Priyanka Chopra to be a part of Hrithik Roshan's Krrish 4? Rakesh Roshan opens up

Filmmaker Rakesh Roshan revealed in the book Priyanka Chopra: The Dark Horse about his experience with the global icon during the shoot of Krrish franchise.
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Noted journalist Bharathi Pradhan’s book, Priyanka Chopra: The Dark Horse reveals the lesser-known facts about the actor in words by her friends, colleagues and others from the industry. The talented actor has been a part of one of the biggest hits ever Krrish opposite Hrithik Roshan.

Talking about casting Priyanka in the film, filmmaker and actor Rakesh Roshan stated that When he was making 'Krrish', he wanted to take an upcoming girl because he wasn't sure about the time frame for the shoot of the film. Rakesh revealed that he had met Priyanka a long time back when she was staying at the Holiday Inn and had won the Miss World title. He had interacted with her and seen potential in her.

He further said that he thought she was the right girl to cast in 'Krrish'. He narrated the whole script to her and told her that he is taking her in his film because one, she is a good actress and two, he wanted all dates from her as per his convenience.

Roshan Senior added that he really enjoyed working with her and he is sure that she will be in 'Krrish 4' but is not sure about the length of her role in the third instalment. 

Rakesh went on to say that when he worked with Priyanka in Krrish, he never realised that she will be going to Hollywood. He always thought that she will hit the top bracket here.

Do you wish to see Priyanka in Krrish 4? Let us know in the comments below.

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After her acting in the quantico episode which was against India's interests , I don't want to see her back in Indian movies. She is great actress, beautiful ,, may be a good person, whatever. But there should be retribution. people should not be able to get away with acting against India's interests for money and fame. The episode was not just against Hindu nationalists. It is putting the idea in people's mind that India can be behind terrorist acts committed by Pakistanis. It may be fictional. But an idea is very useful at the right time. 5-10 years down the lane a real attack may happen, US may blame India for some flimsy reason and we could be attacked for hiding nonexistent terrorists . They would get support from their public because the average dumb American has seen exposed to the idea because of Quantico serial and dumb Priyanka Chopra. American deep state plans such events several years before the actual war. Priyanka Chopra has unknowingly or knowingly acted against nation. I will give her benefit of doubt . Let her live happily. But I shall never watch her movies again. It is my freedom and my way of protest.

Kid Like Jake $8000, Quantico bashing Indians, Baywarch is proof of PC's so called international star power. Bit roles in Sallu and Krrish 4 multistarrers to come. Social media star puclicity hungry PC can only post pics with NickJ to get attention.

Hrithik and Priyanka look gorgeous together on screen end of story

Deepika trolls on Sonam, Katrina, Swara, Priyanak, Kangana topics... How much does she pay them, hope karma gets her soon

Four same dumb comments in a row from this obsessed Priyanka fan again. Your jealousy is out of control meanwhile. Weird person!

Your reply just proved my point

And this comment proved my point! You can't get the fact that Deepika is much more popular. Enjoy your sad life in your Priyanka la-la land.

He has said that they are not sure about the length of her role. I reckon they are going to kill her character off early on in the movie.

I hope so!

Quantico, Kid Like Jake, Baywatch flopped. PC is publicity hungry to cover it all up.

Kid Like Jake, excellent response by people seeing it so far, solid cast, Priyanka praised. Baywatch flopped but PC complimented. Stay off booze.

Priyanka Chopra was in this film? Shit, missed her when I blinked.....haha

Kid. Like jake. Wasnt meant to be avengers 4 anyways. It is in an Indie movie, this is what they make.. It is critically acclaimed and that is good enough

A Kid Like Jake raked in a whopping $8000 in first week what a international superstar PC is.

No dearth of imbecile trolls on deepvilla, first it is an indie movie, and was never meant to be a blockbuster. Second, priyanka has a supporting role in it... And it has been widely acclaimed now... Btw can fans of xander trash really talk about being a hit, that movie had a star from every 1billion plus populated country in the world, still it failed... Proud. Priyanka is doing it for content Like Octavua Spencer..


