PHOTOS: Zain Kapoor makes a rare appearance with mom Mira Rajput and sister Misha Kapoor at the airport

Mira Rajput was spotted at the airport today as she left for Delhi along with daughter Misha Kapoor and son Zain Kapoor. Baby Zain was fast asleep in his nanny's arms and Misha looked cute as a button.
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Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput had a blissful September 2018 when they welcomed a baby boy, who they named Zain Kapoor. The pair, who already have a daughter Misha Kapoor, spent the next couple of weeks in Delhi to take care of the newborn. As of now, Shahid is busy with the shooting of his upcoming movie Kabir Singh, while Mira is looking after Misha and Baby Zain. During Diwali 2018, Mira shared the first official photo of Zain and it was too cute to handle.

Today, Mira was spotted at the Mumbai airport along with Misha and Zain, who made a rare appearance. Baby Zain looked adorable as he was fast asleep all nestled in his nanny's arms. On the other hand, Mira kept it casual cool and classy in a simple black top which she paired with blue jeans, black open-toe heels and black round sunglasses. Misha looked cute as a button in a white turtleneck top which she paired with a mauve poncho, grey butterfly printed leggings and light grey shoes. Her hair was tied neatly in two ponytails. Check out the pictures of the Kapoor family below:

We adore this family and how!

Meanwhile, Shahid had revealed to Pinkvilla, who named Baby Zain while promoting Batti Gul Meter Chalu. "We kind of decided both the names together when we were having our first baby. So, when the boy happened to be, we stuck to Zain," the actor shared.

Kabir Singh, which is the Hindi remake Telugu hit film Arjun Reddy, is directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga and also stars Kiara Advani. Kabir Singh is slated to release on June 21, 2019.


Nothing wrong in getting hired help for your kids . Misha and Zain are only a few years apart and it's an exhausting demanding process looking after both (Misha being a toddler will require constant supervision herself). Mira's only mistake is her thoughtless boastful " Puppy " comment, announcing that she wouldn't employ nannies making it sound like mothers who do it are lazy or bad mothers .Now she looks foolish after having to swallow those judgmental comments she grandly made in the past .

I'm a stay at home mom who developed postpartum depression after my kid was born , she had major sleep issues which increased my depression , if I had a nanny things would've have been easier on my mental health , just because someone doesn't work outside home doesn't mean they shouldn't keep a nanny . some kids are very difficult in nature, some mothers have hidden health problems .

I hope you are better now .

So what if she is a housewife? Shouldn’t she have nanny’s to look after her kids?. Is it ok for kareena to have 5 ppl around a single kid

but didn't she claim to be hands-on mother whose life revolves around her kid? why does she need nannies?

See the video misha was nowhere holding on to Mira. Misha was walking on her own, if Mira wanted she would’ve hold the newborn. Stop taking sides with irresponsible mother india.

Prince William wife Kate Middleton in UK has one nanny for her 3 kids. That nanny takes every Sunday off Kate manages all her 3 kids by herself. Mira is a show-off.

Mira, miss pompous mother India is using nannies...such shame, based on everything she was preaching. God only knows why she is so proud all the time.

People who write hateful comments towards Mira has serious issues in their own life.

Hey come on. She has to handle two kids. Maybe her daughter will not leave her mom. That's why she took help of nannies.

Or maybe she’s holding little Misha’s hand so that she doesn’t feel left out by her mummy? I have two kids & I know what the first one goes thru emotionally once their sibling comes along. They r both little at least she’s holding Her daughter, they are celebs & we don’t expect them to carry all their children & luggage like we people do. I’m not a fan of Mira but no hate :)

i hate her

copy cat mira

She cant hold her new born in her hands?
Good for nothing woman
And she hd trolled kareena for working after delivery
Now hold ur two dirty puppies na

She copies kareena alot..the jeans the t shirt the heels..nannies everything

Are you out of your mind like your favorite airhead Kareena, jeans, t shirt and heels have been around even before Kareena was born

Oh my god. She’s a waste. A housewife yet with two nannies. If it was a working mother then it is understandable but what does Mira do if not looking after her kids. She’s a housewife

Ha copy cat much. Nannies are in uniform. Kareena is really a trendsetter.

This good for nothing dumb jobless housewife needs 2 nannies each for her kids...i mean what is she busy with? good for nothing jobless woman

She has to supervise the nannies. nanny is not a mother. only kareena delegates so much. And now Mira has two kids, not one. She is around for the kids which is work in itself.

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