Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas wedding: Bridal trousseau, bridesmaids’ outfits and other details REVEALED

Priyanka Chopra will be wearing a red outfit for her wedding and Nick Jonas' outfit will be ivory. The couple will get married on December 2, 2018 at Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur.
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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ wedding preparations are on as their wedding is around the corner. The couple will wed on December 2, 2018, at the Umaid Bhawan Palace Hotel in Jodhpur. However, the celebrations will begin from November end. The wedding festivities will include the Mehendi ceremony, sangeet ceremony and two separate weddings. Nick and Priyanka have been planning their wedding for a couple of months and the couple will only be inviting their immediate family members and closest friends to Jodhpur.

The Sun reports that Priyanka’s bridal trousseau will be red and Nick Jonas will be wearing an ivory outfit for the wedding. A source close to the couple informed the publication, “Nick will wear ivory and Priyanka will be in red, while the bridesmaids will wear Ralph Lauren outfits for the Christian wedding because the couple wore the brand at their first public appearance together at the Met Gala last year. The festivities begin in the last week of November. They’re relishing every minute.” The maid of honour at the wedding will be Priyanka Chopra’s best friend Mubina Rattonsey, who had hosted her bridal shower in New York City last month.




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After Priyanka Chopra celebrated her bachelorette with her girl gang in Amsterdam last week, Nick Jonas is in Miami with his brothers and friends for his bachelor party.

The couple got engaged on Priyanka Chopra’s birthday this year and announced their engagement to the world after their Roka ceremony took place in August, a month after they got engaged.


Honestly this just sounds like a bunch of assumptions. Pinkvilla has had like 3 different posts about what designer she will wear and all 3 of the articles mentions Manish, then the second was Ralph Lauren and someone else, and now we're at the color red.

Nick looks so uncomfortable with her. You know he's wishing that was Shawn Mendes standing next to him. Poor guy. We are in 2018 and they still have to stay in the closet because of worries about their teen girl fan bases. So sad.

You know how Angelina Jolie had drawings her kids made on her wedding dress? What sponsored logos will be on Plastic Chopra's dress? I'm expecting McDonald's and Walmart and grape juice (sorry, purple drank) logos on her wedding dress. Cheap just like Chopra!

wow yaar!!! you are one narc person to call priyanka cheap... declare your income tax and if its even quarter of what she pays both in india and aboard then we shall not call you a CHEAP PERSON whose near and dear ones definitely calling you CHEAP. shes not using your money , so chill marr and attitude change kar.

Priyanka's life has gone so downhill after she got kicked out of Bollywood. I hope she doesn't try to mess with rich married men again. Then even the instagram ads will be gone. That's all she has now!!

What happened to PC's career? Everything ended so quickly for her. It's embarrassing that she acts like a D list reality show personality now.

She is so jobless that she's trying to make money off a fake wedding now!!

Do you think this sponsored wedding will last longer than Kim Kardashian's?

Failed homewrecker Chopra is now after gay teens??? lmao

Why is this old lady hooking up with her step son? This is disturbing

Her face looks bloated like a balloon. How many shots of botox and fillers does Chopra take?

Tackiest in the making

Easy PC - just get to DDay without overkill from all the publicity. No one will be interested by that point. Subtlety and sophistication is obviously not high on the agenda that’s for sure!

Sponsored outfits for the wedding.lmao

sounds really cool

Happy times! Looking forward to their wedding.

Someone mentioned on Priyanka's friend Tamanna's Instagram that she's the maid of honour so it's probably her unless she has multiple

Sounds amazing

They want only few guests and a privat wedding. Why than this huge fuss? So it's more about desperate attention seeking. Lame.

Priyanka and Nick's won't be private, this is just media's assumption. So you should post your comment on Ranveer and Deepika's topics... Apparently it's supposed to be private but every detail about their wedding is in the media. I even know her mangalsutra price.

Priyanka and Nick are having a private wedding in jodhpur. It’s just family and very close friends so it’s definitely private.

It’s private pc wants just family n very few friends in jodhpur. Get yourself clear on this word ‘private’

This will become a big promo freak show, nothing else!

Wow what a gr8 info ! Bridemaids will wear ralph lauren but what about the bride herself & this red white colors must b for indian wedding not her Christian wedding.

PC's wearing Alexander McQueen to the Christian wedding.

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