Post Endgame, 'Captain Marvel'can be the beginning of new Avengers movie with new set of superheroes

Captain Marvel hints at a new possibilities for Avengers movies with galactic wars, new superheroes post Thanos conflict.
Post Endgame, 'Captain Marvel' can be the beginning of New Avengers Movies With New Set of Superheroes Post Endgame, 'Captain Marvel' can be the beginning of New Avengers Movies With New Set of Superheroes
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Marvel has hinted that their first standalone female film Captain Marvel has the most powerful hero of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She will play an important part in the Avengers: Endgame as in the mid-credit scene of the Captain Marvel, she receives the page from Nick Fury post Thanos' snap. While Avengers: Endgame will see the death tolls till it reaches the end and Captain Marvel hinting her pivotal role, there are possibilities for a new Avengers movie to be executed.

With the fan theories, speculations and hints from the directors continue to make their way, Captain America and Iron Man are most likely to be removed from the line up by some means and the fate of Black Widow, Hawk Eye, Thor and Hulk remains unknown; there is a possibility that Captain Marvel will lead a new Avengers team post Endgame with Ant Man, Spider-Man, Black Panther, The Wasp would be part of the new Avengers Team. After Thanos' snap they may require an equivalent hero to lead the team and Captain Marvel certainly is the right choice with her strong story line. Captain Marvel's story is based on her journey in which she come terms with her identity; it also depicts the ongoing politics in the Marvel cosmos and how it is about to erupt in a full scale war with the conflicts between Kree world and Skrulls. Also, Captain Marvel's ability of light-speed travel will also open new avenues for another Avengers film. 

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While the comics can be a potential footnote for establishing new Avengers movies with different galactic wars and new set of superheroes, Captain Marvel surely paves way for these new avenues post Avengers: Endgame. Also, these new Avengers movies will be pertinent in establishing the MCU before Iron Man.

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