Priyanka Chopra on future in politics: Would love to run for PM of India and Nick Jonas for US President

In an interaction with international daily Sunday Times, Priyanka revealed that in the near future she would love to enter politics and run for the post of prime minister currently held by PM Narendra Modi.
Priyanka Chopra revealed that in the near future she would love to enter politics and run for the post of prime minister.Priyanka Chopra revealed that in the near future she would love to enter politics and run for the post of prime minister.
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If conquering Bollywood and Hollywood wasn't enough, Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra recently opened up about her political aspirations as well as those of husband Nick Jonas'. The actress, who has carved a niche for herself in the Hindi film industry, also made her presence known in Hollywood with Quantico and a couple of movies. The power couple have been painting the town red with their presence at film festivals, award shows and on social media.

In an interaction with international daily Sunday Times, Priyanka revealed that in the near future she would love to enter politics and run for the post of prime minister currently held by PM Narendra Modi. "I would love to run for prime minister of India. I would love Nick to run for president. I don’t like the things associated with politics, but I know that both of us really want to make a change. Never say never." 

Priyanka also said that he is a feminist and is not afraid to use the word. The actress had visited Ethiopia as a part of her responsibilities as UNICEF's Goodwill Ambassador last month. While there, Priyanka extensively toured the country and highlighted issues concerning girls, education, hygiene and lack of basic facilities. 



At the Bambasi Refugee Camp Primary School there is a shortage of trained teachers, with one teacher for every 89 students. This second grade class is taught by Hubahiro, she is a refugee child who is an 8th grade student at the school...she teaches grades 1-4 in the morning, and in the afternoon attends school to continue her education. Like her mother, who is also a refugee and teacher at the school, she earns a small stipend. When I first met the kids they were extremely introverted and timid. It took a lot of tickles and cuddles to get them to interact with me. Thank you Hubahiro for translating and helping the kids understand that I was a friend. @unicef @unicefethiopia #childrenuprooted

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The actress also documented her trip on social media and in one of the videos had explained the purpose of the trip. Priyanka said, "Ethiopia is at the moment going through a silent emergency and I am going to these refugee camps to meet these kids, listen to their stories and be a voice for them, use my voice to amplify theirs to get the world to care."   

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What is wrong with her?Of late she is talking like Sodumb Kapoor?

Is she recommending Nick run for President of India or US? I'm confused.

yes Indians would love a PM who lives in LA

even her die hard fans are embarrassed now she just proved her critics right

Acting roles drying up that will be her only option like Hema Malini.

If you have aspirations to be the Prime Minster of India then atleast live in India and not overseas.

Global con artist! She got magazine covers and talk show appearances cause she married him!

She thought marrying Nick will land her big roles but most people think of her only as his Mrs. Sexism exists everywhere and male audience is biased in a way globally and they will just wait for baby news. She miscalculated.

Reality Star (C grade) without a Reality Show for sure!

This shows her delusional state of mind. One of her hyperactive instagram PR accounts with userid something along the lines of NP_globaldomination keeps spamming all the time. Before her wedding it was pc_globaldomination or something like that.

In her mind, the Mistress is on a global domination mission of some kind. LOL

Irfan Khan, Dev Patel, Freida Pinto are the real Global Actors of Indian Origin who made the quality of their craft speak.

She is an Indian version of Kardashian at best. Famous by association. That's it.

OH NO, this is not good. This is a Faux Pas, I expected better from her, unless she was joking.

PC is super jealous of Meghan's royal status and trying to make 'Prick' happen with her floating all these running for PM/President rumours.

Won't be surprised if she ups her 'mistress' games by turning into the mistress for a PM or President. After all she has had so much practice with Akshay Kumar and SRK. Old habits die hard.

She really needs to shut up

Is she dumb

Priyanka is biggest scam artist

Dont u have a son nick to take care of?

The career-clock is ticking, for both of them. PR works best when there's a viable project to promote. Nick has the reunion tour, but it may be more nostalgic than pop-relevant. But most of all - I'm surprised to see Priyanka looking more & more like Parveen Babi, at the start of her visible-decline. Once PeeCee was an actress, now she's slave to the celebrity cottonfields. ...Pick wisely.

Priyanka and kangana will be good in politics. Waiting for that day!

Nah ! There will be an abuse and misuse of power.

Indians ko chu$$$ Americans smjah hua hai ke you can play the race card and foolish whites will shiittt their pants.

Now she is really delusional and full of scrape. Mam--- you are not a PM material and so is your Baby Armani. Pl get a small part in any movie or an item number, talk show guest appearance or a magazine shoot. That is all there is and that is all you are capable of handling. Don't talk rubbish..

so true,

True True True.

Was wondering why she got all the hate now i get it-she's a bit much

i needed a good laugh today


Has she gone mad ? Running for PM means all the skeletons -and there are plenty of those in her case- will be gloriously exhumed by the opposition.

PC you seriously have lost it. What wrong with you? Next Kim Kardashian’s in the making?

I am concerned for her.

Says the high school drop out, BW ki # 1 mistress hahahahahahahahahahaeahaha

lol focus on your alcohol and cigarettes.

After Dumpy won, every tacky loser thinks they can be US President. Hopefully Dumpy is an aberration and not norm or US is doomed.

What a dumb statement again. She should shut up finally.

she has lost her marbles, a mistress for PM ?? hahahaha stick to playboy shoots aim high for playboyu cover.

cartoons, president and PM, lmao , high school drop out.

She married a little gora to upgrade her middle age profile ! She thinks they are the global power couple ! Delusions of grandeur. They can tour the world... She wearing weird outfits, pouting , skin show. And him wearing outdated outfits singing like a kid. These two needs to disappear from the media.

Please stop ! This woman gets married to a Gora and starts speaking rubbish non stop . She needs to zip her mouth and cover up. Looks like all that booze has affected her brain so bad that she has lost it.

You left India, hold US green card. Why ? Pl stay back.

man she completely lost it!!! I am felling bad for her!!! she is stooping so low just to get everyday some sort of attention !!! she needs help.


In her hands india n the world will be in amazing mode of change proud of her

She will say anything for attention. She’s a reality star without a reality show.

Phir jiss tarah film ko last minute opt out karke mushkil mein daala tha waise hi dono milke india-america ki laga dalenge.

I am sure you will also be the next queen of London!

oh dear she has officially lost it

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