Priyanka Chopra is enjoying every bit of her bachelorette party; this PHOTO is a proof

Soon-to-be bride Priyanka Chopra recently enjoyed a bachelorette party with her girl gang. Pictures from the lavish party is going viral on social media.
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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s wedding is one of the most talked affairs of recent times. While her fans still await an official date from the lovely couple, their cute PDAs and all the pictures from PeeCee’s bridal shower and recently held bachelorette party has kept everyone hooked. After her roka ceremony which created a buzz on social media, Priyanka’s bridal shower photos broke the internet and now it’s her Amsterdam hen party which has set the internet on fire.

Priyanka had a gala time with her girlfriends in Amsterdam with her girl squad. In the pictures shared, Priyanka looked beautiful in a cream mini jumper dress and snake print thigh high boots. In the pictures posted by the 36-year-old actress on her Instagram handle, she is seen enjoying her bachelorette with Srishti Behl Arya, Tamanna Dutt, Natasha Pal, Chanchal Dsouza, Dana Supnick-Guidoni and Sophie Turner on a yacht.



Setting sail... #bachelorette #Squad

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While there was not a badge or sash insight in the pictures shared by Priyanka, yet another picture shared by the Game of Thrones star and future sister-in-law, Sophie Turner, Priyanka is seen donning an orange pull-over which she paired with a checkered skirt and boots. Priyanka seems to be completely living the moment as she poses like a queen wearing a tiara and bride-to-be sash. Check out the picture

For the uninitiated, Priyanka and Nick started dating early this year and the American singer proposed to the actor during her birthday celebrations in London with a Rs 2.1 crore Tiffany’s ring.


jitna bhi kar lo it is all imitation babe we can smell it from miles away.

People have been saying Priyanka is pregnant for 6 months now. She should be near birth if the was any truth in it. She is just a happy bride to be.

The pic with orange top, unusual bump for her weight..Priyanka Pregnant?

She is moving ahead in life and trying to achieve whatever she has ever dreamt of ... if you cannot do that for your own self atleast be happy for someone else, may be you would also get something positive out of it... all i can see here are bunch of incompetent jealous loosers..except a few sensible people.. all the best pc

Did anyone hear Srk's response, he basically said in HIndi what can he do, he has done, whatever he could and now, it's the people getting married are having some fun....." I just translated from Hindi but the odd part is when he said "I have already done whatever I wanted." Very odd statement and revealing about PC>>>LOL

I hate to say this but PC is really ugly inside and out, plus the way she wears her sunglasses, makes her nose look a lot more weirder and she dresses also so weird too and like a clown, nothing chic about it!!! I am the same age as PC so I am not into judging people based on age or what, I believe, it's also depends on how old you look and feel (not talking about when it's in appropriate) but she looks way older, and wears so much makeup, wigs/contacts!! With all her money, she could get a trainer and try cutting out burgers!!!Look at Kareena, looking so fit and glamorous after even having a kid!!

she is getting married for greencard

There are many blinds that say everything is sponsored and a huge crew will film the wedding to sell it later. Plus both PC and Nick are represented by the same company and this is his way of getting a beard and her way of staying in the limelight

She looks beautiful and happy.

She’s not pregnant, she’s always had a small paunch..anyways wishing her all the best, hope she’s found what she’s looking for..marriage has become such a fickle institution these days

silly 40 year old marrying a 24 year old lolol lets see get ready for the tamasha people !!!! PV will only promote this wanna be home wrecker and post her updates sent by her team lmao loser # 1

Lol she is spending SO much of her money and trying to get sponsors to spend more just to pretend show she's happy and successful...she poured so much money into that flop Quantico too but finally funds did run out...same will happen here. She's just too obsessed with what people think of her and that others should think she has a happy life...

Yes she spends all her time on public showoffs.

idiot..u actually believe she funded Quantico? for real....God ..u are beyond stupid..

Beautiful! Looks like a fun time!

SRK is too old

She looks so happy and in love. Whatever Nick Jonas is doing it’s working for them . Let all haters hate.

Between PC's wedding and DP's 5 yrs wedding story---- there is no dull moment.
PV's pet project and posting every crape news there is. Enough is enough-- no one cares.

Give the relationship 10 years and two kids. She's trying very hard to show off to SRK. Ain't gonna happen PC.

10 years? LOL, not even 2 years.

She needs to stop acting and trying so hard and be normal she really look and sound great if she stops doing this nonsense stuff

Is she pregnant? looks like it, hence the rush for marriage looks like.

Priyanka has been drinking and partying so definitely not pregnant

Did he even propose? It feels like dhe is only getting married n not him.

Nick proposed and came to India for a Roka ceremony and came to India to look at the wedding venue. Since Priyanka is shooting a movie the remainder of November her pre-wedding celebrations started earlier. Keep burning though!

Priyanka should stop to waste her money. It's confirmed this wedding is a pure promo party to stay in the lime light. Meanwhile I only feel pity for this poor woman!

Love seeing her happy and enjoying

Ayyyyee nice!

Bachelorette in Amsterdam sounds fun!

Have fun ladies

Awww sweet

The picture Sophie shared is so cute!!! Bride to be!

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