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Post Kalank’s debacle, Karan Johar to make changes to Kareena Kapoor, Ranveer Singh starrer Takht? Find out

After Ae Dil Hain Mushkil, Karan Johar’s next directorial venture is Takht starring Ranveer Singh, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Alia Bhatt, Janhvi Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Vicky Kaushal and Bhumi Pednekar.
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Abhishek Varman’s period drama Kalank was one of the most anticipated films of the year having got together a stellar cast including Sanjay Dutt, Madhuri Dixit, Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan, Sonakshi Sinha and Aditya Roy Kapur. But sadly, the film didn’t perform well at the box office and was neither liked by the critics and audiences. As we all know, Kalank was made by Karan Johar’s production company Dharma Productions and talking about Karan’s next directorial venture, just like Kalank, it happens to be a period drama titled Takht.

Months back, Karan Johar had announced his next film Takht on social media starring Ranveer Singh, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Vicky Kaushal, Alia Bhatt, Anil Kapoor, Janhvi Kapoor and Bhumi Pednekar, but grapevine is abuzz that due to the sad response to Kalank, Karan Johar is making some changes to the script of Takht so that its fate is not the same as Kalank. According to a report in CineBlitz, “Kalank’s shortcomings have been identified and Karan Johar is working double hard to make Takht a massive hit. He is going to make it simpler, in terms of dialogues and actions. Some people could not resonate with a complex writing and he wants the film to resonate with the audience, like Jodha Akbar did. So, he might use the same formula for the dialogues of the movie.”

As we speak, it is being said that the filmmaker is working on the final draft of the film, and he has started the recce for the film and once everything is finalized, only then Karan will start shooting the film and he is in no hurry. Takht is a period drama set during the Mughal era, when Aurangzeb was ruling in India and the film is slated to release in 2020. 



Supremely Excited to announce the cast of #TAKHT!!!!!

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Even in spite of such a lackluster storyline, Kalank needs an actress with fierce eyes, grace, courage, and elegance to play the daring and graceful Roop who has the courage to love a Muslim man when married already. I am not a hater of any of the actresses today, in fact, Alia is great in Raazi. But, overacting and having that childish glow does not define Roop. Roop should be played by actresses like Deepika who is graceful/elegant and who loved Ram in Ram Leela despite of family war or Priyanka who is a brave undercover agent loving criminals in Gunday and essayed a great Kashibai or Kangana who has that courage to be a queen. Alia is good for Masala and action films, but she just does not suit these serious period/historical films. She does not have that fire in her eyes and talks too fast and overacts. We need some slow, fierce, elegance for this type of role, which can go to Deepika, PC, Aish, or Madhuri.

I do worry that Karan Johar is losing his touch slightly. I’ve enjoyed the majority of his films but in recent years he seems to be faltering a lot more. I decided to give Kalank a miss after reading the critics reviews - I may watch it when it shows in a digital platform. I do still have high hopes for Takht... so let’s see.

Kesari , Kalank , SOTY2 all damp squibs ...and I can see Takht going the same way now .

Karan Johar is out of touch. He is now irrelevant

Pinkvilla realized that they couldn't stop the negative comments against nepo kids so they just broke their like-dislike buttons. Well played *slow clap*

Karan wants to be Bhansali so bad.

Hope Kareena’s role in Takhht doesn’t get the same step motherly treatment like Sonakshi’s role in Kalank. Kalank flopped coz of ‘too much Alia’!!

What is the logic behind announcing a movie years before it comes out just so everyone can get tired of discussing it by the time it actually releases?

The problem with Kalank wasn't that it was too "complex." Hopefully Karan doesn't really believe this. The problem was that it didn't make any sense and the characters were bland and lifeless. Why would a a family in 1940s India allow their daughter in law to visit a courtesan to learn music, especially one that had an affair with the father?? If they did allow her to go, why wouldn't they send someone with her to chaperone her? Why does Varun's character suddenly become a bull fighter? Why did the dramatic scenes drag endlessly on? Why did everyone dress in such beautiful clothes and the floors of the alleys sparkle despite being in the poorest neighborhood? Why did Madhuri Dixit have a moat with gondolas in front of her kotha? Why was Dussehra being celebrated with flying swimming acrobats in a Muslim neighborhood?

You were the only one I think that handled this situation in a mature manner. Thanks.

Another disaster on the way.Mouse alia is everywhere, won't watch it.

Dump this film. Will be a blessing on actors like Ranveer, Vicky and Bhumi. They deserve better directors.

