Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas wedding venue: A tour inside the grand Umaid Bhavan Palace

After DeepVeer, the one wedding that everyone is waiting for is of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas.
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Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh tied the knot yesterday, which was a private affair in a presence of only 40 family members at Italy's Lake Como. After DeepVeer, the one wedding that everyone is waiting for is of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. Earlier this year, Priyanka Chopra hit the headlines for attending Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's royal wedding. Now, PeeCee is all set to host her wedding which is going to be no less than a royal wedding. The Quantico star is all set to marry singer Nick Jonas at the Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur, India. 

The wedding ceremony will take place from November 30 to December 2 and is expected to be another big fat Indian wedding of the year after DeepVeer. While we wait for an official wedding date announcement from the couple, we give a glimpse of the last living palace. From the grand entry area of the palace to the open-air setup of the Fountain Courtyard; it offers exquisite palace views with a royal dining experience. Umaid Bhawan Palace boasts 347 rooms that include several banquet halls, massage room, ballrooms, indoor swimming pool and a lot more. 



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A couple of weeks ago, PeeCee hosted a breakfast for her close friends at Tiffany's inspired bridal shower at the Blue Box Cafe. Later, Priyanka along with her to be sister in law and Game Of Thrones fame Sophie Turner jetted to Amsterdam for her bachelorette party.


Wow it’s amazing! So excited for Priyanka and Nick’s wedding. The pictures and videos will be awesome.

Only fools believe this is a real wedding!

PC never lived SRK was using him to get to where she is today . Found love of her life with NJ younger and handsome guy .

She's an Indian proud to have even thought of getting married in her homeland unlike other people who are looking for some attention abroad.

All the haters here are so jealous of her getting a hot guy and the whole world is talking about her wedding.To all the losers out there,get a life coz she's done much better than all of you fake people with fake accounts and maybe some shitty people getting money to defame our queen.

If a woman is jealous...she may be of DP with her handsome and loving man who worships the ground she walks on...or Anu with a devoted husband who is the Captain! Or maybe even jealous Kat's figure or Ash's beauty....or Kareena who despite being a dodo got married to a Royal or even Sonam who found love. No living woman is ever jealous of someone who marries a teenage-looking gay boy to further her career. It is downright pathetic and laughable!!! PV please post this!

Nick is young, hot, talented and as straight has it gets. So many women in Hollywood have dated him and wanted to date him or “ruin the friendship” with him so to say. Priyanka is happier than ever and has been glowing even more since her relationship with Nick. They’re doing great! You’re jealous so have resorted to lies about someone’s sexuality. Get well soon!

Go sleep Chopra or stalk your lover on Twitter. Loser!

Such a beautiful venue. India has so much to offer. Ranveer would have definitely like to marry in India, but DP didn't want the paps attention I think.

Evrything looks great excep PC will not suit in Umaadi Bhavan palace. WE need a beautiful traditional Indian looks like DP or Aish or Kareena. PC too modern and dark for Ummaid Bhavan palace

Not a PC fan but your comment is so low class.
People like you are real Ganwars (uneducated) . Go get admission in school.

Tere paise pe shadi nahi horahi..keep calm

Love it! Atleast someone’s doing it in India

This person always writes about irrelevant SRK must be fake and talentless DP fan .

Bang on!

The random pic of Anil Kapoor made me laugh. Stunning palace


It’s so beautiful

Best venue


Guys have a look at Chopra on Insta and Twitter. She can't stop stalking SRK. As soon he tweets, retweets or likes she's immediately also on! She will never get over him. Wonder if lil Nicki boy this notice. Otherwise their wedding is fake and may be created by SRK so it doesn't cares him. Whatever it's embarrassing! Pls PV

Someone close to a friend of Gauri confirmed exact this. All's a game for Priyanka and Nick. Both get a win out of this "relationship"!

hahaha really...if they are together like how you insinuate they will get a room not talk on twitter ir insta, pls check your mental health if you are keeping a tab on their social sites... LOL

That's called *provocation* low brain :p

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