Priyanka Chopra Jonas flaunts her 'mangalsutra' while away from husband Nick Jonas

Priyanka Chopra Jonas was at the wrap up party of The Sky is Pink and guess what? We got a sneak peek of her mangalsutra and we are in awe.
Priyanka Chopra Jonas flaunts her 'mangalsutra' while away from husband Nick JonasPriyanka Chopra Jonas flaunts her 'mangalsutra' while away from husband Nick Jonas
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Priyanka Chopra Jonas is quite the heart winning actress and also much of a diva. However, there is nothing that stops our desi girl from flaunting the desi side that is there inside of her. And this time around, when the actress came to Mumbai, she made sure to sport a comfortable look and with that, she had her mangalsutra on and the fans did fo gaga over it. Looks like that wasn't the one and only time and the same has happened again, this time at a part.

Last night, PeeCee was attending the wrap-up party of The Sky is Pink and well, there were two things that happened to catch our attention. While one of those two things was the knee injury that she was affected with, the other was the mangalsutra we saw her wearing. This was one of the rare occasions we saw her wearing the mangalsutra and we are guessing it is probably because she is away from husband Nick Jonas and well, we are in awe of her indeed.

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PeeCee will be next seen starring in The Sky is Pink along with Farhan Akhtar and Zaira Wasim. The movie is based on the real life of motivation speaker Aisha, who was diagnosed with Pulmonary fibrosis and Priyanka will be seen playing the role of Zaira's character in the movie.


Why doies she flaunt her sacred thread? Any thing to stay in news but thi s is ultimate

Looks like she's putting on construction workers shoes

PRIYANKA mangalsutra is very stunning.
Something is wrong with her face she a ruined her face
nose and lips looks weird. Cheeks look different.

She is wearing her ring, you are delusional.

She is not wearing her wedding ring and when she was in London she was not wearing it at all. Makes you wonder if she takes it off when she is cheating on her husband then puts it back on when he is around.

your sick minded honestly!
even Aishwarya takes the ring off at times for cannes and photoshoots .. even kareena and all actresss.

Not true, she frequently wears it.

Cartoon fix that operation on lips ASAP mom did bad job

I think you are right about the fillers.

She is looking like a tranny these days.

she's flaunting a whole lotta other things

Aww priyanka !such a cutie ! #nickyanka

I love that Priyanka wears it so often

she got herself some check fillers. looks like rasgollas in her mouth. It could very well be just plain fat.

Also in the same photos PC flaunts her bruise, stretch marks and cellulite.

She was together with SRK last five days. Always wearing his ring when she's in India. There she has not the slightest interest in her lil gay "husband" Nicki.

Oh please give it a rest! They are not dating anymore. Nobody gives a crap after you sad life!

She always wears it

Wears it almost everyday

She wears it pretty often, even when she’s with him

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