almost always in the media spotlight. Nick said, “It’s really about trying to keep as much time as you can for yourselves. Not letting the outside world penetrate the world that you create for each other, or the world with your family and friends and your inner circle.”




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In an earlier interview, Nick had said that he and Priyanka connected over their love for family and faith. Talking about Priyanka’s bond with his family, Nick said, “It’s been really beautiful. Really nice.That’s the most important thing in my life, maintaining a close-knit circle of friends, family and loved ones.”


With the wedding a few weeks away, has Nick turned into a groomzilla, “I don't think so, "I hope not,” said Nick.


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Some hater trying to spread lies just because they’re jealous and bitter

Lol yup he gets to be his authentic self as she's the beard

Every singer, model and actress he’s dated and hooked up with in Hollywood would say otherwise. Demi wanted him to ruin the friendship and Miley wrote 7 Things about him. Way too much out there to know he’s straight.

Abhi toh aagaaaz hai anjaam dekho kya hota hai.

Why are they stressing so much about "real relationship" ?!
Are they themselves not convinced ?! LOL

They've just known each other for a few months , could have waited for a year or so for the wedding. What's the rush?

SRK is urgently waiting. After this "marriage" they can continue their affair in peace and Nick can live with his boyfriend.

Cut the crap! No one cares about that grandpa

God bless

Nick is a good day that will take his marriage seriously, he is the type of guy that is sincere and caring, Priyanka really got lucky with him. For him it is about love, not age gap or anything but love. Happy for her.

I like him. He’s a good guy!

I like him too so I'm sad he chooses this fake woman. He deserves much better esp not such an old woman.

Don't worry. In two years his torture will have an end. She will never stop to have her eyes on a much more famous guy.

Nick seems like a really warm, sweet guy, Pri is lucky.

He’s dated so many girls, glad he found the one!

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