Priyanka Chopra to be paid EQUAL to Deepika Padukone’s Padmaavat fees for Bharat?

Priyanka Chopra has been offered Rs. 12 crores for her next Hindi film Bharat, which is equal to Deepika Padukone's remuneration for Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Padmaavat.
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Priyanka Chopra is enjoying some downtime in the United States after wrapping up the third season of Quantico. She will soon return to India to begin work on her next film, Bharat. Priyanka will star opposite Salman Khan in the Ali Abbas Zafar directorial.

Priyanka Chopra is one of the highest paid actors in Bollywood and her team quoted Rs. 14 crores as her remuneration for the film Bharat, as per a report in Mid-Day. She is being paid Rs. 12 crores which is equal to Deepika Padukone’s fees for Padmaavat.

Deepika is the highest paid female actor in the country today and had admitted on BFFs with Vogue that she was paid more than the male co-stars Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh for Padmaavat. However, with Priyanka Chopra commanding the same remuneration, it seems that both the actors are the highest paid.

Deepika and Priyanka are two actors who have been vocal about the need for pay parity. Male superstars are offered a much higher remuneration.

Priyanka had said in an interview to BBC that she does not like being paid ‘less than the boys’. Priyanka had said that she was once offered 5% of what was being paid to the male co-star.

Bharat is the remake of the South Korean film Ode to my Father. The film will focus on partition and will be shot in Mumbai, Punjab, Delhi and Abu Dhabi. The film will release on Eid 2019 and will go on floors in August.

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Priyanka deserves high amount but she is not as powerful as Deepika. Deepika has everything which can make a movie super hit, no other actress but n Bollywood has such a class till date !

Deepika can pull highest number of Audience to watch her, she is even better than any other male star & thats why she is being pid more.

10 years back Ash got paid 10 Cr for Enthiran. The current numbers for top heroines, a decade later, pales in comparison. I am just saying coz things don't seem to have gone up. :)

DP and PC fights are silly, anyway it doesnt matter who is most paid actress, PC is waaaay better actress anyday than DP

Salllu pay her the full amount an kick her out of the movie.

oh dear lord!!! shakku bai is going crazy!!!! lots of work today !! answering back to each and very peec criticism!! take rest shakku!!

You're anonymous. I guess that means you're Deepika, crying about losing top spot.

Sorry I don’t buy it. Her last major >100cr hit was Bajirao and before that Krrish 3 in 2013. Why would she be the highest paid, cos of Quantico? Doesn’t make sense...I would think an alia or anushka would be higher paid than pc.

Everyone uses deepika as a benchmark, says alot abot her popularity and success. PC deserves to make more as do many other a-listers, dues have been paid and she does bring alot to the table

She hasn’t been in Bollywood for a couple of years now. The last few Bollywood movies she did do were on earth can her remuneration be justified?

Why do people like to link themselves to DP ? They all piggyback on her name.

Both she and Deepika are lying. No doubt they get paid high but they grossly hike it up for publicity as they tend to do with everything, they’re publicity made stasis. Even movie makers join in the lie to make their actress look good like SLB did with Padmavati.

Lots of jealous losers on this site

This is good news for actresses but people still trying to pull them down

Bharat has a 200 crore budget and is the biggest film of the year. They can definitely pay their heroine this much and I’m sure she would have negotiated for it too.

This is confirmed news to Midday. If it wasn’t true it would be clarified and dismissed like it’s been done to other actresses in the past. Priyanka is highest paid right now, good for her.

Haters are so jealous. Wow

I am not a hater. I liked her movies and her ambition. Not anymore..too many cheap tricks!

Priyanka was already getting paid 9-10 crore years ago so it isn’t surprising she’s geeting paid 12-14 crore now.

Interesting that people are trying so hard to discredit the fact that Priyanka’s being bad so much for Bharat then they complain about actresses being paid less

Considering that PC allegedly begged for the role using Salman's sis, i honestly doubt this news. Although, i think DP has shot herself in the foot for claiming highest paid too as many producers would now hesitate to give her roles. She and her PR should have kept it quiet

Ali wanted Priyanka in the movie and he got her in the movie. Priyanka didn’t allegedly beg anyone for anything... that’s just want jealous haters say because they can’t handle.

She did not beg, just did Salman the usual favours! Happy now?

