The Pink Room: Conversation with artist Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha, who is auctioning her art to help migrant workers and homeless, says even offering water to a thirsty stray is benevolence.
The Pink Room: Conversation with artist Sonakshi SinhaThe Pink Room: Conversation with artist Sonakshi Sinha
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The COVID-19 lockdown in the country brought forth the severe crisis of financial crunch and issues faced by the migrants. While there have been earnest attempts by the government to flatten the curve and manage the situation, citizens have stepped forward, lending a helping hand. 

In an attempt to help the daily wage earners and the homeless, Sonakshi Sinha has teamed up with Anshula Kapoor’s fundraising platform Fankind and has been auctioning her artwork. The proceeds from the auction will be given to GiveIndia NGO, which will facilitate and arrange weekly ration kits for the daily wage workers.

Sonakshi is auctioning large canvas paintings, hand sketches and digital prints which she has painted and sketched meticulously over the years. These artworks will be shipped to the highest bidders once the lockdown is lifted with complete precautions. 

“My family is amazed. I have been painting for some time now, but I am very possessive about my art. They were surprised and delighted that I am auctioning my art,” the actor says. “I believe art is something should share with the world, and now everyone is turning in to an artist,” she adds. All the proceeds from the auction will go to the daily wage workers and give them ration kits (everyday essentials) which will help them run their household at least for a while. I am feeling so good about this thing.

Sonakshi had recently donated PPE kits to hospitals receiving a lot of support and appreciation, but her fans were pleasantly surprised to find the brush in her hand. “The lockdown offered us time to look within. I was feeling helpless at home, wondering how I can help the needy. The people who are at home today, we have a roof on your head, food on our plate…we should consider ourselves lucky,” she says. 

Celebrities are often adjudged by how they behave during such a crisis. However, Sonakshi feels it’s the responsibility of all, and shirking away from it doesn’t help anyone. “I think right now we are in a state we never thought we would be ever. I believe no matter in what situation you are in life, financially I feel you are always in a position to help someone who needs it more,” she says, adding “If you look around, you will always find people who have more problems than you. I think even if a homeless person offers water to help a thirsty stray animal, that is benevolence. It doesn’t matter how big or small that help is; it is not about the size but the intent. What world needs right now is a lot of kindness and helping hands.”

With a deluge of negativity and skepticism, Sonakshi says, painting is like meditation for her. “It’s so important to be positive. Painting is like meditation for me. When I am painting, my mind completely switches off from the world. There is much negativity that’s around. Right now we don’t know if situations will revert to normalcy. Therefore, having an optimistic attitude is very important. For me, art is the medium, I urge others to find their calming mediums,” the actor opines. 

Sonakshi also confessed missing the industry and the action but has learned to keep the calm. “I am missing my friends a lot. I just want to be around them. It’s been long since we have seen each other. However, I understand how important it is to stay indoors and stay safe. Complaining about it is not going to help,” she says. 

The actor was shooting for her OTT series before the lockdown was announced. “Yes, I was in the middle of the shoot of my web series on Amazon Prime. Now I am sitting at home thinking if we would have finished the shoot, we all would be streaming it now. It’s a fascinating role for me, so I’m itching to get back on set,” she adds

Till then, the actor is determined not to let the time take an unhealthy, lazy turn. “I make sure that I exercise to keep myself sane and healthy. I spend time with my family. I am spending time with my dog. Even though my schedule is repetitive, it is not mundane. I try to liven it up and make the best of the situation. For someone who prefers working non-stop, the situation forced me to take a break. The good part about this is that I would never otherwise never got this much time to spend with my family,” she says. 

Playwrights, Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett in their theatre adaptation of the book, The Diary of Anne Frank, had a beautiful quote that we must remember during such times: “No one has ever become poor by giving.” That’s some food for thought for us to start the week.

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Anonymous 3 days ago

Anonymous 5 days ago

Very good and nice

Anonymous 6 days ago

What has art to do with finding husband

Anonymous 6 days ago

May she find a prince husband. Now dont thumps down. Everybody needs companion in life. No one wants to be alone.

Anonymous 6 days ago

Respect her humility, athleticism, and artistic talent. Beautiful and talented.

Anonymous 6 days ago

Very nice

Anonymous 6 days ago

It is a shame that people don't see her personal side. She has been drawing and sketching for a long time, was a sports person in school and college. She is also an advance horseback rider and kickboxer. Plays basketball and lots more to her than her surname and masala films. Too bad she does not self promote like her A-list peers with doodling, yoga poses, piano lessons and gym looks. She deliberately stopped doing masala films opposite old heroes at the peak of her career and at the time when everyone was getting into doing brainless masala films. I respect the choice she made and hope with time she will find better opportunities.

Anonymous 6 days ago

Didnt know she did such beautiful work

Anonymous 6 days ago

wow. u r gud

Anonymous 7 days ago

Great work mam

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