Pari Teaser: Anushka Sharma as the bloodthirsty possessed witch will turn you white with fear

Pari starring Anushka Sharma is all set to release on March 2, 2018. The movie promises thrill in every ounce of the teaser which Anushka just shared on her Twitter handle. Are you excited for the movie?
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Anushka Sharma is all set to give you shock waves and make you sit at the edge of your seat with her upcoming movie Pari. The movie which herself claims is not a fairytale is sure to leave you appalled and scared at the same time. 

Anushka, today, shared the teaser of Pari and the mystery around it is still not apparent. The teaser is one of the scary ones, we have seen of late. 

Anushka is seen behaving like a possessed witch who lifts her husband by his neck seamlessly with her bare hands, who jumps like a lioness from the top. Her scary expressions add to the horror. 

What really leaves us stunned is the end where she is seen following the trails only to witness a blood-soaked witch (again played by Anushka) holding a baby whilst drinking blood from a baby nip bottle. 

Damn, it is scary AF.

Check out the teaser here:

Meanwhile, talking about the film, Anushka had earlier stated, "We have gone by instinct in choosing good cinema, and the audiences have liked both our films.Pari is a strong, engaging story and our team is brilliant. It's the kind of project that I love producing and delivering to audiences."

Speaking of the horror genre, Anushka had stated, "Love stories also don’t work at times, but there are lesser examples to make here. So you can say horror mein aisa hota hai. This genre isn’t one that has been tried-and-tested. I believe it’s got an untapped potential. India watches a lot of horror and it’s an interesting space. Horror doesn’t always have to be about ghosts coming out of closets. It’s a theme. It’s the treatment and that’s what is exciting. This genre has not been explored too well in Bollywood, which is why I got into this. I want people to always expect the unconventional from me."

Whereas, Parambrata had added, "The script of Pari worked for me immediately. Anushka is a brilliant actor and a superstar. Working on this film will be an enriching experience.’’

Pari is slated to release on March 2, 2018.

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Parmabrata Chatterjeee, yayyyyyyyyyyy

Bhoot was a pretty good horror flick.

Anushka looks scary normally so not much of a stretch. Raggedy hair, colored contacts and lots of fake blood.. ok

Awww virat n anushka love them

So what's the story? Her spirit or soul becomes possessed or demonized and leaves her body or uses her body to haunt her husband and baby whenever it wants?

omg!! That sort of scared the shit out of me!! probably the first indian horror film that looks refreshing, refined & fantastic!! good job anushka!!

I luv anushka n kohli jodi

Nice, hope she can succeed in horror genre, bollywood struggles there. She's done realistic thriller with NH10 and cute ghost with Phillauri, so this is the actual haunted type of horror.

Love you Anushka that's a nice trailer

Love you Anushka

Wow amazing

wow great trailer - she is the best! keep it up anushka

which english movie copy is this???

Happy that anushka is doing it...virat must be proud of her

M exicted

Wow thts look amazing



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