Priyanka Chopra: Every fairytale ends when the princess gets married; what happens AFTER she gets married?

Priyanka Chopra attended the Forbes Women's Summit in New York and spoke about feminism while asking questions on fairytale endings and what happens to the princess and her story beyond the wedding?
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Priyanka Chopra was gliterring in a grey Ralph Lauren ensemble as she attended the Forbes Women's Summit in New York and proved to be an inspiration with her thoughts on feminism and being an independent woman.
The actress who recently attended close friend Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's royal wedding spoke about her love for fairytales but raised a very valid question. "All the fairytales we’ve always read, end when the princess gets married. Why is there no story beyond that? That’s the end of her life! After she gets married, what happens?" Priyanka asked.
Priyanka further spoke about her parents' unwavering support and influence and revealed the advice her dad had given to her saying, "Whatever you are and whatever you want to be, that is the best version of you. Why would you ever want to fit into a glass slipper that someone has made for you... you break the glass ceiling."
"I’ve always achieved everything I’ve had on my own. I did not have advisors & I started when I was 17... I was never entitled...Entitlement, even now, is not something I ever expect," Priyanka proudly proclaimed and added, "Whatever I decide to be, will be my choice. No one is the decision maker in my life."
Well, we can't help but agree with Queen Pri, indeed!
Meanwhile, Priyanka will turn author with her memoir, which is aptly titled Unfinished. Unfinished will be published in 2019. 
Priyanka will soon be heading to India to commence shooting for Ali Abbas Zafar's Bharat, which also stars Salman Khan, Tabu, Disha Patani and Sunil Grover. Bharat is slated for an Eid 2019 release.

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What has VRW got o do with the nice Dosa, sambhar, chutney and masala?? Enjoy your dosa in London, Anand and Sonam, it looks better than the ones served in India for sure

I think Priyanka's totally right. There's more to people's lives than marriage.

pc my dear .. Let me tell you all relations in this world requires efforts from both the parties…if it doesn’t work u leave n go.. I am sure you must have been in many relations they didn’t work out that’s why you left them …. Same goes with marriage if it doesn't work, u leave and move on why blame the institution called marriage saying what happens after marriage no body knows. instead you should encourage girls saying if anything doesn't work have the guts to speak up and move ahead in life

I guess Meghan Markle should watch out for this one.

Is she jealous of Ms. Megan Markale ?

Part of problem is exceptional women who are epitome of women empowerment do not come forward and speak on such forums !!

They live a peaceful life...a happy life.. hope you taste it soon becoz u need it desperately

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