Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas share adorable pictures as they wish everyone Easter; view PICS

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have an adorable wish on the occasion of Easter. Check out their pictures and wishes right here.
Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas share adorable pictures as they wish everyone Easter; view PICSPriyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas share adorable pictures as they wish everyone Easter; view PICS
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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are indeed one of the most adorable couples in both Hollywood and Bollywood. The two have a fan following across the countries and every time they share a picture on social media, the fans can't stop gushing over the two. And well, special occasions call for special pictures and the two never miss out on doing both PDA or sharing their pictures on social media, and today was no different.

On the occasion of Easter 2019, both Priyanka and Nick shared pictures on their social media and no soon did the fans drop in comments that were all hearts. While PeeCee shared a picture with husband Nick and mama Jonas, Nick also shared a picture of the happy couple where they were all smiles and couldn't get enough of each other. Priyanka wrote, "Happy Easter from ours to yours.." while Nick wrote, "Happy Easter to you and yours! From me and mine."

Check out the photos right here:



Happy Easter to you and yours! From me and mine.

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Happy Easter from ours to yours.. @papakjonas

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Meanwhile, Nick, talking about his blissful married life, said, "“Married life is amazing. Having your teammate, your person on your side through everything is just incredible. I highly suggest it, basically, I think marriage is great and if you find the right person it's even more amazing.”


Mummy gifted PippiCee Anti-age stuff? Lolololol

Must be weird to refer to someone as "mom" when they are 5 years older than you ROFL

good lord she is expanding not aging well almost 40 looks 46

so cringe. wait for her over the top acting at her fat brothers wedding

now she celebrates easter? in 21 years never saw her talk about it.. brownie is whitey now

And again. Priyanka here and immediately PV starts to fake the votes. For money the anti Pri votes were deleted as usual. Thanks for confirmation PV :p


Nick Jonas is a hottie! Smart Priyanka, settling down with a young hunk who also has a highly successful careers.

there is one obsessed PC hater that stalks her every post. Sad creature while Priyanka is living her best life.

Hi Priyanka.....hahaha.

God Chopra, stop your whining replies. Enough of your desperate comments here. Everybidy knows you are the last one left here. Chill and enjoy your drink.

i dont know why but these two make me smile when I see them together. Love their love....

Handsome Nick and gorgeous Priyanka.

Lol, Priyanka and her twenty selfpraising same comments again. Can't you do better?

Your life must be very sad hater

Nick's mom is more beautiful then priyanka

Priyanka really deserves this fame as she is a down to earth girl and knows exactly what is human behaviour. Love u Priyu!

Such amazing pictures, just makes u happier..Happy Easter to Priyanka and Nick, and togetherness forever, may they always have the best in store.. PV, website has been showing error to repost a comment, just FYI, no hassle.

India's loss is America's gain!

America can keep this wannabe

Wishing them alifelong happiness and togetherness.M ay God bless them both

Wishing them alifelong happiness and togetherness.M ay God bless them both

Is that Nick's mom? She looks younger than Priyanka !!

They should slow down a little. GOing at a million miles per hour is not good for a long-term relationship. How about giving each other some space?

Nick is so handsome

Mummy Jonas looks a sis of Chopra. Only much younger.

Look at the second pic with PippiCee and NickiGay. Her fake smile and his forced face. Nothing real on this couple!

No one calls him that. You must be an SRGAY fan, bitter as usual!

God, how staged again. Nobody believes such fake pics. Looks like an ad for anti aging stuff....LOL


What kinda website is this. Comments won't get posted right away and it makes the entire system run slow.

Well now a days anything can be an article. Common pinkvilla you can do better.

Such amazing and happy pictures, makes u happy too.. Togetherness and happiness to Priyanka and Nick, forever..

Happy Easter to the family

Pc looks like a linebacker. She is so huge!


Priyanka is gaining weight and she does not look toned up.

Wow...the mom is pretty

Such a beautiful couple . Both deserve each other . Most famous

Awww nice! Happy Easter

Nick is super cute

cuties! wish them a lifetime of happiness

They are beautiful together♥️

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