No actress will ever be able to take such a fantastic amount of money (for a heroine ) in a movie which stars Salman Khan . Nor do his heroines typically have much of a role in his movies as people go to the cinema to see him more than anyone else -a fact he is well aware of .If anything he's helped out Priyanka (like he did for Katrina) as she's been missing from the Bollywood radar & needs to come back in a strong film . Padmavaat had DP in the titular role which is why she got the money she wanted . Yes ,the top female stars should be paid better than they are now getting .

Helped out? Salman has never helped Priyanka out, they hardly get along. Ali thought Priyanka would be best for the film so she’s in it. Ali Abbas films have good role for actresses too. Priyanka was already getting paid 9-10 crore before so why you’re trying so hard to discredit her about getting 12-14 crore now is beyond me. You can’t drag Priyanka for a paragraph and then add the last line you hypocrite

My hen witted dear ,if Salman did not want Priyanka in his movie , Ali Abbas would never have taken her - it's as simple as that !All ur name calling and replying a zillion times to mine & everyone else's comments will not change that.



You’re just making a lot of assumptions

Priyanka is making 12-14 crore for Bharat, it’s a fact. Deal with it

This is a rumor spread by her and her PR. No actress next Salman will earn so much for a side kick role. Deal with it!

Exactly !

Pc is so COOL

Even to compare Bharat with a big film like Padmavati is a joke! PC PR is really desperate! She should be happy to got this side kick role thx SRK at least. No one else wants to work with her.

Bharat has a 200 crore budget

Ranbir got 38 cr for Tamasha even after all those flops so this or any other remuneration news pales in front of that in terms of ridiculousness..

Salman Khan' movies hardly have any good role for heroines most of them are salad , pc's pr want to convince us that for salad role she paid 12? This isas fake as her pr claim she sign 24 brands with 100C deal but guess what , it was fake .LoL

Out of work DP and flop PC are liars. One has no movies the other a bit role in a Sallu movie.

Out of work Deepika has no movies so how did claiming to be highest paid work for her?

Highest per film. Which is only SLB, he is only person who will sign her. Highest paid actress in reality, FOR ACTING, is probably Anushka Sharma and Alia Bhatt, they get out 2-3 movies a year, and it'll vary too, Raazis to Badrinath Ki Dulhanias and Paris to Sultans, they star with major actors but also can completely run the whole movie themselves. DP can't.

Really she hasnt had a flop in ages now. her last but one film was hollywood major franchise, her last film is the blockbuster of last year with no promotion and you think you can call her out of work.

she isnt working because she is taking a stand aboutt he kind of films she wants to do.

PC more fake news. You are in a multi heroine movie with Disha and Tabu. Stop the lies.

What other movie has paid DP that much after Padma? It took her over a year to finish it so you cant call her highest paid where others did multiple films in that time and made the same as her. DP's PR backfired as no one wants to pay her now or do movie with her.

DP has no one wanting to pay her that much that is why she has no films on hand. PC too is selling us fake news as she has 2 other heroines tabu and disha so both are liars.

After this Quantico debacle, she should not be doing Bharat.. She should be dropped otherwise no Hindu will go to watch the movie.. Bhaijaans career at stake

If she is highly paid than dp or getting more. Her PR wouldn't find any need to compare otvwith dp. PC is insecure and jealous.


DP is the highest paid and it's official. So PC PR who is bashing DP here needs to chill. If PC is getting equal or more for Bharat so be happy and support as she is setting some trend instead of bashing dp. Also remember how KR LIED about being highest paid than dp but makers denies it. Pv post

deny? Kangana has never lied about her salary, the money is accrued depending on the film! Regarding Deep, for the film with Irfan, she took a very small fee, which is a fact, she now sits out of work because the producers can not fulfill her demands! The bigger the film, the more money, the smaller the film, the less money, the simple math!

This is as true as her PR relationship with a kid Nick

That’s not equal it’s more

Haters can’t handle this

Truth is that Pc has lost audience connect in India. Pc lobbied hard for a salman khan movie , She dosen't add much to the film. Bharat was and is a Salman Khan Film--- Pc's just a prop in the film. Pc's pr need to give out more believable and logical news.

But i guess desperate time call's for desperate measures----1- Fake pr relationship with Kid jonas 2- Giving out fake salary details. Poor pc.

Everything about PC's life and career is totally fake! She lies about everything including her salary.

You’re just jealous

Priyanka has always gotten paid more than Deepika for leading roles. Stands true even now.

DP is paid more than PC. It's official.

obvious, it's better actress than deepika, it's not the best but it's better, you just have to see BM

If it was about dp, people would have bashed her and scream PR PR. Calling her jealous.
Pv post the truth plz

Priyanka is getting paid 14-15 crore for Bharat. This was said before she signed it too.