Hope it gets shelved like Shuddhi. Karan is trying hard to make movies like SLB but he’s failing terribly. Overrated director like karan should just stay in his romantic genre zone and stop wasting actors dates.

Now everyone is inspired by Game of Thrones

Kalank was long and dull and miscasting of protagonist.

I just hope it is a big flop.

lol. who figured out the shortcomings? let me guess. Karam himself. Dude needs to listen to other people, to public, to someone other than himself.

Given Karan's IQ znd EQ, no wonder he found Kalank complex. LOL No wonder!


The thing with Bollywood mainstream flicks is that they dumb down the film so much in the name of the audience, and now this fella wants to "simplify" the film even more! sheesh.

I quite enjoyed some parts of Kalank, the romance b/w Varun and Alia was touching, although they didn't really show how they fell so much in love. Sonakshi's motive to bring Alia into the fold was bizarre and made no sense .
Btw, I seem to be a minority here who feels that Alia looked absolutely breathtaking in the film.

i wanted to like kalank but i the direction was weak and alia is still bewildering as a leading lady. shes not bad but not worth the closeups. sonakshi was not directed well. aditya was obviously struggling. varun was just overacting. sanjay was useless. madhuri was almost perfect but there were moments where she faltered and an actress of her experience and history should not be faltering for a second.

I can't believe people put Jodhaa Akbar as the pinnacle of historical drama. That movie was not good, it just went on and on without a direct plot. First plot is their reluctant love, then the nanny lady is the villain, then Sharifuddin is the villain. While something like Padmavat is long, the plot, hero, villain, etc. are all clear the whole time. Reason why Jodhaa Akbar was successful was that it was well-cast. It proves that even a nothing movie Karan makes could be really good if he takes out all his nepo-mice like Alia and Janhvi. The historical story is interesting, Vicky and Ranveer could be good.

Shut up! It’s just your opinion! Like KJo said it’s the best historical movie that’s a fact

Hahaha! Fact? Movie is not even made yet you fool. It’s not a fact. It’s just another dream of Karan Johar to be like Mr. Bhansali.

Apart from Vicky and Ranveer there is nothing in that movie I want to watch. Please remove Kareena, Alia, Jhanvi.. they are not going to do anything to this movie, infact might just pull this down to their crappy level!

Kareena’s goal nowadays is just to do little PIVOTAL roles that give her 5min footage on screen just to prove that she still exists on silverscreen.

Kareena is one of the finest actresses we have don't drag her name into this... Jhanvi is crappy but alya still is a v good actress only social media and mean PR teams of other actresses can't bring down their performances

Janhvis not that bad as well

He should cast Kajol and SRK in the movie!!

Only Anil, Ranveer, Kareena and Vicky look suitable for their roles. Alia can't do historicals and Kalank proved that. Karan should make Takht about sibling rivalry and focus less on Alia and Jhanvi

the problem with Kalank was a weak script. many dramatic events should have been shown instead of just talking. beautiful visuals and flowery dialogues will work only if the story keeps moving and drama is 'shown' rather than told

Glorification of Mughals.. hinduphobic Bollywood

Why nagtivity about something Wich is not even made
We can say Karan will take a lesson from kalank and he will make a better movie

Notice how Alia's name was omitted from the heading. So if it flops it will not be her flop movie lol !

We care more about the story than an overhyped star cast.
Kalank failed because the plot was nonsense. Please don't let that happen to Takht.

If he drops this casting, the film and script will have a chance to breath. A bunch of nepo kids make not a star cast. A star is someone who can engage and hold an audience's attention. When you have a overcrowded cast, the audience will not be able to relate and engage to any of them.

kareena is the best

Kjo sucks even at basic movies, so Takht will be Kalank ka

Ranveer has a good chance now to save himself from this film. Rest of them deserve it as they’re JoJo’s a** lickers.

Shelve it Karan! Don’t make it we can’t waste our precious money on another Kalank

Jhanvi can’t act, Bhumi is average and Kareena overacts! The leading ladies won’t look like their characters either! Big time failure it will be!

Kareena is a phenomenal actress get ur facts right and watch her movies qurban dev omkara talash chameli jab we met and many more she is always brilliant

The star cast of takht looks so unfit for a period movie of Mughal era to begin with! It will be a maha flop too

I can sense Takht will be a disaster as well!
Nobody can beat SLB when it comes to period films, love him or hate him, you can’t say that SLB is not the King of such grand-scale movies!
KJo & his dharma productions must stick to SOTY2 Type films only! He can never be SLB or Ashutosh Gowarikar!

u think the movie didnt work because of the complexity of dialogues?

no honey, it didnt work because it was long and dull and soulless.

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