Padmavati Trailer: Shahid Kapoor trolled for his cryptic tweet

Shahid Kapoor shares his look from Padmavati, gets trolled mercilessly
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Ever since the trailer of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s much awaited, Padmavati, released, Twitter has been going gung-ho about the magnanimity of the film. From the royal sets, fighting sequences, elaborate costumes to magnificent jewellery; everything has been making headlines. Needless to mention, the entire team of the film has received massive applause from all sections of the society.

While Ranveer Singh shared a ‘thank you’ note on Instagram following the overzealous response from his fans, Shahid Kapoor too shared his look from the film and captioned it as, “Still waters run deep. He will rise on the 1st of December. Wait for it. #rajputpride.”


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However, trolls did not completely understand the hidden and cryptic intention behind his tweet and started lambasting him for it. While some thought he was comparing his physique with Ranveer’s sculpted look; many outright declared him not as “fit enough” as Ranveer. There were many who not only called his physique “bad” but also accused him of trying to ape Prabhas of Baahubali fame.

Bollywood celebrities too hailed the trailer of the film. While Parineeti called the film an Indian version of 'Game of Thrones', Karan Johar declared that he just could not wait for December anymore. Amitabh Bachchan, who is busy celebrating his birthday in Maldives, also called the trailer a “gift of extraordinary vision.” The Baahubali director, SS Rajamouli, left a special note for Ranveer on Twitter. "Ranveer Singh looks menacing and frightening yet can't take my eyes off him," he tweeted.

The Padmavati trailer released on October 9, 2017, exactly at 13:03 hours. 

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Ppl just enjoy trolling him after the puppy stuff methinks. Ive seen repeatedly

ignore haters..i love you Sasha! love the film and you will all rock it

It's just one jealous Mira-hater trolling you Shahid. Dont worry. I think you will rock. Focus on the positives

Oh brother. Expect some more blind items about cocaine and whatnot. Good luck Khilji!

Already positioning himself as the underdog. PV pls end this torture. I am not going to indulge anymore.

This one always with the sympathy and his "due". First with KKK and the breakup and then his films . Pls learn to chill. RS is who he is..everyone knows he's over hyper and over board but why cant SK refrain from doing this nonsense everytime. It's getting old.

We want to see more of Mira! She's so lovely and down to earth

PV doesnt hate Shahid, this is his behaviour everytime in every film and the overboard Mira promotions. It's tiring.

Damn !! That guy has written an open letter , cried a ton in a video , making a pr of everything about how padmavati is his movie alone but just one post of sk he is getting this much hate . For sure pv hates shahid

They've diligently posted everything you've sent out about you and your wife and kid and shaadi over the last one year- but yes, they hate you because a few ppl said Prabhas had a better body or Ranveer was good.

it was bahubali fans ... ranveer fans dont care about insecure flop shahid ..

insecure shahid crying

no more "cryptic tweets" Shahid pls. Looking forward to the film

For the one who made the comment that they want to see mira don't worry now that shahid movie is releasing soon you'll get to see her a lot more and that too with misha. It happened during Rangoon promotion and I'm sure it will happen now to infant your lucky that shahid wife will attend all the private screenings and parties so you will get to see her a lot

This year not a single movie has done well so the whole industry is getting together to create a hype so the business of cinema which is on a downfall does not disappear

No doubt most of the trolling came from ranveer fans. So insecure of anyone else being praised cus deep down they know ranveer is the most overrated "actor" currently. Like idol, like fan.

Very true, Mira! Ranveer is overrated and Shahid is not

Why is "two hero" such a big rare thing in BW? Look at films like Ocean's Eleven, DeNiro, Al Pacino working together...surely if they can...

He looks like ranveer from ram-leela tho.

Looking good SK

we want to see Mira, she's adorable

Hi Mira!


He deserves it . Insecure person

All for sympathy. NO dude, it wasn't trolling, it's your attitude

Two people commenting isnt trolling. I think dictionaries should come out with definition or something

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