No direct link found between Raj Kundra and pornography racket; ED probes money trail and shell companies

According to a recent report, no direct link has been established between Raj Kundra and the pornography racket. The ED is pursuing the money trail and examining the involvement of shell companies.

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No direct link found between Raj Kundra and pornography racket; ED probes money trail and shell companies
No direct link found between Raj Kundra and pornography racket (Pic Courtesy: SVS Studios YouTube)

Trigger Warning: This article contains mention of pornography.

In 2021, Raj Kundra, a businessman and husband to Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, was arrested on grounds of producing pornographic content. Despite initiating a money laundering probe against Kundra in May 2022, the Enforcement Directorate couldn't find any direct link between him and the alleged pornography racket. The focus of the investigation has now shifted towards unraveling the money trail and scrutinizing potential involvement of shell companies.

Enforcement Directorate focuses on money trail and shell companies in Raj Kundra case

As reported by the Free Press Journal, the Enforcement Directorate didn't find any direct connection between Raj Kundra and the alleged pornography racket. Official sources reveal that the ED is honing in on the money trail associated with various bank transactions of Kenrin, a UK-based company. This company is affiliated with several shell companies implicated in money laundering.

Investigations have revealed that Pradeep Bakshi, the official promoter of the HotShot app and Raj Kundra's brother-in-law, owns Kenrin. The firm is purportedly engaged in numerous transactions with shell companies based in India, forming a focal point for the ongoing inquiry.

As outlined by the portal, the founder of Arms Prime Media Limited, Saurabh Kushwah, had urged Kundra to invest in the company in 2019, and together they developed the HotShot App, later sold to Kenrin. The ED is reportedly investigating bank transactions to trace money movements related to maintenance collaboration between Kenrin and Kundra's company, Vihan.

Enforcement Directorate is reportedly auditing Raj Kundra's high-volume bank transactions

As per the information provided by the mentioned portal, the ED is said to be conducting a thorough audit of all substantial transactions within the bank accounts linked to Raj Kundra and his enterprises, encompassing those originating from shell companies. The connection between the explicit content featured on the HotShot app's platform and Kundra is still under scrutiny and remains to be definitively established.

Previously, in an official statement, Kundra's advocate, Prashant Patil, raised apprehensions about the pending legal proceedings involving his client, a matter that has lingered since 2021. Patil asserted that the case records indicate a deliberate prolongation of judicial processes by the prosecution, with motives known only to them.

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