Priyanka Chopra lost out on seven films before making her debut in Bollywood: Here's the FULL Story

Priyanka Chopra debuted in Bollywood with Sunny Deol-Preity Zinta starrer Hero: Love Story of a Spy. She lost out on many films before finally making her Bollywood debut.
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Priyanka Chopra debuted in Bollywood with Sunny Deol-Preity Zinta starrer Hero: Love Story of a Spy. Today, Priyanka has become a household name across the globe and has established herself as a talented actor in the West. She has successfully crossed over and is one of the first female stars from the country to have achieved this feat.

Before she landed her debut film, Priyanka lost out on many roles. Journalist Bharathi Pradhan takes us through Priyanka’s journey in her book, Priyanka Chopra: The Dark Horse. One such film that got shelved was Vijay Galani’s untitled film which was to be directed by Mahesh Manjrekar. Priyanka was paired opposite Bobby Deol in the film.

At the Mahurat of the film, Priyanka Chopra’s then Manager Prakash Jaju egged producer Galani to meet Priyanka in her make-up van. Vijay Galani reveals in the book, “She’d just had some nasal surgery done in London where the bridge of her nose had collapsed. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I had a little bit of shooting here in Film City and then a long schedule planned in London. How could we shoot with the heroine’s nose looking the way it did?” quipped Galani.

He recounts that Priyanka Chopra was not perturbed by it and was confident that her nose would be fine in a month’s time, before the London schedule of the film.

A month passed and her nose was still an issue. Bobby Deol too was not comfortable with Priyanka’s look and was ready to return the signing amount. Mahesh Manjrekar’s market value too crashed owing to a spate of flops at the box-office. Galani then shelved the film.

Around this time, as revealed by a make-up artist Priyanka lost out on 7-8 films due to her nose surgery. Director Anil Sharma was also planning to oust Priyanka from his film. But, after much pleading by Prakash Jaju, he considered Priyanka for the role of the second lead in The Hero. She incidentally debuted with Bobby Deol’s brother Sunny Deol.

After Prakash Jaju pleaded, Anil Sharma signed Priyanka as the second lead. Anil Sharma refuted the report of demoting Priyanka as the second lead in the film in the book. After signing Priyanka for the film, Anil Sharma had gone to the United States and Canada for a couple of months. He was quoted as saying, “When I came back and started working on the script, I began to hear that she’d had some surgery done, that she wanted pouting lips like Julia Roberts.”

He was informed by the editor of a publication that Priyanka was dropped from 3-4 films and was shown a photo of Priyanka in a swimsuit coming out of the pool. “I told him, ‘This is not Priyanka, this is someone else. This girl is really awful looking while Priyanka is a pretty girl with a beautiful smile.’ He insisted that the girl in the photograph was Priyanka. I was shocked, so I called her and she came to meet me with her mother..,” recalls Sharma.

When Priyanka and her mother Madhu Chopra came to meet Sharma, his angry outburst shocked and stunned the mother-daughter duo. They explained to him that the surgery would take 6-7 months to heal and since she has been dropped from other films, they were going back to Bareilly.

“I was also emotionally moved. So I told them not to return to Bareilly right away. I told them that I’d do a screen test with her. I called Pandhari dada (veteran makeup man), sent for cinematographer Kabir Lalji, decided on her look with short hair and took a screen test,” Sharma revealed. He added that he found Priyanka to be determined, further adding that she performed like a seasoned artiste in the film.

“I knew she’d do very well. Par kitni door kaun jata hai yeh toh Ishwar hi bata sakta hai (But how far a person will go is something only god can tell you). By god’s grace, her choice of films also turned out well for her,” he concluded


Why does she get ridiculously trolled. She isn't the first person to get a cosmetic procedure!! . She isnt the first person to not own it!! . She isn't the first person to have an affair, (lets assume) with shahrukh khan(wasnt shraddha kapoor the reason farhan broke up, sridevi has boney's child when he was married) and shahrukh is happily married for that matter. These nasty comments are directed at her because she is a force to be reckoned with and let's get it straight, one of the best of her generation and Deepika's absolute rival. I am not surprised that her minions jump at bashing her at the earliest possible opportunity!
Pv post please.

