Padmavati: Shahid Kapoor looks stunning as Maha Rawal Ratan Singh in new Padmavati posters

Check out the look of Shahid Kapoor in Padmavati.
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We saw Deepika Padukone shine as Rani Padmavati in the poster of her much awaited Sanjay Leela Bhansali movie. Well, if the first poster managed to stun you, check out the two new ones featuring Shahid Kapoor as Raja Rawal Ratan Singh. The actor plays the lead opposite Deepika Padukone. The movie also features Ranveer Singh in the role of Alauddin Khilji.

In the two new posters of Padmavati, which are the first posters of the male lead, Shahid Kapoor looks handsome and fierce as Rani Padmavati's husband, Rawal Ratan Singh. The actor shared the two pictures on social media, having also shared Deepika Padukone's Padmavati look a few days ago. While one poster of Padmavati has Shahid Kapoor in a close-up shot, the other is a long shot of him, where the actor is seen in a bloodied avatar in battleground. Take a look at the two posters here:

Shahid had spoken about his look saying, "When you are playing a King, you need to have a certain personality. At that time, the people used to not be very skinny and lean, so you need to have a manly personality. Basically for that, and to carry those outfits also, Sanjay sir wants me to be a little muscular and a little full. But I will be gaining weight in terms of muscle and not in terms of fat. This is because I am playing the character of a warrior. The Rajput kings had very strong personalities."

Well, Shahid certainly looks convincing as the Rajput king. Don't you agree? And given his acting chops, he is sure to shine in the role of the king. Shahid had hinted that Padmavati is a very strong love story between Deepika's character and his. He had said, "Somehow, by default, in most actors’ careers, they are remembered by the love stories that they have done. They (love) break the barrier of time and audiences keep going back to them. I have been a part of a couple of such films and I hope Padmavati also falls into that category. It definitely has the makings of being something like that."

Padmavati is all set to release on December 1, 2017, postponed from the earlier date of November 17.

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Wow can't wait for more....good job team Padmavati!!!!!

Looking good Ratan Singh .

Oh god....can not wait for Ranveer's look and performance

All three are great actors. Now, bring my Ranveer Singh!!!

Not bad huh! I realy like it, one of his best looks..

Ooh, they're leaving the best for last. The Padmavati team knows what's up! Shahid looks great. Finally he'll have a solid hit on his hands.

Wow his eyes emote so well. Such sad eyes and if you know the story of Padmavati, you know why he is sad

Wow wow wow -- his eyes show his desperation, pain, anger and tragedy that falling on him. He suits the role so much

Wait till khilji arrives


Meh I think he looks like a boy playing dressup

He is portraying a young king and that's what he looks like!

Khijli will eat him raw

Great look!! Shahid emotes beautifully through his eyes!! Looking forward to Padmavati!

Just like PC outshone DP in BM Shahid will outshine everyone and will easily steal RS s thunder. Way to go Sasha




Ranveer vs Shahid !! This will be a treat !! So happy that SLB made a two hero film..


Wow man, he killed it. Incredible, Awesome are the words for these posters, sh

his hair and look in general reminds me of Jon Snow

It's a good story, heart breaking. Shahid dies, deepika dies n Ranveer is evil. But the story has amazing scope n only SLB will be able to do this justice.

Let's not get excited and predict the movie by simply looking at the posters. If anything we should know that posters and trailers are misleading. These Bollywood walas should simply cut all their promotions nonsense and give us the movie.

The eyeliner makes him look like evil but otherwise he looks great in the posters!

This looks so great!! There's a full length poster of Shahid too, in addition to this closeup. All good posters.

That look of despair, you know right before everything is about to come to an end? This is that look

love it, is he playing a "majnu"

he is playing one of the bravest men that ever walked this earth. please learn your history.

Seriously where is he looking in each poster???

I personally believe that Shahid is going to be the one who will steal the thunder from everyone in the film

Ya. Like Ajay, Madhuri, and Priyanka did in all the other SLB movies, third character is the best in SLB and he always picks good actors.

