Oscars 2019: 2018 Oscar Winner Allison Janney is heartbroken as The Academy’s breaks away from tradition

Oscar Winner Allison Janney is heartbroken over The Academy’s decision to chase bigger stars to present awards instead of previous year’s winners. Read on!
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For all the Oscar lovers, you must be well aware of the fact that actress Allison Janney won an Oscar last year for the Best Supporting Actress for her role as Tonya Harding’s mother in I, Tonya. Now, according to reports, the organizers of The 91st Academy Awards, the biggest night in Hollywood, are planning to break away from the long-held tradition of previous year’s winner presenting the award to this year’s winner because this year, looks like, the Academy is planning to change this. That’s right!  

And this shocking move by the organizers of the Academy Awards- Oscars 2019 has hurt a lot of actors. “For years, the winners in each of the best actor and actress categories have been presented by the previous year’s winner: Last year’s best actress winner presents this year’s best actor award and vice versa. The same goes for the best supporting actor and actress awards,” as reported by Reuters.

Because this year, The Academy is chasing ‘bigger stars’ to present the categories instead and in short, a message is being sent out by the organizers that big acting winners to the likes of Gary Oldman, Sam Rockwell, Frances McDormand, and Janney will be robbed off their Oscar moment of going on the stage and passing on the torch to this year’s winner. Amongst all the winners, Allison Janney is heartbroken with the decision as she took to social media to write, “It’s looking like they are not going to honor the tradition this year. “It breaks my heart.” Later, Allison, however, deleted the post.


In another move by the organizers of The Academy, Oscars 2019 will not have an official host this year and this no-emcee situation is happening after 30, for in 1989, Oscars went host-less. The Oscars will take place in Los Angeles on February 24, 2019, and the President of ABC Entertainment, which broadcasts the ceremony, confirmed the same. Back in 1989, The Academy Awards was so poorly received that 17 big names in Hollywood- Julie Andrews and Paul Newman, sent a letter to the organizers trashing the show, which, instead of opening with a host, started with an 11-minute musical segment.

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