Pooja Bhatt on Me Too: Ranting on Twitter is not enough, file a case & take the person to court

In the wake of the Me Too movement, Pooja Bhatt got talking about the #MeToo campaign and that she is happy women are coming out in the open and talking about their Me Too stories.
Pooja Bhatt talks about the Me Too campaign and how women should take the accused to court and not just rant on public platofrmsPooja Bhatt talks about the Me Too campaign and how women should take the accused to court and not just rant on public platofrms
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A few days back, we had informed you that the flag-bearer of the Me Too movement in India, Tanushree Dutta, after starting the whole #MeToo campaign, had jetted off to the USA and it was only yesterday that another story came to the forefront wherein filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani had been accused of sexual harassment. According to reports, Rajkumar Hirani has been accused of sexual assault by a woman who worked with him on his 2018 movie Sanju. While Hirani has issued a statement denying the allegations, the woman, who was an assistant on the sets of Sanju, has alleged that Hirani sexually abused her more than once between March and September 2018. After Tanushree Dutta, a lot of women had mustered the courage to come out in the open and talk about their #MeToo stories and what is noteworthy is that a lot of B-town celebs are extending their support to the accusers. 

Another celeb who has come out in support of the whole #MeToo campaign is Pooja Bhatt. Yes, actor-turned-filmmaker, who will be making a comeback in Bollywood with Mahesh Bhatt’s Sadak 2, spoke about Me Too movement and how she had been a victim of it long back. Pooja Bhatt informed PTI that ranting on social media is not enough and that women should go to the court and take legal action against the accused. Pooja said, "One should take names. One should file a case and take the person to court. Just ranting on a public platform with no thought towards the consequences, I think, is a bit too much. If a man has made an overture at you and is harassing you, there is a law that protects you. Ranting on Twitter and not backing it up with a police complaint (does not help)… I am not interested in a media trial."

Furthermore, actor-turned-filmmaker, Pooja Bhatt said that she makes sure she works with people that she trusts accepting that things like casting couch exist in Bollywood. “Ninety percent of the crew that works with me is there since my childhood and which is why I do not want to work too much outside because the people I work with are as important for me as my role. For no amount of money or love will I work with people I do not trust. Casting couch does exist and it exists everywhere when there is an exchange of power. If two adults decide to consent, who are we to judge that? It comes down to women’s will,” Pooja said.  

Also, 46-year-old Pooja Bhatt feels that just like women, men too are sexually harassed in the industry and that both men and women need to work together to create a safe environment. Pooja Bhatt said, “Women can be equally vile, big bullies. It is unfair to paint every man with the same brush. There are decent men as well. If we have to win this war, we have to do it with men. It is not about women against men.” In the wake of the Me Too movement, a lot of famous personalities have come under the scanner for their sexual misconduct including Anu Malik, Nana Patekar, Sajid Khan, Kailash Kher, Jatin Das, Subhash Ghai, and Subhash Kapoor among others and the latest name to join the list of accused is Munnabhai director Rajkumar Hirani.

On the work front, Pooja Bhatt is all set to make a comeback to acting with Mahesh Bhatt’s Sadak 2, a sequel to Sadak and the fill will star Alia Bhatt, Aditya Roy Kapur and Sanjay Dutt in the lead roles.

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