Priyanka Chopra makes a fan cry, Bhumi Pednekar mocks staff; Reality show Backstage Manager REVEALS 'real' BTS

Recently, an anonymous reality show Backstage Manager conducted an 'Ask Me Anything' session on Reddit and made some shocking revelations about the rather indecent behaviour of the Bollywood stars and the scripted and non-scripted part of the shows.
Priyanka Chopra makes a fan cry, Bhumi Pednekar mocks staff; Reality show Backstage Manager REVEALS 'real' BTSPriyanka Chopra makes a fan cry, Bhumi Pednekar mocks staff; Reality show Backstage Manager REVEALS 'real' BTS
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While everyone is mildly aware of the "reality" behind reality shows, they continue to rock the TRP charts every single week. The recent being Khatron Ke Khiladi which continued to rule the charts throughout the two months it aired. We also see a lot of celebrities gracing the shows to promote their respective projects and have seen them breaking into an emotional moment, dancing with the contestants, getting fan gifts, etc. on-screen. But have you ever wondered what goes on behind-the-scenes?

What if someone tells you that from their clap to their praises to their "impromptu" gig, everything is scripted. Forget that, how about the rather cold behaviour of the 'hot' stars with the staff and on ground managers there? Well, after the infamous airport stories, an anonymous reality shows Backstage Manager conducted an 'Ask Me Anything' session on Reddit and made some shocking revelations about the rather indecent behaviour of our Bollywood stars, and gave an insight on the actual reality behind the reality shows. 

From Bhumi Pednekar ridiculing a spot boy for his poor English to Kartik Aaryan's "superiority complex" to Karan Johar looking down upon people and Akshay's rather awkward conversations with the women staff and more. 

1. When Bhumi Pednekar made fun of a spot boy for pronouncing 'water' wrong!

A Reddit user asked, "Tell us something about Bhumi. Your reaction to her was surprising" To this, the manager answered, "Where am I supposed to start.  Shows up late. Okay ...that's normal. Demands us to immediately cast all our attention to her. Okay...bit demanding and pushy here. Makes fun of how the spotboy said water, proceeds to ridicule him. (He pronounced it as Va-ta-rr) Proceeds to make him say water again and again and laughs on his face each time. Proceeds to get her co star to awkwardly laugh away during that cringeworthy moment and make him say water again even when the poor guy is saying sorry, please let me go ma'am again and again." 

2. Priyanka Chopra SHOUTS at a fan to stop crying after shouting and pushing him whilst taking a selfie


When a user asked to rate the behaviour of celebrities, he gave a nay to Priyanka. Upon being asked, "Elucidate on Priyanka if possible," he replied, "Priyanka- Our equipment manager was a huge fan of hers, his hands started shaking so he couldn’t properly take a good selfie. She could have refused when he asked to take another one, but she shouted at him and pushed his hand which made him drop the phone. Our equipment manager couldn’t handle it and started crying. Priyanka told him to basically shut up or get fired. I trust this story 100% since it’s confirmed by multiple people."

3. Karan Johar's sheer ignorance of staff

When one of the users asked, "Any idea how is karan johar?" the anonymous manager shared a picture of a garbage bin and when coaxed to elaborate he said, "He basically pretends like people who work day and night to make sure his show goes well don’t exist. Edit: I am not joking by the way. Literally won’t face our direction or speak with spot boys or even glance at them when they do him favours."

4. Akshay Kumar's awkward conversations with female staff members

When a user asked the manager to rate the actors yay or nay, he gave a thumbs up to Akshay but wrote, "(I am not a woman though, they might have had different experience)" and when asked to explain why, the anonymous manager wrote, "Because from what I have heard from my colleagues who are women, he is a sakht launda who melts after he sees a girl. Compliments weird aspects about them, sometimes awkward interaction for a few minutes. Obviously meant to sound cheeky and to be taken in good spirit...but you never know if the woman found it too inappropriate. Most people find him cordial and co-operative though."

5. Ranveer Singh being "extra"

Answering a question on how Ranveer's behaviour is backstage, he wrote, "Ranveer is extra! And likes intimidating people...but tolerable. He is on the kinder list of celebs and dishes out advice here and there too."