Wow a desi Michael Jackson! Also she is not known as a talented actor 8n the west. In Bollywood yes Hollywood no.

we know a lot of these celebs have "enhancements". but whats annoying is when it is so glaringly obvious yet they still go and deny it. like no one trolls shilpa shetty for her nose because she has owned it, and does not deny it. people like PC must think people are complete and total idiots to believe that she has her original face. as for the other comments, i agree with the person who says he mother madhu chopra sounds like a completely ambitious and cut-throat person. i don't think she sent PC's pics to miss india competition without her daughter knowing this. and i dont think it was done on a whim as they claim. i think this is just the "back-story" they concocted and they stick by it. i think it was very much planned and desired for her to enter the contest and obviously PC herself knew what she was posing in the pics for. at an age when most kids are studying and glued to books for their final year of school, she was going to get professional photos, with makeup and glammed up etc. no girl does that in their finals unless they know they are not focusing on academics but trying to break into modeling. so even if not miss india, you can tell for sure she and her mother were trying to get herself into either modeling, films or beauty pageant. PC has such a major complex about it that she goes on TV shows claiming she would have been an aerospace engineer if not miss india when all along that was her plan lol

No one has a promised tomorrow, Right Mr.Deol?

Pc then n now .. Same with Anushka then n now ... so much work done on nose n lips .. Their old pics are so vastly different

work done on eyes, lips, and nose for sure

Is this an authorized biography ? Yes , PC has definitely got work done on her face from her Tamil movie debut. She looks damn good though from around the Dostana period onwards . Nor do I blame her as India is hell on the actresses & their appearance ! It's only after she went West her appearance has changed again ,maybe it's the make up or something which doesn't suit her .

Angelina jolie lips, y not her fair complexion

What's the purpose of this article now? Is it to put her down...this girl worked so hard for everything and she deserves it. She's not lazy and arrogant like most of the star kids. She learned everything on the go. Please let her enjoy her success.

Come on. Her so called "success" was supported by rich, famous and married men all the years. Now she's old and her career is over. Not even this ridiclous publicity gig with this kid Nick Jonas will work.

I think her Mom is more ambitious than her daughter.She sent priyanka's pictures to miss world contest and then pushed her to surgeries.Then affairs with married men and what not .Madhu chopra is really really an Ambitious woman

Those married men had wives, children, mothers and sisiters... What about their amhitions?? Dont blame someone's mother as iam not blaming yours for your stupidity

Look at that pic and look at her now, we can clearly see her nose is slimmed down and lips are blown out!
Yet when asked about it, She lies like it never happened!! Why cant she be honest and admit obvious..then she preaches about inner beauty blah blah..fake woman

Even Bella hadid, when asked recently said thst she had no work done, when apparently she has a new face, its a no big deal

She could and will go to any level. Very greedy

Why does a celeb have to own up to aam janta for the enhancement or reduction or alteration surgeries. If Scatlett Johnson can go for a nose job, and Taylor for the ' two' enhancements, Bella hadid for nose and lips, Blake Lively and Jlo for nose and Ariana Grande for her lips, Nicole Kidman for lips and Jennifer Aniston for nose, and still people talk about their achievements rather than their surgeries, why should Priyanka beat the drums about it(not even talking about the Kar-Jenners). And if your favourite is trying to tell you that they haven't had any work done, they are simply lying to you, or have had a meticulous cosmetic surgeon. It is the demand of this industry..

This is so sad her mom encouraged her to get so much work done at such a young age? Why? She was pretty anyway she didn’t need it.

I can't understand it. She won Miss world title and then started changing her look doing nose, lips and some other jobs but if you already was called the most beautiful woman in the world then why you need to change your look? If a Miss world is so insecure and not sure about her look then what you can expect from simple girls?

Her nose and lips have been altered so many times, this story does not surprise me one bit !

Her hardwork has payed off .She has made India proud.Go girl

I simply can't understand that y ths movie stars deny going under knives to get proper luks. They shud accept it with guts. It's complete justified on their part to get operated coz they are cashed upon their luks which ppl too love to see. Nobody will criticize or blame them. But unfortunately most of them lies promptly abt it .

Success is the best revenge


Priyanka went through so much. I don’t blame her for not wanting to talk about it. It’s a sensitive issue for her. But I’m proud of her for how far she’s come.

Priyanka beat all the odds

Unflattering to have ones face discussed like this. She should have tried for films after her nose job instead of her future ch8ldren reading this hilarious story.

Look at this picture and then her fans have the audacity to say that she never did anything to her face

Thank you for confirm nose and lips surgery

She had nose job before joining movies?? She looked the same in miss world contest and her debut.

Ha ha ha poor PC even more insults and degradation! And how much she had denied having any work done lol this is why most others keep quiet instead of denying because once the lie is exposed...

She looked really pretty in hero especially when you look at her now. Why would she want lips like Julia roberts when she had full lips already. Now they're too full and when she smiles her lips touch her nose. Please post pinkvilla

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