Nobody wants to work with Peecee .Shakuntela is posting the same comment again and again.Relax shaku haii

Priyanka should get a wonderful role in krrish 4 Everyone wants to to work with Peecee yet she has to decide n she is producer too

Love PeeCee more

Everyone wants to to work with Peecee yet she has to decide n she is producer too.

Can we pls have Jacqueline or Deepika opposite him? They would look hot and a fresh pair is nice...

Everyone wants to to work with Peecee yet she has to decide n she is producer too while we love Peecee mostly

They look great together, only request to the makers, please dont make these movies as rajesh roshan's Nrega scheme .. Get a better musician for the movie... He is still stuck in 90's..

Do we have to bear a chapter of this weird book now everyday here? YAWN!

Priyanka looks gorgeous with Hrithik

Now she uses the next Roshan trying to save her failing career in Bollywood. Seems no one else wants to take cares about this woman.

She is the Queen of Btown n is the Hollywood star n is producer herself too so get real now

Kid Like Jake, sorry to go off topic, but getting good reviews, hope to see it tom

Well, they do make a beautiful n successful couple onscreen. I hope they work in more films together

I read the whole excerpt from the book. Rakesh Roshan seems to be a very simple n straight forward man. He even told how he brought PC to tears due to his scolding during a shot

The Roshan’s talk about PC with so much pride. Very sweet to see that!

He praised her a lot. Pinkvilla you should have included all that praise

Missed Priyanka and Hrithik together. It would be good to see them back!

It was Subhash Ghai who was making Aitraaz who recommended her name to Rakesh Roshan. They saw her acting in it and felt she was a good actress. The film came at the right time for her and pushed her to the Top league.

Out of so many things he said, you just cut it abruptly as per your choice. PV is really disappointing every day

i want katrina

This is what he said: "“When I worked with her in 'Krrish', I never realised that one day she’d be going to Hollywood. But I always knew that she would hit the top bracket here. It’s her professionalism and her acting abilities that have taken her to where she’s gone today.”

Why did you remove the last line?

How sweet of him to praise her so much. He said she put Bollywood in the world map. Even said, it was brave of her to do Bajirao Mastani despite hving a smaller role than a Deepika and how she owned her part. I felt as if a father was proudly praising his own daughter. No wonder, she used to call them family too during Krrish promotions :)

Thank goodness! I thought that article was going to take a creepy turn. Good to know that Rakesh Roshan is one of the good ones!

I think you are jumping the gun. He was praising her work and also hinted that she wud be there in Krrish 4. I dont know why u wud skip all the good things he said about her.

To borrow from Nick, she could be anywhere...I would love to see her. I love Hrithik too.

ROFL after bharat another showpiece role for international star PC

Better than being "miss jobless" going to get married

Here is the talk about only one jobless actress who will never get married because no guy has interest. Instead she starts rumors of having a love affair with kiddy Nick Jonas....haha

Having 4 movies, compared to none, isnt a measure of joblessness.. Your royal trash was dumped by Ranbir, talk about being dumb and boring!! Kiddy or not jonas bro is hot property... Whether you like it or not.. Also did you finish your staged shopping for your oh so fake wedding??

Uuhhhhh....guys, welcome the burning Chopra lady ;)

Looks like u hv a problem with people praising Priyanka. Is it even ethical to edit out someone's comment so much? Why cannot you simply pit the entire excerpt from the book like other media?

Then go to your "other media". No one cares about this desperate woman here!

Why do u always edit the articles. Rakesh Roshan praised her so much n also told how they had selected her after watching Aitraaz. He even praised her performances in Bajirao Mastani n other films

Pri Chopra get of PV now. stop commenting here.

Her hollywood journey all about flop serial/ 5min's baywatch & Many Photoshoots. Now she is doing small role in Salman's film AND its clear she will be part of krrish4 too ! My choice Yami goutam.

Rakesh roshan didn't ask you..

Will they cast Kangana too? ;) Be professional lol

They wud hv casted IF only she was professional

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