6. Shah Rukh Khan being his charming self

"Can you talk about srk? What is he like?" a user asked. Replying to it, the anonymous manager wrote, "I ranked him as my 2nd best celeb encounter right. He is a good guy, especially to his fans. Obviously came late, but stayed for 15 minutes after the show ended too, to interact with the audience and click pics with them. Had my utmost respect from that moment."

He also mentioned that Shraddha Kapoor and Jacqueline Fernandes are pretty genuine and involved with the contestants, while Varun Dhawan is also pretty cool. 

Coming to the reality behind the shows format, he maintained that while sob stories are the key to TRPs, the voting is mostly genuine or at least the team tries to keep it as authentic as possible. 

7. Belittling judges off-screen

Revealing that while most of the friendships and fights on the reality shows are scripted, there are a few who genuinely are good friends. "Depends on the show you are talking about. I have managed 2 shows for a channel so far. One of them had hosts that genuinely seemed friendly with each other off cam. Other one had them glued to their phone screen all the time. Always a clash of egos when they chatted with each other. They do behave differently backstage. Tonnes of stress smoking, belittling and all for one of the shows."

8. Channel's ignorance towards safety of contestants. 

A user asked about the safety of contestants who perform dangerous stunts on stage, the manager replied, "This happens way too much in a dance show I work for. And yup, still pretty less safety. Apparently, they should be grateful for the opportunity. Spend 30,000 rupees on the stupid stand but don't spend even 1k for a person's safety, makes sense! But that's how the budget is allotted, I feel powerless. Channel gives their sympathies. No compensation."


Bhumi is a disgusting human being

I agree

I am not surprise with Jaqueline she is always polite, kind and acknowledge people around her fans and media. She treats her team very well. No frills humble girl with good upbringing.

Priyanka treats her fans really well, we’ve known this for 19 years. Many fans have had great experiences. Either she was having a bad day or there was a misunderstanding or this reddit person is spreading false news.

That’s worse behavior of Priyanka, least compassionate, never heard anyone make a fan cry for a slelfie, have a humble pie PC, u never know when the tables will turn..

Fans cry seeing celebrities all the time. I’m sure she wasn’t the one that made them cry. Sometimes fans get nervous and overwhelmed. Priyanka takes the fan’s phone and helps them take the picture if they’ve not able to. I’ve heard of 100s of positive stories of fans meeting Priyanka, I’ve met her too and so have many friends.

I bet the next spotboy will spit in her water! I hope at least. Even better would be whenever she goes to a restaurant servers should spit in her food! This bhumi story made me really angry

I was a fan of Bhumi's until i saw her interview with Farhan Akhtar on that show on Film Companion. She was so obnoxious and pompous talking about how sexy she felt she was. Hearing this new report doesn't seem surprising.

Ranveer and shahrukh look handsome, that comment about Akshay is too funny to forget for a long time.. lol

Bhumi is soo ugly yaar!.

Priyanka is even more ugly, all those plastic surgeries didn’t help this ugly duckling either!!

I found it all hilarious when I read the original thread. The only one that made me fume was Bhumi making fun of that poor boy. I wanted throw something at her. Bhumi - I will be making fun of every mispronounced word of your on YouTube from now on. There are several several mistakes, by the way. Have fun. And more thing...VATTERRRR

And some of these people act holier than thou, what rubbish!! Such hypocrites they are..

And some of these Bollywood people act holier than thou, what rubbish!! Such hypocrites they are*

Priyanka is not even worthy of a selfie and this is how she acts, she could just refuse right, that poor manager should have slapped her back..

I’ve met Priyanka and she’s the nicest person. Sometimes she helps the fan take the picture if they’re having trouble. I think someone misinterpreted what happened between her and the fan or this story is a lie

Bhumi P would be slaughtered for her abominable behaviour and her own awful accent overseas. Despicable behaviour what a bully and how ironic choosing films with a cause. I truely hope that she reads this, haggered old bat dressed as lamb every time. Everyone of these “celebs” would be nothing without these poor people slaving away. Kangana is not wrong in her opinions when this sort of rubbish is aired.

Very interesting to read.

So sad some people are just dying too see them. But on the other side when this happens too you it will be end of Bollywood for that person. Like i saw Sharukh once how he was in real i was just cured from Bollywood. Whenever i watch always Hollywood movies.

