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Nick Jonas REVEALS his two favourite Bollywood songs and it will leave you surprised

During an Instagram Live session with the Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas revealed his two favourite Bollywood songs, one of which features his wife and actress Priyanka Chopra. Read below to know which songs are Nick's favourite.
Nick Jonas' favourite Bollywood songs includes one which features his darling wife and actress Priyanka Chopra.Nick Jonas' favourite Bollywood songs includes one which features his darling wife and actress Priyanka Chopra.
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Nick Jonas' love affair with India is all thanks to his darling wife and actress Priyanka Chopra. It was last year in July when Nick popped the question to his gorgeous ladylove in London. December 2018 saw Nick and Priyanka become husband and wife while Jonas adhered to the Indian traditions, along with the Jonas family in tow. On many occasions, Nick has spoken fondly about his love for India as well as Bollywood. Recently, Nick and Priyanka's sister-in-law and Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner revealed to Pinkvilla that she would totally be up to star in a Bollywood film, as well.

While Priyanka is currently in Mumbai for The Sky is Pink, Nick is busy promoting his new album with the Jonas Brothers titled Happiness Begins. During an Instagram Live, an Indian fan asked Nick what his favourite Bollywood song was. The singer and actor revealed that he really like Bom Diggy Diggy from Kartik Aryan starrer Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety (2018). Even Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas revealed that they love the song as well. Another B-Town song that Nick is obsessed with is his ladylove's popular dance track, Desi Girl from Dostana (2008).

We are definitely impressed by Nick's musical sense. How about you guys? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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Meanwhile, the Jonas Brothers' reunion album, Happiness Begins, was released on June 7, 2019, and features hit singles like Sucker and Cool. They recently performed their hits on Capital's Summertime Ball 2019.

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Nick needs to make cash in india, there's no real money in music, even the fancy car he gave her on camera is Sponsored and they only leased it

she was famous before him she is indias biggest Bollywood actress and she has been in Hollywood movies like Baywatch and quantico before meeting nick so she had money,houses and cars before that and she comes from an educated family of doctors.

It was a big song during their wedding, they had fun dancing to it. Cute!

Wonderful! People read each and every post related to Priyanka, and then write nonsense in the comment box anonymously. Lol!

Wonderful! Like u anonymously. Lol.

Don't know why Priyanka built an image in her the media like this self made woman who created her own career. We all know her married older "bf" created movie opportunities for her, bought her cars, houses, even bought a Hollywood tv show for her. She is a liar, there is nothing admirable about her career, nothing self made. Her husband on the other hand really came from nothing and made something. I watched the documentary, they were poor, lost their home and he had to work since he was 7 years old despite being diagnosed as diabetic and now he is an accomplished musician/actor with millions in his bank account. THAT is self made with hard sacrifice.

You know the reason why India is backward. People like you. Lack of education is not the cause. Hateful souls like you are bleeding this country with hate which today is emergeing as just fake news. In reality rumor mongers and pleasure seeking out of poisonous rumors is an old habit of India. Every tenth person is a hateful soul more venomous than a snake which is a natural design. Your burning heart should some day get some peace.

Omg I agree to 100 percent.. They have ZERO appreciation for goodness.. Just wrapped in stupid bubbles of useless ego

Do you even know priyanka who are you to say that you are just another online troll who has no other
activitie to do that talk trash about people you don't even know either way she is way more succesful and rich than you. You should focus on your own life rather than shaming others.

He is a sweet husband.

What a BS topic again posted by Priyanka! YAWN!

Anything to stay in news in Bollywood as though we didn t have enough of PC. Now we have to deal with Nick too

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