Priya Prakash Varrier was under HOUSE ARREST post her ‘wink girl’ video went viral in 2018

Popularly called as the wink girl, Priya Prakash opened up about things related to her sudden popularity and also recalled being on house arrest at that time. Read to know more.
Priya Prakash Varrier was under HOUSE ARREST post her ‘wink girl’ video went viral in 2018Priya Prakash Varrier was under HOUSE ARREST post her ‘wink girl’ video went viral in 2018
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If there is one girl who’s video broke the internet, then only one name comes to our mind and that is Priya Prakash Varrier. Popularly known as the ‘wink girl’, Priya’s video that came out last year which was a glimpse of her movie that is coming out on Valentine’s Day titled Ori Adaar Love. After the video came out, it immediately went viral and Priya’s popularity rose overnight. Every news channel, every portal had that clip where she can be seen teasing her co-actor with one wink.

However, the young actress who was just starting out at that time had to face repercussions of the same. Her family didn’t know how to deal with the sudden media attention which their daughter had received. Thus, like all parents, they were worried for her safety. In an interview with Indian Express, Priya opened up about the ‘wink girl’ tag and how it affected her life to such an extent that she was put on house arrest. 

Priya said, “We were trying to handle it together. Because everything was new to me as well as my family. It is true that I was not given cell phones or anything. For a few days I was under house arrest and I was not allowed to go out because my parents were tensed. The media people would turn up at my door without even informing.” The Oru Adaar actress shared that she would come back from school and find reporters waiting on her door. Her parents would make excuses to send them away, but they were persistent. 



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The 19-year-old actress is all set to feature in a film titled Oru Adaar Love which is a romantic comedy and stars Priya as a school girl. The movie had to be delayed after the video of Priya’s wink went viral and the script also had to be changed. The movie is also releasing in Telugu and Kannada. Recently, Priya was back in the news as there were rumours that Simmba was offered to her. However, she snubbed them in a recent interview.


She copies Aishwarya Rai in everything. Copy cats don't really last long!

wth do u mean copies aishwarya rai ?! if u jealous of some actor just keep it , dont try to make reasons up ok????????!!!!!!! and i hope u know the meaning of wth........

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