Pari: Anushka Sharma's no-promotional strategy for her horror flick grabs attention

Anushka Sharma is gearing up for the release of her horror flick Pari. The film is directed by Prosit Roy and is slated to release on March 2, 2018. The film also stars Parambrata Chatterjee in a pivotal role.
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Only a day is left for the release of Anushka Sharma starrer Pari and the actor has been promoting her film on all digital platforms. No trailer launch or any other promotional events took place which surprised everyone.

Talking about it, the producer stated to a leading tabloid, "We wanted to break the traditional pattern to let the content to speak for itself."

She further said, "The onus was entirely on the director [Prosit Roy] to do a great job. Anushka has worked hard for the movie. She tweeted every poster and teaser. But since it’s a mystery, it didn’t make sense to have her give interviews about the film when she couldn’t talk about it."

Reports have it, Anushka was set to be a part of a promotional event in the city but called it off due to the sudden demise of Sridevi. A source said, "Anushka was to take a few days off from Sui Dhaaga’s Bhopal schedule to promote Pari in Mumbai, but with the tragic death of Sridevi, it seemed inappropriate. A screening that was scheduled to be held last night was also called off."

Earlier, a source spoke about the no-promotion strategy to a daily saying, "They don’t want anything to be revealed just as yet. It was Anushka and brother Karnesh Sharma’s call to not lineup any interviews, lest they end up revealing anything from the film. Pari isn’t a film where one can even talk about what’s there in it. They want to keep the mystery intact."

Pari is set to hit the screens on March 2, 2018.

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She didn’t bother to show up for funeral so now she is saying that she canceled the promotions but she hasn’t grabbed any attention no one is interested in the movie

She was working. Indians have no sense of priority. Will drop everything and scream at actors and actresses for not attending funerals... I am seeing you guys on here attacking people who straight-up WERE AT THE FUNERAL. Anushka was filming plus has a movie to promote. I have known people who have had to miss their own grandparents and parents funerals to work, and you expect the entire industry to stop still for one actress who is 30 yrs senior to a lot of these guys? She has left her tweets and messages.

I love her

I love this non promotional approach.. Having been pied-in-our-faces with star appearances in every tv show, every channel, every YouTube collabs in last few years..this is such a welcome change.
But downside is tht i honestly had no idea this movie is coming this weekend. I wrongly "assumed" that since the interviews and show appearances have not started, there is quite some time for the movie to release.

I agree with you. It is refreshing so see her do this. I too thought that this movie is slated to release in the summertime. I was a bit surprised to learn that it's releasing tomorrow. I think tge strategy is great, but anushka should've repeatedly mentioned the release date in a creative way so the audiences would Atleast be aware of the release. I hope this movie does well for her and her brother. I like that they have the courage to tap into new content, new directors, fresh story lines that others would think twice before signing. Her last movie didn't so that well (the one with diljit) and I hope this one goes extremely well -- I'm also REALLY looking forward to watching parambrata on screen. Loved him in kahani.

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