Nick Jonas is a proud hubby as he joins Priyanka Chopra for the world premiere of Isn't It Romantic

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra make for quite a vision as they walk hand-in-hand for the world premiere of Isn't It Romantic.
Nick Jonas is a proud hubby as he joins Priyanka Chopra for the world premiere of Isn't It Romantic Nick Jonas is a proud hubby as he joins Priyanka Chopra for the world premiere of Isn't It Romantic
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Priyanka Chopra who dazzled at the red carpet for the world premiere of her upcoming Hollywood project, Isn't it Romantic, was joined by hubby Nick Jonas. While Priyanka looked ravishing in a tube dress with a long trail, Nick looked handsome in a suit-buit avatar. The two walked in hand-in-hand and were even seen sharing a kiss on the red carpet. Their PDA game was obviously on point and not just that, Nick expressed the immense pride he felt over PeeCee's work on social media as well.

The proud husband shared a few snaps from the event and captioned it, "Proud of my beautiful and talented wife @priyankachopra , and the entire cast and crew of Isn’t It Romantic. Everyone should go see this movie! @rebelwilson @andybovine @liamhemsworth @straussschulson." Check out a few inside pics and videos from the premiere and let us know if you would be interested in watching our desi girl rock the West as well. 

Meanwhile, Isn't It Romantic will release digitally in India and PeeCee's fans are obivously very much excited about it. Priyanka and Nick got married in December, 2018 and have been giving us major goals since then. The two recently opened up about the wedding festiities and more on a talk show. 


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Meanwhile, Nick and Priyanka will be celebrating the Valentine's Day together in London. Priyanka recently spilled the beans about their getaway plans during promotions. 



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She always wants to be the centre of the attention. During Baywatch she was constantly doing photo ops and posting on her social media to make people believe she is the lead, same happend with a Kid like Jake and now this. Pitiful but hilarious.

Proud of another blink and miss role?

how DP fans suffer *

All those criticizing Priyanka and calling her marriage fake, it just reflects your insecurity, hate and jealousy. Please take a look in the mirror and tell yourself what you have accomplished in your life. I am sure it is nothing compared to what Priyanka has with sheer dedicationand hard work.
Only Indians pull down their own instead of being proud and cheering their fellow Indians. Shame

Holy Crap ! This odd couple.
They are trying too hard to be romantic. In fact they look ridiculously fake. Chopra’s gummy smile is awful. She looks like his older sister or Aunt. Gross !!!

You must be the epitome of

Nick wil compliment her, it’s a strategy to make PC look desirable, that is the least he could do..

Enough of this fake plastic wannabe

U r the frustrated plastic hater n stop judging others while Peecee wows us

Absolutely love these two. They're both glowing

LOL the hate in here is hilarious. Look where Priyanka is - at the premiere of her new Hollywood movie with her new husband. Look where the haters are - hiding behind their computer screens jealous of her success. PV please post kindly, thank you!

She is pregnant for sure. Her aim is fulfilled!! God bless her. she is a cunning and money minded woman !! and once she has her child she will leave nick and move on.... with SRK may be i dont know

Shame on u judgemental hater i pity ur upbringing n dont worry karma will hit back to u n PeeCee slays

Unbelievable how Priyanka and her PR is allowed to fake the votes here. Only pro Chopra votes count, the dislikes are always deleted! PV definitely paid by Priyanka and SRK.

Awww how frustrated are you? Paid by dp and diesel uncle?

she needs to get dental work done for those gums..they look bad period !!!99%of hwood actors get dental work done for that perfect set of teeth.also needs to work on those neck lines fixed if possible .

In fact the most plastic person in the entertainment industry

They remind me of Aish and Abhishek in the early days with that top pose, they always seemed like they were congratulating each other on being such a catch. Fastforward 2019 everyone in the family looks miserable.

Nickyanka be the best


Holy shit what a fake performance from both again! Embarrassing!

Tacky dress.

She is definitely pregnant

That dress does not look good on her

The "one and lonely PC fan" on a mission impossible again. Ten same comments...hahaha

This must be so embarrassing for her when it’s not even her movie..

Good for PC, she found a good husband in Nick. Proudly supportive, lovely guy!!

i still can't believe they are husband and wife

Priyanka's husband is so handsome and supportive, it's beautiful to witness.

He just came for the premiere, isn’t such a big deal, he dint sit through the movie making and took care of her..

They are such a gorgeous couple!

forget being gorgeous she is not even pretty!!

She had not even ten minutes and most ppl did not even known her. Go back poor woman!

She has lost it completely, she wants to be everywhere just to get noticed, isn’t she embarrassed.. desperate lady..

She's at the premiere of her movie. You don't want her to go that either?

Proud about her 5 min role as usual?? She should do Hindi movies instead of wasting her time in the west attending mindless parties

Atleast she has work unlike your bhagwan dadi work in Hollywood nobody wants her except her dream man diesel

Hahaha...jealous PeeCee again here. Go away, next party is waiting :p

So cute

They are only together for shooting pics. Otherwise both have their own life. Priyanka with SRK and Nick with his boyfriend. SRK was also in NYC during her wax statue date. Confirmed.

Confirmed? Where, in your head?

Confirmed? Where, in your head?

It's even talk of the town here in Bollywood. Seems to be true. WOW

Please don't spread rumours for the heck of it! Just because you have a sad and pathetic life. Priyanka's relatives were with her when she unveiled her statue.

He was in NYC low brain! Not at Madame Tussot but may be waiting in the hotel.

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