Post Salman Khan’s Race 3 debacle, Saif Ali Khan to join the franchise once again? Read to know more

According to reports, Ramesh Taurani is trying hard to get Saif Ali Khan back to the Race franchise, post the debacle of Race 3 starring Salman Khan. Read on to know more.
Post Salman Khan’s Race 3 debacle, Saif Ali Khan to join the franchise once again? Read to know morePost Salman Khan’s Race 3 debacle, Saif Ali Khan to join the franchise once again? Read to know more
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Saif Ali Khan is one of the talented actors that we have in Bollywood and he has a classy vibe to him. The actor was a part of the Race franchise for two parts, but for the third part, producer Ramesh Taurani announced that he will be roping in Salman Khan. Race 3, starring Salman in the lead role, was one the biggest debacles and the viewers didn’t like the movie at all. It was a dud at the box office. Now, going by a report by Zoom TV, Ramesh Taurani is trying hard to get Saif Ali Khan back to this franchise.
Race and Race 2 worked well at the box office and were also received well by the audience. There were huge expectations from Race 3 but nothing worked in the benefit of the producers. The film became a butt of a joke and there were memes all around. While promoting Race 4, Salman had confirmed that his team and he are planning a sequel – Race 4. Now, if Saif has been approached for it, then Salman won’t be a part of it anymore. What do you have to say about this? Let us know in the comments section below! 
Talking about Saif, the has resumed shooting for the second season of Sacred Games. Khan is leaving no stone unturned for the show and is shooting on the busy roads of Mumbai. The show is based on the critically acclaimed best-selling novel by the same name written by Indian author Vikram Chandra. Saif will reprise his role of Sartaj Singh. Set in Mumbai, Sacred Games delves into the city’s intricate web of organized crime, corruption, politics, and espionage that lie beneath India’s economic renaissance.

Saif Ali Khan is also all set to be seen in a rugged avatar in his forthcoming film titled Hunter. His look leaked on the internet and went viral. The movie is being helmed by Navdeep Singh of NH 10 fame. 

Saif was last seen in Baazaar that didn’t work well at the box office.


i would like to see the saif ali khan in race 4 becoz saif is the oldest player of race series and he hundred percent match to the race series than any other actor.

saif is good for race

Why not Salman and Saif both, it’s long time ago we have seen both of them together on screen.

Saif has its own royal acting skills and its hard to replace him.. He is royal patodi prince.

the last movies of saif all of them were disaster .this is a big risk .this might not get 100 crore if saif was the hero .ranveer or ranbir will get it better and make it successful movie .saif is history now

Only Saif for Race !

Ramesh taurani should try to get abbas mustan back, they're what's important for race

Only Abbas Mastan can bring life to dead Race Franchise. Either it is Saif or anybody else.

Salman screwed up the script with his urge to play the wannabe good man in movies. Race is about grey characters and Saif is best for it, he can pull it of.

Yes please bring back saif for race franchise. Race 3 was big headache. No race without saif. Also please bring back bipasa.

I would love to watch Saif sir in race 4. That's all

Since begining it was Saif's movie.Salman dont know how to act and ruined it completely.It became a troll

I only liked Race. Race 2 n 3 were crap. Just drop this nonsense. It's not a good franchise

The only player of the race is saif ali khan. Race series is all about the suspense till the last who is supporting whom and about race3. It show the standard of salman khan 3rd acting and poor direction.
The real race begin to saif because is race ke ourane khiladi saif hain

Race3 was badly directed film it was all remo fault

It’s time to drop this franchise, had enough.. they should think of something new

Saif is and has always been the best part of Race.

I was actually the biggest Race and Saif fan and i would like to thank Salman for Race 3 because only then Saif got the appreciation what he deserved for playing such a classy character in Race series.

Lol, Salman made a movie so bad that he made Saif's character the iconic Wolverine, Jack Sparrow, Ethan Hunt, etc. of the series.

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