Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas wedding: Is this the reason Meghan Markle won't attend PeeCee's big day?

Priyanka Chopra had attended the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in May this year. Priyanka made a stunning appearance
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Priyanka Chopra had attended the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in May this year. Priyanka made a stunning appearance at the wedding and had also posted a heartfelt note for the couple. Priyanka and The Duchess of Sussex met and became friends in 2016. They have been close friends for a couple of years. Well, now Priyanka is getting married to Nick Jonas in December and all the eyes are on the guest list. From Kapoors to Khans, many are expected to show up at the wedding. Also, many international faces are expected to attend PeeCee’s big day.

Meghan Markle, of course, will be one of the guests but looks like she might not be a part of the wedding for some reasons. One of the reasons being Meghan is pregnant. Also, considering her royal status, Meghan might avoid being a part of the wedding for security reasons. But well, we never know, if Meghan drops by for a few minutes only to wish best friend Priyanka Chopra on her big day. Priyanka and Nick are all set to tie the knot on December 2 in Rajasthan.



Girls just wanna have fun.. @meghanmarkle @mubinarattonsey #LAlife

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Priyanka had said during a media interaction that how they continue to be close friends and text each other quite often. Priyanka had said that their ‘long distance friendship’ has not changed their bond and distance has not affected their friendship. They met at Elle Women in Television dinner in 2016.

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How long is Priyanka going to milk her wedding and her Meghan connection? I’m beyond disappointed that this former highly talented Bollywood A lister has sunk to a C list hammy Hollywood wannabe. Why??? All she does is pose for Instagram pics and sponsored events. No movies.

Now it is gold digger's turn to attend the home wrecker's wedding.

This is a fake wedding. its not even the age gap - the whole thing looks like acting.

The peasants on pinkvilla have always been so jealous of their friendship

Much depends on whether Meghan & Harry have something lined up for the day as their schedules are arranged months in advance. As she is pregnant she may not travel anyway ,her mother is coming over to the UK for the delivery .

Meghan didn't go to her colleague's wedding from Suits or attended her close friend Serena's wedding either. Doubt she will go to Rajasthan for a wedding. She didn't even go to Princess Eugenie's wedding reception party - only the wedding, and Camilla didn't go to any of those events, the royals are different. They lose all meaning of family in the Firm.

or friends. She drops friends that are no longer useful or are not as powerful as her.

Of course!! Not everyone can be princess Diana!!

What is the Fame in Hollywood she received?

Meghan hasn’t been to a wedding of any of her friends yet since being with Harry. She wasn’t at Serena’s either. Let’s see! Wouldn’t be surprised if she isn’t at Priyanka’s but she should come.

Well Meghan invited Priyanka to her wedding and private reception so they’re obviously close enough. Coming to India might not be safe for her right now. Meghan didn’t go to Serena Williams’ wedding either and she wasn’t pregnant or married yet, she was just engaged then.

Invited like 2000 other All friends of Meghan of course.

Most of those guests were Harry’s or other royals. Meghan only invited a few people and even less people to the reception. Priyanka was at both.

The private reception was only close people and Priyanka was there

Slay Peecee n seems like few deepika fans like her r still mourning the fact that deepika didint receive recognition n fame in hollywood like Peecee did

Shut up loser one-liner! Deepika fans have no need to comment on such lame promo topics. They adore a couple who is truely in love and who will have a real wedding. No one cares about this fake couple *Prick*! Btw what a ridiculous nick name.... haha.

Love u PeeCee n few cheapika fans r so insecure why there deepika failed to make an impact in Hollywood

In your dreams Priyanka!

Dreams lol Priyanka was at Meghan’s Royal Wedding and private reception in reality, of course people will speculate if she’ll come to Priyanka’s wedding because they’re friends

Why should Meghan attend? It was only Priyanka who stalked her badly during her begging time in Hollywood.

Grow up loser hater Priyanka is already a star in Hollywood while deepika coildnt achieve there n people hardly even know her there so get ur facts well

Priyanka Chopra who?

An anonymous asking this question! LAMO

you stalk her topics all day

Not as much as you idiot one-liner :p

You who??

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