Pinkvilla Picks: 5 reasons why Kareena Kapoor Khan, Shahid Kapoor’s Jab We Met will cheer you up amid lockdown

If you are bored amid Coronavirus lockdown, then Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan starrer Jab We Met will be your ultimate entertainment. Here are 5 reasons why Pinkvilla picks Jab We Met for the ultimate movie binge.
Pinkvilla Picks: 5 reasons why Kareena Kapoor Khan, Shahid Kapoor’s Jab We Met will cheer you up amid lockdown
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It has been the first time in the recent 100 years that humans have been forced to coop up in their homes due to Coronavirus or COVID 19. We’re all doing the same and it has surely gotten extremely boring. However, to beat your boredom amid lockdown, Pinkvilla is here to the rescue with today’s flick of the day and it is none other than Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan starrer Jab We Met. The Imtiaz Ali directorial surely has to make it to your quarantine binge watchlist and we’ll give you reasons for that. 

The 2007 romantic-dramedy revolves around Aditya (Shahid) and Geet (Kareena) who end up meeting on a train journey and how their lives get intertwined forever post that. Aditya is heartbroken after his father’s demise and post his break up that he ends up hopping on a train to nowhere and jackpot! Geet also boards the same train and the adventure begins. From missing trains to lost luggage to journeying up to Bhatinda to running away to Manali, Geet and Aditya’s journey is entertaining as hell.

However, it takes a turn when Aditya leaves Geet with his beau Anshuman thinking he will never meet her again and that she will live happily ever after. But, little does he know that Anshuman didn’t take a stand for Geet in front of his family and leaves her alone. It is much later that Aditya goes in search of Geet on behalf of his family that he gets to know what happened with her.  The story of Aditya and Geet goes through more drama but in the end, the two land up together. There are several reasons why Jab We Met is one of the best films to watch amid lockdown but Here are 5 reasons why Pinkvilla Picks Kareena and Shahid starrer for your movie binge list!

1. Kareena Kapoor Khan and Shahid Kapoor’s stellar performance and chemistry

Kareena as Geet picked up a character that is completely unlike her from real life but she managed to nail it like a pro. Kareena’s bindass Sikhni dialogues to her overcharged battery avatar as Geet managed to leave an indelible imprint on all her fans. Till date, Kareena’s fans feel that Geet was one of her best performances. Shahid, on the other hand, nailed it as a complete opposite character as Aditya. The shy, calmer and more sorted guy who ends up falling in love but also grows in love and becomes a cheerful soul, ended up infusing new energy in Shahid and his career grew from there on. Together, Shahid and Kareena lit the screens on fire as Geet and Aditya and it surely deserves to be on your list!

2. Amazing Music by Pritam 

One of the biggest reasons why watching Jab We Met should be on your agenda amid lockdown is the killer music by Pritam. Songs like Hum Jo Chalne Lage, Mauja Hi Mauja, Nagada and many more from the album are chartbusters that will get stuck in your head. Tum Se Hi’s romantic dance between Kareena and Shahid in the boardroom is probably the most romantic thing you will see. The peppy song Yeh Ishq Haaye where Kareena is seen dancing her heart out while travelling with Shahid is every girl’s song when she is in love. However, if there is one song that will tug at your heart, it is Aaoge Jab Tum. The sad song showcases Geet’s longing for Anshuman’s love and it surely is just too sweet!

3. Kareena aka Geet’s epic abusive monologue for her ex

Agree or not, seeing our favourite actors lose it like we all do on screen is a delight you wouldn’t want to miss. And the same we get to see in Jab We Met when Kareena aka Geet gets consoled by Aditya and he pumps her up to call up her ex Anshuman and give it back to him for being dumb and breaking her heart. And in the next moment, we get to see the feisty Kareena turn into Geet’s angry version and hurl choicest of abuses at Anshuman. That one scene is enough to put Jab We Met on your quarantine watch list.

4. Imtiaz Ali’s direction

As a storyteller, we all first fell in love with Imtiaz Ali commercially with Jab We Met. The amazing vision of Imtiaz transformed into a well-executed tale of love and friendship in Jab We Met. And what made it so memorable were terrific performances by Kareena and Shahid. Despite their personal differences, Imtiaz was able to get the right performance out of the two and the actors did an extremely good job as Aditya and Geet. The seamless storytelling surely is one of the strongest USPs of Jab We Met and it makes it another reason to not miss it!

5. Dialogues to remember and cherish

“Tumhe uthakar museum mein rakhna chahiye...ticket lagni chahiye tumhe dekhne ke liye,” When Shahid aka Aditya says this to Kareena aka Geet, we all got the sentiment. From the famous dialogue by Geet “Main Apni Favourite Hun” to Aditya’s question to her, “Kyun khel rahi ho apni zindagi se Geet?” Jab We Met’s dialogues was one of the major reasons behind the success of the film. Mind you, when you watch the film, we bet you’ll pick up a few and repeat them later