Queen pri rocks

If she's getting paid 14 cores how is that equal? I'm just wondering only because the title emphasizes "EQUAL" in all caps. Both deserve more though; especially since Ranbir gets over 35 cores per film.

Does she ever stop lying about anything in her life? Plastic PC's whole life is fake.

Do you ever stop burning? So bitter

It’s about time women make more. pc doesn’t have the pull that dp does and that’s the truth but both of them deserve it

Deepika’s never done a truly woman centric film so her pull is unknown

Piku is woman centric movie. Also padmavati revolves around her. Trade and critics said DP is a crowd puller. Don't be blind with hate

Piku has THE Amitabh Bachchan in it. He won a National Award for the movie. She was barely in Padmavat.

She is in the lead. Amitabh himself said people came to watch deepika. She won a filmfare award for it. Again padmavati ,she is in the title role and win critics as well as audience hearts. Barely lol .
Post it plz

Lol poor old Z-list PC's fate is to ALWAYS burn about Queen DP and forever live in her shadow.

Your post just shows your insecurities

She wishes. PC no longer has the USP in bollywood. Besides its a Salman Khan movie.

Bharat has a budget of 200 crore. They can definitely pay Priyanka this much.

So much jealousy can’t be good for you

Its a Priyanka n salman movie while Priyanka is so much more talented n she will rock n unlike deepu who gave just average performance in Padmaavat n ranveer shahid performed more well than her..

Its a Priyanka n salman movie while Priyanka is so much more talented n she will rock n unlike deepu who gave just average performance in Padmaavat n ranveer shahid performed more well than her..

Dp gave an average performance? Only a hater can say that. Dp performance was up to the mark and praised everyone in bw, critics and audiences. She didn't get a single bad review about her acting in padmavat.

Stop joking we love her n PeeCee is the Queen of Bollywood n in Hollywood she is shining more

Congratulations to Priyanka! 14 crore is awesome. But i think she should be making more especially considering what some actors get.

Priyanka carried this planks movie on her shoulders way back in Bajirao. She deserved it back then only.

But no one went to watch Priyanka.. it's Deepika and Ranveer who got people to the screens

I watched it for Priyanka! She was the best part of the movie even from the trailers

It will be good if heroines are paid equal to heroes. But in salmans movie where any heroine is replaceable why would a producer pay 15 crores.....

Padmavaat was coming after a string of hits of deepika, 3rd movie with director, she had the titular role.
so considering deepika should have been paid more.
IF alia has couple of more raazi like hit, she can overtake deepika.

You have no idea what Priyanka’s role in Bharat is. Bharat has a 200 crore budget and can easily pay her 15 crore. You just seem jealous

"Priyanka Chopra is one of the highest paid actors in Bollywood and her team quoted Rs. 14 crores as her remuneration for the film Bharat, as per a report in Mid-Day. She is being paid Rs. 12 crores which is equal to Deepika Padukone’s fees for Padmaavat"... LOOKS LIKE MATHS FROM DEEPIKA SCHOOL OF PR.

Lol 14 cr for a flop PC. PC and her PR are spreading lies just like her PR relationship with a kid Nick. Did producer said PC getting 14 crs? Pv kindly post it

Ali did hint at Priyanka getting paid a lot for Bharat actually and he really wanted to get her on board

Deepika and priyanka are ruling, meanwhile katrina is flopping hard

Plastic PC out spreading lies as usual. Does she ever tell the truth about anything in her life and career? Everything is a show!!

Nah, truth is Priyanka is getting paid 14-15 crore. Even Ali indirectly confirmed before signing

Hahahaha, this woman and her fake PR never stops!

You’re just delusional as always.

And flop ranbir gets paid twice that amount makes me so mad!!

I don't want to see her in "Bharat". Still they are considering her for this film?

Priyanka is already signed. Sorry hater

They can pay her the amount and fire her, as long as she gets her money thats all she cares about.Salman Khan can afford to give her the money as Eidi money and let her go

Both deserve to get more money. Good. Happy for both of them.

It’s so hard for pinkvilla to say Priyanka is the highest paid with 14 crore that they wrote an article that makes no sense

1) why you comparing? 2) how is this equal?

This article makes no sense

They both should get more than that. Actors make so much money!

She’s getting paid more. No need to compare though.

How is that equal if Priyanka is getting paid 2 crore more?

Priyanka’s getting paid 15 crore for Bharat. It was already mentioned earlier. No need to compare it with Deepika.

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