Pari: Anushka Sharma is viciously watching over us

Anushka Sharma is geared up for her upcoming movie Pari which releases on March 2, 2018. The tagline of the movie, "Not a fairytale", has already given rise to a lot of speculations as to what the story of this supernatural thriller is. 
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Anushka Sharma is all set to scare the hell out of all of us with her upcoming movie Pari. While the trailer has left us all scratching our heads, Anushka is making sure to increase our curiosity for the movie each passing day. 

Today, she shared the posters kept at various multiplexes of her and captioned it, “Watch your moves, because you are being viciously watched!  #2DaysToPari @OfficialCSFilms @kriarj @poojafilms"

Anushka is clearly having a fun time scaring us, it seems!

Earlier, talking about the same with a leading daily, Anushka said, "It’s an interesting way to show a film. Whatever intrigue is there for the film, is exactly what we are looking forward to. Things are in place and the more we proceed more will be divulged about the film. I am excited to take up a genre like this because I love watching it as a viewer, too."

Anushka revealed that contrary to what the screamers look like, the movie is actually a love story. Anushka revealed, "If I tell you Pari is a love story, you will be surprised. But it is. It’s not something which you can define or confine into one genre. Horror’s always a treatment and atmospheric horror is just brilliant, which is what Pari is all about."

Speaking about the horror genre, the actress stated, "Love stories also don’t work at times, but there are lesser examples to make here. So you can say horror mein aisa hota hai. This genre isn’t one that has been tried-and-tested. I believe it’s got an untapped potential. India watches a lot of horror and it’s an interesting space. Horror doesn’t always have to be about ghosts coming out of closets. It’s a theme. It’s the treatment and that’s what is exciting. This genre has not been explored too well in Bollywood, which is why I got into this. I want people to always expect the unconventional from me."

Pari releases on March 2, 2018. 

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This is going to be comedy

Didn't know Sanjay Dutt was in this.

She is the absolute worst.

If you can't show up, atleast respect the day. Seriously you are the most insensitive person.

If virat doesn’t promote this no one will go watch it. He will def post something on social media abour the film in the next day or so.

Shocked at Anushka not even mentioning one word about Sridevi-ji

Anushka tweeted about Sridevi Demise! Stop spreading lies. Btw this is a statue of her, she is currently shooting Sui dhaaga in bhopal.

UMMMM.... is this for real? I always knew from her interviews that she is a wannabe confident and savvy person who tries too hard to show her confidence and show how secure she is... but honestly, a person who is secure doesn't plump her lips (oh yes we know u didn't go under the knife, just got harmless inject-able and that totally fine) or talk about how she is a very private person who had a private wedding (we saw how private that was). Today I hope her fans wake up and send some sense along her way to show respect to a legend lost in the industry she works in. Everything is not about her and a stupid movie which no one is interested in seeing. Yes great you started a production company to make movies in which u believe in! but I lost respect for this woman (the little that I may have had somewhere).

Lets just Bollywood is a shallow place
Anushka and Kareena- You are the best examples of it at this time.

This movie will flop

Fine. You couldn't visit because you had numerous commitments but have the decency to not post bs during the event.

Who is the director of this film? Isn’t it weird that only she is promoting this as an actor and producer? That can’t be the only thing interesting about this movie cuz so far it isn’t

Shame on you Anushka you should have visited Sriji family to pay your respect instead of promoting your next flop

One word : disgusting

For what ?? Stop spreading hatred let the legend RIP

For not attending the funeral despite being in Mumbai. But to promote her film. she could have posted it tomorrow.

This one troll always commenting negative in Anushka’s post

How has Kohli fallen for this? Sridevi's tragic passing is a taste of how toxic Bollytown is. Please divorce.


You are you to say abt divorce ??? Are you Virat ??

Anushka didn't bother to attend sridevi funeral but remember to post this. I m so ashamed of her. I lost respect.

So ?? Who wants your respect stop spreading hatred legend had died let her RIP

Hi Anushka PR, your comment proves you want public respect but you lost it. Stop defending yourself.


So full of herself!! No one cares about this stupid movie, with which she is trying so hard to be different and confident. I understand that she is anti social, but she could do well with a little bit of EQ. She never paid any sort of respect to a wonderful lady who is no more with us. She could have just held her promotions back. BTW, a tip to the marketing team, stop over selling her movies. It's already a recipe for failure. Learn from your previous mistakes (As in Philauri).

Hate you !


Shameless Anushka! She could have tweeted tomorrow showing some respect to Sridevi.

Why was Anushka not at Sridevis?

Cos she is in Bhopal shooting! Varun Dhawan did not come either. people need to back off! She posted on twitter! jeez

Varun atleast retweeted the Kapoor family's statement and asked people to respect their privacy, unlike Anushka who shamelessly promotes her movie. New Low!!

Well u don't see him promoting a movie on the funeral day! it's plain disrespectful!

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