Priyanka Chopra Jonas thanks hubby Nick Jonas for appreciating her work with UNICEF

Priyanka Chopra Jonas is doing some great work as the ambassador of UNICEF and looks husband Nick Jonas is super proud of her. Check out his post here.
Priyanka Chopra Jonas thanks hubby Nick Jonas for appreciating her work with UNICEFPriyanka Chopra Jonas thanks hubby Nick Jonas for appreciating her work with UNICEF
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Priyanka Chopra Jonas is currently in Ethiopia and as a part of her philanthropic tour as UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassador, where the actress has been meeting with kids, and telling the people more about them. The actress also met the first female president of the country, Sahle-Work Zewde. She shared pictures and videos on her social media, bringing light upon so many issues, and also sharing things we would have never known otherwise. The actress also spent some quality time with the kids there!

And with all the work that she has been putting in, looks like husband Nick Jonas is super proud of her. He shared a post on social media, and wrote, “@priyankachopra is so inspiring to me and so many people around the world every day. The work she does with @unicef is incredible. #proudhusband.” To this, PeeCee replied with a thank you, and appreciated his gesture. It is indeed adorable how the two of them always support each other, isn’t it?

Check out the post right here:

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Meanwhile, Priyanka and Nick made a splendid appearance at the Cannes Film Festival 2019, and their red carpet appearance was royalty personified. Even as they were spotted during the day, they both made sure to make heads turn in the outfits they donned. Not only did the duo share some adorable pictures on social media, but they had fans gushing over the two.

Every time, PeeCee and Nick take couple goals to a whole new level, and we sure couldn’t agree more!

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Lol, Nicki boy in Düsseldorf/Germany. After a beer party on wednesday (drunk to hell as usual) the brothers are on a Heidi Klum show today. Heidi same caliber than Priyanka, a woman in her forties with a 26 years old lover....haha. Btw no one recognized this boy group in Germany.

living out your marriage on instagram just goes to show how genuine it is

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PC does charity work and blasts it over social media mean while the rest of Hollywood does t secretly and with dignity and humility , PC is a shame , sick of her shenanigans.

UNICEF has become a joke with these celebrities hogging the limelight !
She was at Cannes showing off her wealth and now at UNICEF faking how much she cares for the underprivileged ? She will be at LA or NYC non stop partying and drinking and over the top bragging. How is she spreading awareness ?

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Priyanka didn’t have internet reception today so couldn’t post her day 3 journey. :( But she’s doing good work nonetheless

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This glorification of people appearing to do good needs to stop. Being a good samaritan should not be an exception, it should be the NORM, and none of us should be exalted for doing what needs to be done. Life does not revolve around oneself, it such a disrespect to those you are trying to help. Work that is done undercover with no gratitude or no acknowledge, now, that is true and meaningful.

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