Original Mungda singer Usha Mangeshkar on Sonakshi's remix: To rip off in this arbitrary manner isn't correct

Original Mungda singer Usha Mangeshkar has expressed her disappointment towards Sonakshi Sinha's new version for the film Total Dhamaal.
Original Mungda singer Usha Mangeshkar on Sonakshi's remix: To rip off in this arbitrary manner isn't correctOriginal Mungda singer Usha Mangeshkar on Sonakshi's remix: To rip off in this arbitrary manner isn't correct
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It has become a trend from the past 2 years in Bollywood to remix old songs. A lot of songs like Laila Main Laila, Hungama Ho Gaya, Ek Do Teen, Gulabi Aankhen, Humma Humma, and many others have been recreated in the past few years for a lot of new films. The recent one to be on the list is the song Mungda. The original Mungda was from the film Inkaar and it featured legendary actress Helen.
The song has been recreated for the film Total Dhamaal which stars Ajay Devgn, Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit. The new version of Mungda is a special dance number featuring Sonakshi Sinha. Considering what a classic number it was, the new version received a lot of backlash from the audience. The original Mungda was crooned by Mangeshkar sisters - Lata, Asha and Usha.
Well, singer Usha Mangeshkar is truly disappointed with the new version. The singer told Deccan Chronicle, "Our songs (the songs sung by the Mangeshkar sisters Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle and Usha Mangeshkar) were created after a great deal of thought and they were done with sensitivity and care. To rip them off in this arbitrary manner is not correct."

Usha Mangeshkar also added that no one asks them or takes approval before remaking the songs. She said that no one seeks their consent before using their song. 
Rajesh Roshan, who composed the original song Mundga said that there is less inspiration and more of perspiration in the music industry. He also said that filmmakers have lost confidence in creating new songs.
What do you have to say about the new Mungda song? Let us know in the comments below.

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New song is way better honest

these nepotism can't compose anything but only ruin the old classics

It was a massy number then; not some spiritual call. So ushatai should chill. At least more people will be aware of the 1975 song.she should also not forget that Helen was the major draw in the song.there is nothing spectacular about the singing.

The original was way too cheap. Almost no dance, just skin showing. I don't like Sona and the new version, but it looks more subtle. And of course the music was remade with more modern sound! What does she think, 70s sound in 2010s movie?

She should be happy and proud that her song was special enough that someone wants to make a remix of it in today's more modern style. She might not personally like it, but at least someone tried.

What is there to be proud about "remixing in modern style"?

She is not talking about the video or how suggestive it is. She is talking about how blatantly songs are ripped off these days. It has nothing to do with Helen or Sonakshi and the sex appeal.

sona dressed up like the kards esp khloe kardashian.

i think the steps and the costume copied from beyonce

I don't think she is talking about the picturization. The remix and new composition is arbitrary - it will be forgotten by next month.

what is this mangeshkar lady talking about, it is implying the same meaning. it was suggestive than and it is suggestive now.

She is talking about the music, this lady knows more about music more than u-.-

I have always found the original track super cheap based on Helen's dance and dress. This one is way classy.

She's talking about the music composition, duh... And Helen is way classier than the likes of Sonakshi.

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