Priyanka Chopra: I have been thrown out of a movie and replaced by the actor or director’s girlfriend

Priyanka Chopra gets candid on women facing abuse from powerful men.
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Priyanka Chopra is one actress who never shies away from speaking the truth and has her head held high when it comes to her stance and opinions. 

With the recent ousting of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, many women have come forward with movements like the #MeToo campaign to speak about their encounters of abuse from powerful men. 

"Not just Bollywood, I think it has struck a chord with everyone. #MeToo got popular not just in America but all over the world. Women across the world in every field and not just the film industry face abuse from a powerful man be it in the emotional, verbal, sexual, physical forms," Priyanka stated during an event. 

The actress continued, "It is never easy for a woman to come out and say I was hurt or troubled. It just becomes easier when someone stands by her because most of the time they say a woman asked for it or it was her fault but it’s not. I believe women are not victims but survivors. There should not be a world where women survive, there should be one where they thrive." 

Getting candid about her own struggles with men in power and demanding to be treated with respect, Priyanka added, "I have been thrown out of a movie and replaced by the actor or director’s girlfriend. That’s an abuse of power and I could not do anything since I did not cater to the whims and fancies of powerful men. I catered to my friends and colleagues who respected me. So I was treated in a certain way because I demanded it. My parents stood beside me and told me there’s nothing to be afraid of. But then there are women who have no support from family, friends, colleagues and peers. It gets difficult for them to do it all alone."



What a hypocrite. She tried to replace many married star's wives especially srk. Now she is playing the docile victim card. She even cheated on her boyfriends when she sets her sights on other men. What about the abuse she inflicted upon her exes. Women can be as manipulative as men.

I m sure u r a man..if not u r not fit to be a woman

yes and all those men are savitris right, they never cheated on anyone never used anyone.

She doesn't come across as someone with daddy issues. I wonder why she was involved with married men. Anyone?

I dont get it if she had an affair with srk why is she the only one to be blamed he was the married one and not her he should have been loyal and not her

All I see is bunch of jealous people commenting coz they can’t stand when priyanka is right

Didn't you try to replace someone's wife?

oh please, SRK is more to blame here

But SRK is not the one talking about getting replaced. She is. Logic is all you need!

She loves powerful men! But the don't love her back!

All I can say is Im so happy Gauri and her girl gang boycotted and black listed you!! You will never work with SRK again like ever!!! you hurt his wife and kids a lot.

Best Comment ever!!

People make up so many lies about Priyanka. I guess that’s their own insecurity talking!

Okayyy Priyanka it's literally like ulta chor kotwal ko daante. We all know how saintly she is with her affairs with married men & now she is acting as if she is so docile. Honestly so thankful that she is not relevant in Bollywood anymore.

The number of movies (4 in total before Twinkle Khanna put her foot down) she got because of her "AFFAIR" with Akshay Kumar and the reports of SRK recommending her to directors and producers; getting her brand endorsements; performing at multiple award shows due to their "AFFAIR"... what does she have to say about that? She constantly acts like she did everything on her own, but the fact that she even needed SRK to get KJO to invite her to his birthday party is very telling...

Priyanka was already signed for those 4 movies but they didn’t have an affair until Waqt, the last movie they did. After that they stopped working together. The affair didn’t help her at all.

Biggest plastic nose liar! Just because you get films by sleeping around doesn't mean everyone does, Priyanka.

She herself was the actor and director's girlfriend and threw other actresses out of films

Can’t even name one instance. You’re a liar

Was there not a rumour about her Obama dinner pass being purchased by a rich businessman. I suppose that is also an abuse of power. Most of us use our networks, references, contacts for help, favours and opportunities.

Stop spreading lies! Channels send their reps all the time, priyanka and a table full of others went for ABC. It’s not a big deal.

OKKKKKK PC stop commenting time to go to the gym.

I remember raveena tandon in the 90's mentioning Ajay devgan getting her thrown out of so many movies because he had issues with her.

Just like a man cannot force himself on a woman, same way even women hv no right to force a man into a relation. One must hv same yardstick for both men n women. Dont turn men into villains for refusing a woman, its not a crime but his right.

Why wud Ajay want to work with Raveena if he is not comfortable with her? Or other way round? Raveena never takes responsibility for her own actions. Only blames others for losing work. First Ajay, then Akshay. Fact is she was a very mediocre actor n poor dancer

Plenty of Bollywood actresses have made use of just this fact to climb up the ladder of success .

She is talking about Don3, she has been replaced by Farhan’s gf Shradha Kapoor as Roma

What , sharada , is an average looker, and average actres, this may not be the correct casting! To say the least!

Maybe she shud not hv tried to replace Gauri for a start

Some times she say i was asked to show my underwear but i left film , now this rubbish mis nautanki did u forget u debut with underwear in andaaz n u will quit film just bcz u needed to show wow what a lie and baby u forgot about your affairs with akshay srk?

SO true, Just when i thought that i had been lucky that i did not face this gender biase world. i was fired from my Job Just because i was 4 months pregnant and the company did not find value in me. it is so true we woman are survivors

SO true, Just when i thought that i had been lucky that i did not face this gender biase world. i was fired from my Job Just because i was 4 months pregnant and the company did not find value in me. it is so true we woman are survivors

Says the woman who herself bagged roles bcoz of her boyfriend Akshay n SRK

If Katrina n Jacky get films like that PC too get films bcz affair with akki hritik then srk

Not true at all

K.S and SRK still on their "Priyanka must still be relevant in Bollywood" promotion tour. YAWN!

bla bla bla...only lies to stay in the lime light! glad this torture has an end soon! go back finally!

Nataki... didn’t u get films because of ure Affairs with married men like shah rukh, akshay, and etc etc? Hypocrisy!

She was already signed for those films

What about all her affairs with married men be it Akshay, Ajay and SRK

Ajay?????Now please don't keep adding all names in the list! Ha ha.


I love you PC

Priyanka is one of the few actress that even addresses this stuff and I’m glad she does because the discussion is important

Yup, the discussion is important after 15 years of doing the same cuz you don't have any movies. Now how to stay in news?

Priyanka is the most famous and highest earning India woman. Stay pressed!

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