Nilotpal Mrinal claims Sushant Singh Rajput cannot be depressed as he was a part of 'Chichhore'

Businessman Nilotpal Mrinal is a close friend of BJP MLA Niraj Kumar Bablu, cousin of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput.
Nilotpal Mrinal claims Sushant Singh Rajput cannot be depressed as he was a part of 'Chichhore'
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Mrinal was there to receive Sushant's father and family members when they arrived in Mumbai for the late actor's last rites, but he rues the fact that the first time he actually met Sushant was when he was among the four people who bore the burden of carrying the late actor on their shoulders, on way to crematorium from the ambulance.

Mrinal dismisses the depression and suicide theories about Sushant's death, and is confident that a CBI investigation will bare all truth.

"This depression theory must have come from somewhere. He had new movie offers coming in, which is evident from his call records. Due to the Covid situation currently, people are facing loss in business, losing jobs and facing problems, which has led them to feel demotivated. Does this mean they are all depressed?" Mrinal told IANS.

"Depression is something different. People should understand this difference. I think depression and all these are just theories coming up about him (Sushant). If he was in real depression, he couldn't have delivered a film like ‘Chhichhore'," Mrinal pointed out.

On contrary, Mrinal insists Sushant had a high level of motivation. "A person who comes from a small town and then works hard to create his place in the film industry over 14 to 15 years, would he give up so easily? When a person from a middle-class family makes it big in life, generally such people have a high level of self-motivation. No matter how much trouble they face, they don't break down so easily," he replied.

"Also, it is not that he didn't have bank balance. He had everything. What is the reality, what actually happened on that day, I think it is better to let the CBI find that out. The CBI is very capable and they will get to the truth," Mrinal added.

Does the CBI probe come a little late in the day, considering it is over two months since Sushant died? "Der aaye durust aaye (better late than never). We all want to know what actually happened. I don't think it is very late because certain things like call records and account details cannot be manipulated. It is okay if it is a little late but justice should be delivered. We are hopeful CBI will ensure justice," he replied.

With a tinge of regret in his voice, he said: "I have never met Sushant bhai personally in his lifetime. The first time I met him, he was on my shoulders on way to the crematorium from the ambulance. It was a very emotional moment for me. I have a feeling that he is watching from above every single day and asking me to help him get justice," said Mrinal.

As an effort to rally support of more people in the growing campaign for justice for Sushant, Mrinal has produced a music video, "Insaaf yeh ek sawaal hai". The song is a musical tribute to the late actor.

"This song is a protest for justice," Mrinal explained.

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Anonymous 5 months ago

Its already apparent case against Rhea is falling apart. Investigators cannot find 15 crores. On top of that they phoned Pithani to tell police that she took 15 crores. The bank will have record of who withdrew such amount. And its not her. At least its not revealed in any investigation. The fact that family tried to influence Pithani to say something which was not true to his knowledge is highly suspect and puts family in bad light. when sister came, she left house before SSR died. Why would she go to house when whole family has come for his funeral. What a stupid thinking. She wanted to say goodbye thats why she went. We saw video on tv, she was cryingwhen she came out. Did you see sister in blue shirt in leaked video and outside house? She was hiding whole face with hair, mask and phone the whole time. how much time it takes for flight from Batna to Mumbai? One hour? 45 minutes? what was so important that they cant meet Sushants body properly, look at him, say goodbye, arrange flowers, have a priest over, let his friends, wellwishers say goodbye from a distance. Take photos. This is done for every death. look at Rishi, Irrfan. Where were the photographers who were outside his house? Someone said they were given wrong address for crematorium. WHY?

Anonymous 5 months ago

But he was a bipolar patient.

Anonymous 5 months ago

If it is not one's mother or sister, you never let a RANDOM FEMALE enter into your life MANAGING FINANCES

Anonymous 5 months ago

I just watch the video of Rhea exiting the mortuary and that looks like a girl in a hurry to get away and not be seen by anybody.... Her body language does not look like a girl who just saw the dead body of her live in partner... Look at the body language guys.... A loss of a lived one in that manner would have broken her.... She looked like she was there to make sure all went according to plan... Y go to the morgue and not the house... If she went to the house first ND no one allowed her there... Then it makes sense for her to go to the morgue... But that did not happen