PHOTOS: ​Aryan Khan, 4 others snapped as NCB officers escort them for medical tests

Updated on Oct 07, 2021 12:42 AM IST  |  117.6K
PHOTOS: ​Aryan Khan, 4 others snapped as NCB officers escort them for medical tests
PHOTOS: ​Aryan Khan, 4 others snapped as NCB officers escort them for medical tests

Aryan Khan and seven others who were remanded to NCB custody will be presented in court once more on Thursday. Ahead of the court hearing tomorrow, Aryan Khan and at least 4 others were taken for medical tests on Wednesday afternoon. 

The group, escorted by NCB officers, were seen being taken to the hospital in different cars. Aryan Khan was snapped leaving the premises with a NCB officer and was wearing a tee, joggers and a blue jacket. This is the second time that those detained by the NCB have been  taken for medical tests to JJ Hospital. 

On Thursday morning, Shah Rukh Khan's manager Pooja Dadlani visited the NCB office to meet Aryan Khan. Dadlani was snapped outside the premises. 

Take a look at Aryan Khan's photos below:  


The next hearing in the drugs case is slated to be held on 7 October. The hearing will be held as NCB's extended custody of those arrested will come to an end on Thursday. 

In the earlier hearing, the anti-drug agency had stated in court that it needed Aryan Khan;'s custody in order to examine his WhatsApp chats and reported international trafficking links that may have surfaced. 

Aryan Khan's lawyer Satish Maneshinde had argued that NCB should not be given custody based on "mere WhatsApp chats". He also clarified that Aryan Khan was invited as a guest on the cruise and there was no recovery of drugs from him. 


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Anonymous : They should understand that no one is Ever bound to be Punished
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Anonymous : Every day a new lucky is this fellow even in a prison?
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Anonymous : Let justice takes its course tat s if there s such thing as law n order n justice in India.if Aryan Khan s guilty then he has need face judgement given to him. He s not above da law, if there s one in India??
REPLY 2 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : So do mob lunches killing human for beef ..
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Anonymous : That's Full Nonsense Aryan khan is not guilty it's by mistake they arrested him on False Charges
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