Priyanka Chopra: My dad is not sitting in Hollywood saying ‘oh, let me make a film for you’

Priyanka Chopra struggled to fame and is now a big name in the international circuit. From Bollywood films to choosing an American TV show wasn't any easy bet for you.
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Priyanka Chopra's journey has been a roller-coaster ride. She struggled to fame and is now a big name in the international circuit. From Bollywood films to choosing an American TV show wasn't any easy bet for you. "It was scary, but an organic experience. I was asked by my manager to make music with Jimmy Iovine and that’s how I went to America. People there responded to me in a very casual ‘you are my friend’ tone, so I felt I was relatable to them. When I went to parties like that of the Grammy’s, people asked me why I was not working in America and that made me think about it. The opportunity to be a part of television came to me at a party. The VP of casting at an American commercial broadcast television network asked if I would want to do TV. I told her that TV is a six-year commitment and that I have never done it before. She then flew down to India to talk to me," said Priyanka. 
She added, "Whenever you saw Indians on mainstream global entertainment platforms, you always saw them being put in a box – either they would be nerds or a big fat Punjabi family. Why should our ethnicity define the role that we play? The only thing I told the TV network was not to come to me with a show that showcases ‘my big fat Punjabi wedding’, I won’t do it. They came to me with 26 scripts and I chose to play an FBI agent who happened to be half-Indian." 
Ater she became a part of the show, there was a discussion if the name of her character should be changed. “I had an Indian assistant whose name was Jennifer, so I told the team that they were again stereotyping me. They had given me a character and it was my job now to convince the world that I am that person. Every Sunday, I had to convince America that I was an American.” What Priyanka liked the most about Alex Parrish was that “she was an unapologetic modern woman who lives her life on her own terms. She is extremely flawed, she is a loner and she uses people. Basically, she is playing a man and that’s awesome, as girls don’t get to play that."
Priyanka's first Hollywood film, Baywatch, didn't do well at the box office. On this, she said, "I don’t know many actresses who have got a chance to play a character like that in a mainstream American movie. Reviews spoke very well of me. I don’t think it was a bad decision, my dad is not sitting in Hollywood saying ‘oh, let me make a film for you’. I have to choose from what I get as a new actor and I am building opportunities for myself. I thought going toe to toe with Dwayne Johnson, which most guys don’t end up doing, was great. The only thing I missed was not getting to wear the iconic swimsuit." 
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what about nepo daddy like kjo, someone, should point out, would Mahesh bhatt cast , an actress that looks like alia in his B level movies!

Well said! It’s much harder than people think.

one more self made saga.BS and boring. No one is interested

Then don’t click on the topic

Everyone has a right to improve themselves and move on in life to great things....

Did she have affairs with Akshay and SRK to advance her career in Bollywood? If she didn't have a daddy, she had a sugar daddy. Priyanka is talented and hardworking. Its awful she had to do all that but again it was also her bloody choice. There are people who made it without having a daddy or a sugar daddy. So quit bullshitting about it already!

And your basis to these so called affairs are??

Did you ever ask these questions to SRK or Akshay or you simply go to watch their films and leave theatre with all praise? Why blam just one person

Haven't watched an Akshay/SRK movie in over a decade. Not even on TV. My last SRK film was OSO which i thought was excruciatingly painful. Don't even recollect the last Akshay film. So, you were saying? Btw, i didn't blame PC for the affairs. The married men are bigger pigs. Its awful she had to do that for films. I'm just calling her bullshit on not having a daddy in industry.

She works super hard and I’m proud of her

I love Priyanka. She’s right!

We know. That's why you chase rich married men.

She works hard and grinds but the way she just bullshits and lies makes people despise her and take away all the credit she should have gotten. She will say literally anything to big up herself on whatever topic and 95% of the time its untrue.

Bang on target here , it's very true she says & does things only for effect ,not bcos she actually means it or bcos it's true . Another thing is the 'Dad not making movies for her' is a stupid comment anyway . Hollywood does not do nepotism in movies , no famous dad ever made a movie for their kid out there as that's not how it works . Barring a very few stars ,most of them typically go to great extents to avoid their famous surname which lands up being a curse at the end of it - Nicholas Cage & Giovanni Ribisi (he comes as Phoebe's half brother in Friends )never use the famous Coppola surname unlike Sofia who is not an actress anyway .

Nailed it

You see actually right.

Both Priyanka and Kangana are exposing themselves for the liars they are. Can't believe people trust a word that comes out of either one's mouth.

These days Kangana seems genuine compared to Priyanka.

May be because her movies flopped.

So many lies again in such a short article!


i love you PeCe


well said, Ms. Priyanka

26 scripts ????? I love her sense of humour... or not

Priyanka was signed by ABC for a talent development deal, that’s how it works!

I love her

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