Priyanka Chopra on The Cut article: I don’t even want to react or comment; it's not even in my stratosphere

Priyanka Chopra finally broke her silence on The Cut's article where her love story with Nick Jonas was called as a fraudulent act. Read on to see what the actor said.
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Earlier today, The Cut which is a part of the New York magazine published an article titled, "Is Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ love for real?" In this article, they touted that the couple's relationship was fraudulent and that Priyanka is a ‘global scam artist' and Nick 'wed against his will' to her. The moment this article was published people around the world called out The Cut for their sexist content and asked them to pull it down immediately.
However, after many hours, The Cut deleted the article and tweeted an apology stating, "An earlier story about Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas did not meet our standards. We've removed it and apologize". Today, when a popular journalist asked PeeCee about the article during an event in Delhi, she replied subtly, "I don’t even want to react or comment. It’s not even in my stratosphere. I’m in a happy place at this moment. These kinds of random things can’t disturb it."
Well, that's PeeCee for us, people!
Check it out below and tell us about it in the comments section.

Meanwhile, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner slammed The Cut on their Twitter pages. Joe tweeted, "This is disgusting. @TheCut should be ashamed to have someone write such evil words. What Nick & Pri have is Beautiful Love. Thank u, Next."


While Sophie said, "This is wildly inappropriate and totally disgusting. Very disappointed that The Cut would give anyone a platform to spew such bullshit."


Sonam K Ahuja also tweeted, "For a publication that “shows women’s what they are made of” @TheCut has a lot to answer for . The article on @priyankachopra was sexist , racist and disgusting. Also it’s written by a woman which is so sad. It reeks of envy and bitterness. @mRiah shame on you!"


If this article was written about Deepika, Katrina or any other Bollywood actress, the tone in this topic would be very different. None of the haters would be applauding it. However, I do love how much Priyanka means to SO many people. Instead of spending their time and energy on their favorites, they're spending it all on someone they envy and hate. Talk about star power. Let the dislikes start! Pinkvilla, please post! Thank you so kindly

- Racism is when the article wud be yelling 'brown' 'that south asian heroine'.. it does NOT say this!

- Article made sooo much sense!I was wt a bowl of popcorn enjoying every sentence cos it was so true!

Is there a link where we can access this article ?

they are both doing it for publicity. They love the attention like no one else

I am far from being a die hard Priyanka fans but the amount of hatred here is sad, maybe I should explain why I sincerely believe Mariah Smith's article in The Cut is a real piece of work ! You can put out one of those deadly blind items hinting at identity and bad behavior;not an entire article -names and all - dissing somebody without substantial proof and facts to validate your claims. And yes , the original article makes a few relevant points although it's tone is very unprofessional,vicious and personal ONLY to Priyanka . Smith calls her an ageing, money grabbing Indian actress attempting to strike it big in Hollywood by faking her marriage & being a " Global Scammer". It also portrays the Jonas brothers as naive superstars ,dragged along the tsunami called Priyanka. First of all ,the Jonas brothers are not anything like those other famous supremely talented brothers called the Jacksons , Nick is certainly no Michael waiting in the wings! There's one of the most unsavory stories about Joe Jonas's bid for publicity which beats any fake marriage story to a pulp . Secondly ,Hollywood is riddled with fake relationships , contract marriages & cheating partners (seriously supernova famous names) all out for publicity and money Smith should name and shame them all . There is no need to single out only PC for this & spin it out like Nick is as innocent as a new born babe when they're both equally complicit in whatever is happening !

There is nothing racist or sexist in the Cut article. It has questioned PCs intentions in getting married, not that she is Brown or a woman. Quit playing the victim card.Hasn't majority on PV saying the same things.

Critising Buying diamonds or enjoying high life has nothing to do with anti-Feminism. Its just critisising her lifestyle. Doesn't the world villify the Kardashians ? Do they care or retort back ? At least they are honest in what they do. Unlike PC .

There will always be doubts considering the alacrity with which PC got married , ditching her previous commitments .She has to live with the suspicions and in time , if she is lucky , can prove them wrong.

Why was the married man not thinking before cheating on his wife? Why are the single women always blamed? Is it only their responsibility to uphold values! All these married men have affairs left right n centre and the society blames the girl. How convenient . Hypocrites!

It takes two for Tango darling. Don't talk as if only the men are responsible! She exactly knew what she did to a happy family with three kids and it didn't interest her bcs she only used him for her career! End!

