Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas' conversation over their picture will make you go aww

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas practicaly never leave a chance to express their love for each other. Here's another proof.
Priyanka Chopra and Ncik Jonas' conversation over their picture will make you go awwPriyanka Chopra and Ncik Jonas' conversation over their picture will make you go aww
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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are one of the most adorable couples and they never leave any instance to go all out in displaying their love for each other on social media. Both their social media accounts are full of adorable pictures of the two, and we can never get enough of them indeed. Recently, some pictures from their haldi came in, and netizens were in complete awe of all of those. They make for an extremely happy couple, and if their pictures aren't enough, their conversations shall make up.

Priyanka recently shared a picture from the press meet of her upcoming film Isn't It Romantic, and in the picture, we can see Nick looking at her with those puppy eyes that have so much of love in them. PeeCee had the perfect caption for it, and wrote, Find someone who looks at you like that, and to this, Nick replied, 'Looking like a snack.'Post this comment, Priyanka was all giggles, and we can only imagine whatever must have followed.

Check out the comments here:

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Priyanka's upcoming film Isn't It Romantic releases on February 14, 2019, and she has been busy with the promotions. The film co-stars Adam Devine and Rebel Wilson along with PeeCee. Pictures from the press meet have been doing the rounds on the internet, and while it sure is going to be a great movie, the pictures came out amazing and everyone has their eyes on the Valentine's day release.


Well as long as she is genuinely happy and stops talking about her wedding.

well.. I can only talk for myself and it happens all the time..

I know how some men are smitten by their wives even more, happens all the time..

I doubt he would look at her twice if not for her $$

I doubt if he would look at her twice if she wasn’t established..

Priyanka has never looked happier. I don’t doubt this is genuine. One can’t fake to this extent. Her fave says it all

You know what a real challenge would be, to find someone who loves you for who you are and not for what you are..

Best couple.


no it makes me go yucky!!!!! fake ,stupid ,staged couple.

He looks so smitten !

Awww ok next

This is real..

I just love them. Couples goals <3

The look of love!

A couple who tries so hard make ppl believe in their "true love" must be fake. This is not real.

It’s a cute picture, I’d post it too. Only bitter people with no life have an issue

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