Waiting to see ranveers look surely its gonna b better than shahids

I only wana see this film for ranveer...hes a terrific actor! Shahid is paani kam infront of ranveer

You wish ! Shahid will overshadow RS easily

I have a feeling this movie is going to be a huge hit. Excited!

I am keeping my fingers crossed that it does, for all four of them (SLB, Deepika, Shahid, and Ranveer). I am so excited for this one.


He has the look of a king who is on the verge of losing everything. He turns and gives a last look to all he is going to lose including his beloved queen.

He looks good - all rough n tough .

will watch it only for Ranveer. Who cares about Shahid in the movie?

Superb! Shahid is the real talent amongst all 3

Ratan singh is looking more beautiful than Padmavati

Wow, he is definitely going to nail it

Lol, you should see how many fangirls on Twitter have now changed their names to Mrs. Ratan Singh

Good actors in one frame can't wait to watch

Shahid usually has this aura of smugness, happy to see he looks vulnerable here.

Shahid is one of brilliant actors in bollywood.. he really deserve some attention for his acting skills

Nice look! I think that rugged/bearded look really suits him. Hope he was able to showcase his talent really well in Padmavati!

Those eyes :o

The three of them are going to kill it.

This is an Indian story and I love that they took Indian actors to do justice to it rather than some fake people. DP, RS and SK are wonderful

Intensive and fierce look. Shahid, Deepika and Ranveer will be a treat to watch. The three of them are superb at expressing and have great body language and facial expressions. Just through their eyes they convey so much. These are called true actors and superstars. Sanjay Leela Bhansali has to release the film soon and not keep us fans waiting any longer

Man Oh Man, this is called versatility, so expressive. Shahid, Ranveer and Deepika are going to create history with this film. Can't wait for Ranveer's look now. So far, Deepika and Shahid's looks are a huge hit and I hope they release the film soon

Where is the Kingslayer Khilji AKA Ranveer Singh. Sorry Ratan Singh or whatever you have no chance against Khilji.

Nothing extraordinary. waiting eagrly for Ranveer!!!

This is like Darr, no one cares about hero of movie, bring Ranveer Singh.

Okay Kareena, now go back to your pouting. You can't do anything more than that

Sorry but Ranveer Singh gives so much to a film, in front of his portrayal, Shahids will be just Chai kam paani

Woah, blown away by that expressive look of Shahid Kapoor. Can't wait for Dec 1st now. Deepika, Ranveer and Shahid will be brilliant in this film. They are talented and hard working actors who take risk rather than piggy backing on others. Love you 3 and SLB

he looks amazing! I am looking forward to see Shahid in Sanjay's film. We have seen deepika and ranveer together before, so shahid will be bringing an interesting new look to this whole film! Cant wait!

It's a really good look,for whoever has a problem with the kohl,it's actually looking great and his eyes look great

Me like it

why do indian men wear eyeliner? looks so feminine

What u going on about? Indian, Arabic, Afghani and Pakistani men wear surma and I think it looks HOT! It gives them this rough look, not feminine! I remember watching The Mummy when I was a teenage and oh god Oded Fehr looked damn HoTTt with eyeliner!!! I had a hugeee crush on him! ;)


Excellent.very nice

Wow, he looks great. A trillion times better than Deepika's first look. Middle finger to all the other big actors who were too insecure to take a movie based on a woman. Now Shahid will win all the supporting actor awards for this film. Guaranteed Ranveer's look will be the best of all.


This is really really good. No doubt this movie will win for best makeup and/or costumes.

Shahid and Deepika looking so good, now i cannot wait for my yummy Ranveer.

Good one..Now waiting for Khilji... Padmavati and Padmapati were awesome.Lots of love Team Padmavati

Everything is on point!

Breathtaking!! Super awesome!! Can't wait.

Waiting to see Khilji....this Shahid guy is just the third wheel anyways

Omg i love it!!! Shahid is sooo talented and he's got good looks! I'm excited for this movie!!

He looks great. Can't wait for my khilji. Am sure the best is saved for the last

Better eyebrows than Deepika's HAHA jokes aside love the poster, gathering pace the promotions - cannot wait for this film, going to be epic!

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