Lol and what is the evidence to your claim? I never a saw a single pic of pc srk meeting secretively

The man knew he had a wife and kids at home and lied to them every night he faced them! she had no one to anwer or lie to ! So who is IRRESPONSIBLE LIAR AND CHEATER?



And she hypnotised him with her intentions

Prob srk paid . I remember when he was asked about the wedding he gave an awkward reply and finished off with " mene karliya jo karna that" and looked mega pissed when he said it . Disgusting man no one picked up on it

sonam is a sweetie for speaking out. and while i do agree that the wedding was a joke and fully paid for, the article is too kind to nick. nick was party to it too. why rob him of his agency?

Most if the comments are from male trollers. They can't digest it that she got a younger, white guy who also has some name and fame. These trollers are really burning inside. You don't need some one from thecut to be racist and sexist or not even from the neighbouring less educated countries. We have all of them in our on land. Education means wisdom , respect and a whole lot apart from degrees

Are you saying that because he is white he is a catch ? If that is the case then you are being racist towards the men of other ethnic groups.

Jitna young and handsome , that too firang utnaahi problems

Nope not true....wife of a firang handsome white guy. And happily together for almost a decade :)

Cut articles, blinds, rumors always turned out to be true. Who in America gets married within 3 months, let alone a rich guy with so mnay women runing after him.

Nick and Priyanka rushed the marriage because Priyanka is 36 they want to have babies. She did not want the babies without marriage.

I cannot understand the level of the toxic comments posted here. Whether you like her or not, she was attacked for her gender and her colour. Which was wrong. It was definitely wrong and thus even the publishers got it out. In a foreign land. And here they are, people from her own side of the world, her own country bringing her down because of hatred. And justifying those horrid, inhumane statements made without an iota of proof. Shame. Really.

PV, please post.

What's there to say when things mentioned are so true

That’s extremely mean and outright rude!

So true? Yes but only in your eyes. You’re in a very ‘small-minded’ minority.

I dont entirely disagree with the article. I mean who marries a kid and that too in 4 months flat ... I definitely feels of some sort of strategy to have white kids and dump the kid ... she just wants to legitimise her space in Hollywood by marrying an American. Its indeed a plan..

Why would she have to legitimize her space?!? She’s very self sufficient herself. I mean I’m not a huge fan of them either but at least let’s not spew hate now especially since they got married. I still think it’s a little quick but hey it’s their life. So I hope they find happiness

WHite skin kids and more work in Hollywood. This is what you call manipulation and racism.

Hmmm you sound like a good storyteller.. from the 18th Century.

True. Don’t give them the attention they clearly wanted with that article

Why take offense to what’s obvious

Please stop trolling. She’s an angel and nick is her prince.

it isnt about pc, it is about racism. worst part the person who wrote it is, poc!

Quit playing the race card. Sue the paper, It's not India where one can't sue rich or get justice. Whites r not responsible for your skin color and they certainly don't have to cut off their arms and make kabobs for you so u don't feel bad about your skin color.

Darling , I hope married men are not on your stratosphere anymore, remember karma bites hard.

Darling you’ve stepped into selective memory loss. Early Alzheimer’s probably. You forgot to mention the married men at fault to.. it’s ok.. next time be fair darling and call them out!

Its hilarious!

Grateful to Sonam for tweeting, even if I’m not a fan of her acting. She stepped up. Desis should step up, even if Priyanka isn’t universally loved, she doesn’t deserve constant bashing. And she’s smiling through it all. Strong woman.

When you have millions in your bank account I don’t think it’ll matter what some useless idiots think or say about you lol Narendra Modi attended her reception and she has met Barack Obama. She’s truly a global icon


I love her

Wow. Sue then. That was so racist.

She won't sue. She will lose and so the charade of racist racist continues.....

love you pc. Stay strong. when you r powerful, people will try to bring u down !

I would not dignify the article with a comment

I agree with Priyanka and will not dignify the article with a comment

And as usual she milks every BS hundred times! Btw good article. Copied and sent it out :)

Feeling free? Good! Now go back to sleep.. you are so not woke!

You may not like Priyanka, but if you are an Indian, know that we are right now being systematically targeted abroad, by the racists in power. You are a fool if you think name calling Indians is OK.

leave then

It’s pointless talking to these people. They’re stuck in their old ways..the still believe in being doormats in their own relationships. How will they see that everything about that article was wrong. It wasn’t even about PC.. it was a stereotype that was perpetuated.

Best thing to say ,why give such idiots the oxygen of publicity ?!!!

lolol she pissed she too proud to show it

You’re gloating? Schadenfreude! Google it..

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