Nick Jonas is missing wifey Priyanka Chopra as the actress is busy with prep for The Sky is Pink in India

Nick Jonas shares an adorable picture with Priyanka Chopra as he misses her while she is away in India. Check out the post right here.
Nick Jonas is missing wifey Priyanka Chopra as the actress is busy with prep for The Sky is Pink in IndiaNick Jonas is missing wifey Priyanka Chopra as the actress is busy with prep for The Sky is Pink in India
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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are one of the most adorable couples and while they are all for showing off their love for each other, looks like it isn't so difficult for them to do so even when they are away and not in the same city! Priyanka is currently in India as she is busy with prep for The Sky is Pink and Nick, on the other hand, has been busy with Jonas Brothers' new documentary, Chasing Happiness, and PeeCee was there with Nick during its premiere.

And well, looks like Nick is missing PeeCee as he took to Instagram and shared an adorable picture of the two, where he wrote 'missing you' and also tagged Priyanka. While we are awaiting a miss you too from Priyanka once she does see his story, we totally can't get over how the two are cute much and never fail to surprise us with their social media PDA. Just as cute as this gesture of Nick, the picture he shared was equally cute. Check out the photo he posted on his story:



Where to next baby? #travelbug or #lovebug

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(ALSO READ: Nick & Joe Jonas send love letters for Priyanka Chopra & Sophie Turner with the songs 'I Believe' & 'Hesitant')

Meanwhile, the Jonas Brothers' new studio album has two songs which are after all love letters from husbands Nick and Joe for their better halves Priyanka and Sophie Turner respectively. The song 'Hesitate' narrates how Joe helped Sophie with multiple issues from the past while the song 'I Believe' actually talks about the love story right from their meeting to the unexpected marriage. Who said cute gestures are overrated? Learn from the masters here!

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Nicky is with is boyfriend and missing his wifey lolololol cartoons

please go away you both let us miss you for once. get out. PC time for a new nose, so take some timeout

lololol then why don't you go to her????? hahahahaha these cartoons.

Kid is missing mummy.

She is crazy lololol moti buddhi such a laughing stalk

* Stock not stalk - Learn to write first, then you can attempt to pull down others to your standard.

Sorry Shaku my spelling error. lmfao , you ok?? mummy daddy give you meds? all good? I'll fix my mistake ok.

She should do a reality show if she wants to be seen always.

They are just disgusting!

They are soooo cute nick is lucky to have priiyanka

not lucky but yucky

Shakuntela, uff Shakuni stay out of this this is btn PC Nikki Babu and us PV viewers and commentators.. So take a hike SHAK

Nick with MJ

All this only confirms the contract marriage. Their behavior is ridiculous.

My God PR PR and more PR for this fake couple. Guess what this is putting you guys down stop this roz ki nautanki

Big shame on ur mindset n upbringing get well soon n stop judging others


doesn't he have a skateboard to ride?

missing her? Great call her or text her & tell her that why do you have to let the whole world know? This is why I can't stand these two they have made quite a charade of their so called marriage. Genuine couples value their intimacy

there are many who would love to miss both of you, but you never go away. it's as if you're stalking the public. save that pr money for when you actually have work to promote.


They’re cute

Roz ka drama

Little boy can’t tell her on the phone? It has to be done publicly to get attention out of that too. Fake!

Cartoon is missing his buddhi cartoon Lolololololol

Of course, missed their daily promo freak show already. YAWN

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