U might have met him when he was tired, I personally like watching shah Rukh Khan’s movies.

Comments are blocked I suppose

They are ugly people inside

The glam thing does not suit bhumi lol

Thanks to these people, the true (ugly) faces of the celebrities are creeping up!


Bhumi is andheri east looking

Hey...not from Andheri East tooo....but thats funny tho...but let me tell u Malaika Arora is from my area..i dont know whether that's making ur joke more solid

surely the person above means the uglier side of andheri. bhumi just proved it shes insecure by making fun of the poor boy

Ewww ...bhumi is so village

Bhumi needs to focus on her lip job lol

Bhumi is very insecure coz she looks like a small town girl. He glam avatar is not helping much honestly

Bhumi is deluded . She is pissed as ppl think she's a villager but cant blame ppl coz she really looks like one....make up and hair highlight won't take away from fact like she looks like borivalli or kanjur marg resident :P

PV is becoming so dead and boring woth zero comments on every article..pv pls post

no comments?

Most of the actresses are rude and mean( exceptions like Shradha, Jacky). I have read stories of Kareena,Katrina, Karol, twinkle etc misbehaving with fans. As compared to the actresses, I think actors are much better.These actresses are nothing without fans but patanahi kid baat ka garoor hai inko

Says lot... Knew bhumi is an ass, oh well well priyanka, outstanding you are...

Bhumi what does she think of herself seriously

Not surprised with Priyanka. Happened to meet her once and she was so arrogant and rude.

Heard a lot of stories like these about Bhumi. It is seriously terrible to see even non-nepo people being so shitty with others.

When u dont know the real truth dont comment pinkvilla or oost such nonsense while Peecer loves all her fans n is the most down to earth celebrity

Priyanka is always nice n takes time for her fans n love everyone u never know what might have been her condition or its just exagerrated for rumours so dont cry

Bhumi - I used to think she was nice. May she get as humiliated as she has humiliated others.

Shah ruk khan is really nice. When he came to San francisco to shoot movie there were lot people wanted to take pictures with him mostly adults. So someone from his team said last one and try to pull him away. I saw my niece who had been waiting long time to take picture but couldn't. When Shah ruk khan was going i asked him he could just take one pictures with my niece. He stopped and took picture he didn't had too. But also told the security to wait. These kind memory stay with you. Otherwise Indian celebrity thinks they are GOD.

bhumi is a bitch..she thinks she's all that she is not even that famous and hasn't accomplished anything major. Making fun of something for the way they speak and belittle them is just cruel...this bitch wont last long in bollywood

Bhumi has to look at her own interview and listen to that THICK accent of hers . In Anupama Chopra's show her accent was just intolerable . In the West people would stop you straight away and ask you to reformulate .And she should also not forget she falls in this category of not super gorgeous , she's no Deepika Padukone or Aishwarya Rai , she should make her best to have fans to watch her movies not be Bollywood best repellent .

They are Bollywood stars afterall ... what more can one except . I so clearly remember SRK meeting Monica Belluci , it was pure genorosity and honesty the way he greeted her and put her at ease . Karan Johar has money but no class and arrogant on top of that . Miss Padnekar is a newcomer launched by Yash Raj , she git it totaly wrong , its humility and kindness that will attract an audience not meaness towards people . PC is just Miss Entitled, slept here , there and everywhere possible and still thinks people dont know how she is a home wrecker , they all avoid her like plague . Mr Karthik Aryaan who seems genuine but is just not , EASILY REPLACABLE by the Varun , Siddarth , Vicky and Ayushman . Mr Kumar is known worldwide for his ease to just fall for every girl possible .

Would not like to think these comments are true and correct,however without FANS celebrities are Nothing ,that needs to be remembered,as even the mighty can fall if the reputation becomes distasteful many examples of this . Cheers

Omg!! Reading about Akshay makes me rofl.. loll

Shameless celebrities with not an iota of kindness and compassion. Wish Bhumi is made to say water a 100 times in front of a huge audience!

Plastic Chopra should stay in America with her little boy. She is complete trash.

