No Entry Mein Bipasha Ki Entry

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According to BOI, Bipasha Basu has asked Anees Bazmee to ink her into the script of No Entry 2. Reason: No Entry is among the biggest hits of her career.

Earlier, the film was to have nine heroines and now with Basu entering the fray, it will have ten. Asked to comment on Basu’s request and the director offers a diplomatic reply, “Bipasha did not ask me. She is very close to us and we were thinking of casting her anyway. And, yes, now there are ten actresses in the film.”


Well seems like the meeting with Salman Khan aka sucking upto him during the dinner time they had few weeks ago works in her favor! She bagged the movie!:)

Dont care for Bips much. but am looking fwd to watch Anil Kapoor and Salman together. I like their comic timing (:

I guess all the pretty young b-listers (Shazahn, Zarine, Sonal Chauhan, Hazel Keech, Dia Mirza, etc.) will be rounded up like cattle and cast in this. :-p

@Kitty Even Masti is having a sequel! lol

bips deserves better

salman and bips will rock

reject ths movis ..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

bips must b with salman

bips plz dont do ths film ... 10 is a loooooooooooooot

did bips tell boi that she requested him to cast her... lol ..... growup

Poor soul, this user kitty always seems desperate to comment negatively on any post which is related to Salman Khan. Lol

Oh great, now the husbands will sneak around their wives' backs with MORE women for hire (paid escorts) and they'll learn at the end (again) that cheating is wrong and they really do love their wives after all! Some movies just don't warrant a sequel and this is one of them.

bipasha deserves better than this .. when will some1 cast her with SRK

omgg.. isnt that too much??? how can it be focused? TOO much is not a good thing

10 Heroines? Stop the presses. Oh! The behind-the-scenes drama that is to come. That alone is worth the price of admission lol.

lol 10 actresses, why would she want to do the film

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