Pari Teaser: Here's why Anushka Sharma's horror film will be worth watching

Today, Anushka Sharma's Pari teaser was out and it's petrifying. The teaser will leave you stunned and it looks quite interesting too. We'll tell you reasons why this Anushka starrer is worth watching.
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The much-awaited Pari teaser starring Anushka Sharma and Parambrata Chatterjee was finally released today. The film is directed by Prosit Roy. 

Pari in English means an angel. However, Anushka's Pari gives us no angelic experience. The teaser is quite scary and will leave you completely intrigued and stunned. Anushka is a never-seen-before avatar is definitely the highlight of this spooky teaser.

There are several reasons why this film is worth watching and we are sure, you'll definitely not miss this spine-chilling drama:

1. Anushka Sharma

The actress is known for trying her hand in different kind of films. She is the only actor in a current lot of leading female stars who are not afraid of doing a film without any big male star. After Phillauri, she is playing a ghost for the second time. However, in Phillauri, she played a sweet and beautiful ghost. However, in Pari, she is a blood-thirsty devil and very dangerous.

2. Mystery

The trailer will bring a lot of questions in your mind. In the beginning, we see Parambrata Chatterjee's character telling Anushka to go away. However, a few seconds later, we also see a kissing scene between them. So, what exactly happened? If they were lovers, what tragic incident made Parambrata push her away from his life?

3. More mystery

If the Parambrata-Anushka mystery was not enough, the teaser ends up leaving us with more questions. When we think that Anushka's character might be possessed by some evil soul, it ends up showing two Anushkas - one who is chained but is a human and the other who is scary and drinks blood from baby's milk bottle. The scene is very haunting.

4. Background score

The background music plays a very important role in horror films. In this trailer, the music is horrifying and Sharma's screams will give you goosebumps.

Have you watched the teaser yet?

Let us know in the comments below.

Pari will be releasing on March 2, 2018.

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