Someone’s milking reddit threads nowadays.

fuck off pinkvilla fuckoff sharuk khan

Horrible person -> bhumi

what crap and trouble are you farts stirring . i hate disgusting india media. sharukkhan owns pinkvilla broadcast. shame on you for stirring up trouble. pinkvilla. where the fuck you got that name from?????? shame shame just to get readership

We got it most of this guys are fake,arrogant and ruffian...but okay most of the rich and powerful in India and like friend who work in Dubai told me the Indian customers are the worst of all...they used to call her names...

Why is Bhumi so obnoxious? Like she is a star? Can’t even count her movies for longer than 3 seconds. Feel bad for the spot guy. Dignity of labour, Bhumi, if you are reading this.

Don’t like SRK’s movies but adore his personality. That’s how it should be.

Bhumi thinks no end of herself,it was evident by her interview with Farhan Akhtar.But I wonder who told her shes some beauty queen that she acts like such a diva.A very ordinary looking girl who acts in the same kind of roles movie after movie.Her acting is strictly ok.What is she so cocky about ?

Not very surprising to read about Bhumi and Karan. I’m surprised with Priyanka’s behaviour. I thought she is very polite with people.

Priyanka is polite with people and super sweet with fans. I’ve met her.

Have always found Bhumi Pednekar very Snooty...lets c how she will take it when 3-4 movies of her flops and people mock humble girl

Worked for 3 reality shows as well! Pretty spot on. I found celebs who are usually represented as rude are typically the nicer ones in reality and the ones who appear sweet are pretty savage! To add Huma Qureshi is the absolute worst she belittles any staff who aren’t her team. She also called a aspiring acteress a slut who was asking huma’s hairstylist a tip. The stylist literally stopped the aspiring acteress who was walking by to compliment her on her eyes. The girl and stylist spoke for maybe 3 mins and the whole time huma was like those tips wouldn’t even look good why are you trying to look like me slut and just laughing with her 2 assistants at the obviously uncomfortable girl.

Cow of the Year Award goes to Bhumi & PC .Nobody is surprised at Karan's behavior, he has never troubled to hide it .

As stars and Actor, you are not responsible to keep everyone happy around you. Yes, There are ways you can ignore fan without shouting but they(actors) are not responsible on how emotional their fans are. Other person can be strong show her middle finger and tell her to screw her that way she ll get idea she is not all that but Stars has their limits too.
I strongly disagree on mocking spotboy. She has no right to make fun of him. He should have pretend to accidentally spill water on her head but don't take advantage of someone's need for job. Lil fame and they all think they are queen of the world.
Don't push person to limit otherwise you ll hear another CID case in news.
Karan Johar- May god soon give him reality check.
SRK- NIce PR Team

I can’t believe you guys made a whole article out of something that was fake

Pinkvilla has zero credibility if there sources are randoms from reddit lol

I don't know why but bhumi sounds like a jerk in interviews too so I can figure this out...She is not even that big or even an actual star yet

How about giving link to the source of this article? Saying Reddit isn't enough.

You don't even allow to post link in comments.

Also, could you have waited till the entire AMA finished before posting this article? Your action caused red alert and AMA ended abruptly

Priyanka thinks she is Meryl Streep now after doing cameo roles in Hollywood. Why treat your fans like this?

Priyanka thinks she is Meryl Streep now after doing cameo roles in Hollywood. Why treat your fans like this?

When I saw Bhumi Pednekar shoving Sana Fatima from her front to talk to the press at Toilet Ek Prem Katha’s red carpet, it was very rude and disrespectful.

I am actually really saddened to hear about Priyanka Chopra. I guess she came from a wealthy family so she is the typical high society Indian snob. She has become very unlikable too after her marriage to Nick Jonas, such a turn off.

I love SRK for always being kind to his fans. I have never heard of any instances where SRK was rude to his fan. He said the only time he hates fans bothering him is while he is eating.

Bhumi..I am clueless why she is that way? Does anyone even like her?! She is a nobody.

U are who u want to be, not where u come from. When a huge celebrity like shah Rukh khan is so good to people then who is priyanka, and she came from a family just like any of us.

I’ve met Priyanka and I know a lot of people that have met her as well and she’s always super sweet with fans. When fans are having trouble taking the selfie she helps them and takes it for them. I think either the person on reddit misinterpreted what happened between Priyanka and the fan or the entire story is fake.

hi Nick

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